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Spectral Kisses

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Touch me deep, pure and true. Gift to me forever. Cause I'm kissing you now.

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Cold lips caressed mine. Breath like winter air filled my lungs as I gasped.

Gerard groaned in a way that made my heart leap. It sounded like a man who had been starved all of his life, and then had suddenly been given a feast. A desperate, guttural sound.

A hand crept it's way up into my hair and gripped it tightly.

Blindly, I put my hands on his chest and held the material of his shirt. His other hand put itself on my lower back and traced circles there. All the while we were kissing like there was nothing else in the world but us. A small, tiny, world that was populated by only ourselves.

Getting a sudden surge of courage, I lowered my hands further down his chest and found the hem of his dress shirt. He got the idea of what I was doing and paused his lips as I let my hands explore his torso. At the first touch of my fingers on his newly discovered skin he moaned again, this time quite loudly and in ecstasy.

Please Adela, just keep touching me, please. . . don't stop.

My heart clenched again at the erotic sentence. I knew I was crossing dangerous waters. Was a ghost even able to, you know. . . get sexually frustrated?

Despite my fears, I continued letting my hands roam. Over the hills of his abs, down the runway of his stomach, up over his hips, and finally letting my fingertips graze his lower back.

He was trembling and gasping in my hands as I continued. I moved my fingers back to his front and let them ghost over his pecs and the little nubs that were there, before finally resting it on his side. He let out a long sigh before pecking me on the lips, which slowly turned into another heated kiss.

I gently tugged on his side to bring him closer to me and that was when I felt something poking me in the thigh. My question had been answered. Unconsciously he flicked his hips into my thigh, before stiffening and drawing away from me.

I am so sorry Addy, I just. . .

I held up a hand, my eyes were still shut tight so I tried not to hit him. "It's fine Gerard, it's just natural. How about we stop for now?"

Unfortunately, despite being a seventeen year old girl, I still had my innocence and though I did have feelings for Gerard, tonight was not going to be 'that' night. He nodded, and like the gentlemen he was, he removed his hands from me. However I kept mine where they were and laid my head on his chest.

"Do you mind if I go to sleep like this?", I asked cautiously, wondering if I was overstepping my bounds. Then again, I had just made out with a ghost, so this position really shouldn't make too much of a fuss.

I heard his whispered laugh.

You can do whatever you like sugar. Makes no difference to me.

I smiled into his chest as I closed my eyes. I couldn't heart a heartbeat, but I could feel him taking a breath when he spoke. He took another breath and soon I was hearing him singing.

You are never coming home. . . never coming home. . . could I? Should I? And all the things you never ever told me. . . and all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me. . .

"You sang that to me the other night. Who's it by?", I asked quietly. With my eyes shut and feeling so. . . at peace I suppose, I was having trouble staying awake. I fingered a piece of his shirt as he replied.

I did. After so many years of just being stuck here and wondering what I did to make Eliza hate me. . . I just started writing music. I was quite good at it while I was alive too.

So he was singing a lullaby to me that he wrote to his lost love. At any other time I'd feel a little angry, but I let it go.

"It's pretty and very soothing." I said simply. I felt him nod.

Go to sleep sugar, apparently you've got a big day ahead. Those paranormal exterminators have no idea what they'll be getting into. . .

My arm that was around him tightened and I buried my head into his shoulder. Concentrating on my breathe and breathing in Gerard's faint scent, I let myself drift and finally fall asleep.
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