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(Adventure Time oneshot!) Fionna, while protecting Prince Gumball with Cake, run into a certain King of the vampires.

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"Dude, PG, what were you doing in the Ghost kingdom anyway?" I asked PG as we rode Cake's back to the Candy kingdom, where PG SHOULD have been with the rest of the candy people.

"I was trying to see Ghost Prince, but i was kidnapped by some ghost bandits and held hostage. I owe you another one, Fionna." he smiled at me.

My heart gut squeezed as I looked down at Cake's face. "Oh girl, you better keep an eye on that one." she said in her super sassy voice.

"What do you mean?" I asked, my face even hotter. "Cake, you know PG likes me as a friend. We're just bros." I explained in a hurry.

There was a deep laugh from behind us. And it wasn't PG's laugh.

I turned, pulling my sword out of my bag. On the very end of Cake's back, facing away from us, sat Marshall Lee. "Dude, you almost lost your head!" I sighed, relaxing.

He looked over his shoulder at me, a smile on his face. "Hey Fionna. Pinky." he smirked at Prince Gumball.

PG grumbled as Marshall slid off of Cake. "Whoa!" I ran over to help him. He was gone.

"Hey Cake." I heard him talking to Cake. I looked over to her head and saw him flying next to us.

"Wow." I said before i could stop myself. I forgot he could fly.

"Fionna, may I speak with you?" PG asked. I looked over to him as he waved his hand at me. I nodded and sat next to him. "I want you to stay away from Marshall Lee, okay?"

"Why? Is he evil?" I asked, grabbing the hilt of my sword again. PG shook his head quickly.

"Nononono! Not evil. I think. I just don't like him being around you." he said, looking over at him as Cake laughed. "I don't like it at all." his face changed. He looked.....mad?

"Why Prince? Me and Marshall Lee are just buddies." I smiled at him. Suddenly, there was a flash of the plaid of Marshall's shirt and I wasn't on Cake's back anymore.

"Why was Pinky warning you about me?" Marshall asked from above me. His arms were around my waist and we were at least a hundred feet in the air.

"He wasn't..." I started, my eyes finding Cake and PG instantly back on the ground. Cake looked about her normal size from here and PG was just a little pink dot on her back.

"I could hear you two, you know? Vampire senses." he laughed. My face got hot again. "What's wrong? Your heart is beating fast. Scared of heights?"

"Psh!" I laughed. "I'm a hero. Why would I be scared of anything?" I asked, looking over my shoulder at him. He was smiling at nothing, his face tipped toward the direction we were heading.

"The correct term, Fionna, would be heroine." he said simply. There was a crack of thunder in the cloudy sky and Marshall dove out of the air as a ran drop hit the ear of my hat. He floated next to Cake and nodded to her. "I'll take Fionna home. You get Pinky back there home."

Cake nodded and started running. PG looked at me with big eyes. "Remember what I said Fionna!" he called to me as Marshall flew higher and faster.

We were headed to the tree house Cake and I called home. "Marshall, why'd you tell Cake to go alone? PG could have waited out the storm here." I said as he landed by the front door.

"Eh." he shrugged. He was soaking wet, his hair dripping water. "I don't really like Pinky. We're on two different plains." he said, opening the door. "And Cake's smart. She can take care of herself.

"Dude, you look like you just jumped into a river or something." I pointed out to him. He looked at himself and shrugged. "You'll get sick if you stay like that." I said a little more sternly, like I would to Cake.

"I'm undead, Fionna. I can't get sick." he stuck his tongue out at me. My face felt like it was on fire now. "But thanks for worrying about it. It's been a while since anyone's really tried to take care of me." his dark eyes looked far away, as he bit his thumb.

"I-I'm gonna go change." He'd blocked most of the rain from me, but I was still pretty wet. I headed up the ladder to the room Cake and I shared and got into my drawers. All I could find was my pajama shirt and shorts that were too short for me.

Sighing, I took off my hat and changed. I felt uncomfortable in them around anyone else, but at least they were dry. I sat my hat on a post of my bed so it could dry and brushed out my long wet hair.

Heading back down the ladder, I saw that Marshall had started a fire and was sitting by it, looking out the closest window until my foot hit the floor and made the boards squeak. He looked over at me and his eyebrow raised. "Shut up." I grumbled at him.

He smiled, showing off his fangs for a second. "You hungry?" I asked, heading to the kitchen.

"Got any apples?" he asked right behind me, making me jump. I spun around, may hair sticking to my face.

"Glob! Don't do that Marshall!" I slapped his arm. "Yeah, I think we do have apples." I opened the fridge and pulled out a bunch of them. "Here." I handed him the bag.

"Thanks." he grinned and opened the bag. He pulled out an apple and put it to his mouth. There was a little sucking sound and the apple went grey.

"That's still so weird." I shook my head, moving my hair away from my face. He laughed.

"You know I eat the color red sometimes." He laughed. "Here." he threw me an apple. "You need to eat fruit."

"I know." I threw it back. He caught it in his mouth, his fangs piercing it. It went grey in a second. "Does that hurt?" I asked without thinking.

"Does what hurt?" he took the apple out of his mouth. My face felt hot.

"The whole sucking thing." I hid behind my hair. His grey hand brushed it away from my face and over my shoulder.

"I wouldn't know." he shrugged. "I've been like this for so long I don't remember being turned." He stood in front of me. "But, if I were to bite you..." he leaned forward, his hand setting on my waist.

He tipped me back slightly, his arm winding around me. "M-Marshall?" I asked, my heart freaking out. I couldn't breathe. I had to grab onto his shoulders to keep from falling back.

"Fionna!" I turned my head to see PG standing in the doorway, dripping wet. Marshall sighed against my neck, making goosebumps raise along my skin.

"Prince Gumball!" Cake said, her arms stretched around his shoulders at least ten times. He pushed them away. "Fionna, I swear I was taking him back to the candy kingdom, but he got off of my back and headed over here and I couldn't stop him."

"PG, go home." I said from my current position. "The Ice Queen stops by here to mess with us more than she does there. You're in danger here." I said, my voice a little rude.

"Fionna, get away from him!" PG said as he crossed the room. "Please Fionna, you're my hero. Trust me."

Marshall laughed. "She's my heroine. I see her as the beautiful girl she really is, Pinky." he stood us up easily and stood in front of PG.

PG glared at him. Marshall just had that forever calm look on his face. PG pushed him hard by his shoulders. Marshall hissed and grabbed PG by the front of his shirt.

"Whoa! None of that now!" Cake and I broke it up. I pulled Marshall away from them as Cake grew to a larger size. "Come on, Marshall stop it. PG, leave. If you're gonna make trouble and be a butt, you can't be here."

He looked sad. Sadder than the time I broke my leg. "I see." he said in a even voice. "Cake, let me go." I pushed against Cake's arms again. she unwound them. "I'll be leaving now." he left, slamming the door behind him.

Cake looked at me. I sighed. "Follow him. Make sure he gets there safely." I told her. She nodded and followed after him, shutting the door in a nicer way.

"Well that was intense." Marshall sighed, running his hand through his hair. I groaned and went back to sit by the fire place. He followed, sitting next to me. "Sorry Fionna. But you saw that he was the one who pushed me first."

"I know. I just don't get what his problem is with you." I sighed.

"I think he doesn't like anything about me, not just one specific thing. He knows that my mom is evil and I'm sure he thinks I am too." he sighed. "You know I'm not evil, right Fionna?" he looked at me.

"Of course you're not evil!" I yelled at him. My face got hot again. "I mean, I know your mom is and ll, but that doesn't mean you are..." I looked away from him, my hair falling into my face again.

He pushed it away, leaning forward like he had before. "Fionna, I like you." he said in his deep voice.

"Like a bro?" I asked, not sure what to say. If he said yes, how should I take it? I didn't want him to say yes.

"No. I like like you." he said, getting closer to me.

"O-oh." I stuttered. He kissed my cheek, making me flinch a little. The only person who'd ever kissed me was my and Cake's mom.

"Fionna, can I...?" I nodded. He kissed me on the mouth. My heart freaked out to the point I could hear it in my butt.

He pulled away after a second. Somehow, we were both leaning against each other, our foreheads pressed together. When did he take my hand? I thought to myself as I realized they were together between us.

"Well?" he asked softly. I didn't know what to say. "Can you think?"

I shook my head, making his slid and fall against my shoulder. His wet hair tickled my neck. But I didn't move.

I didn't want to. He kissed the side of my neck, making me shiver a little. I put my arms around his wet body, making me shiver even more.

"You're still so wet." I said, pushing him away. "I'll be right back." I went back up the ladder. I threw a few towels down on him. "Dry off! I'll try to find something for you to wear." I heard his laugh as I went through more and more drawers, looking for something.

There was a few things I didn't recognize at all, and nothing that a guy would normally wear. I pulled out a HUGE shirt. Probably from when Cake was going through her 'I'm a giant' phase. I figured it would work as well as anything would.

I grabbed it and backed slid down the ladder. "I found this." I said, looking down at the shirt big enough to fit around a little tree. "I think it'll work." I looked up. He was facing away from me, his grey back bare, as he hung his shirt from a nail in the wall.

He turned around, and I'm sure my face was bright red. "Did you take that from a giant?" he laughed, walking over to me. He took it in his hands and put it over his head.

It hug off of one of his shoulders and piled on the floor. "Uhmmm...Oh! I have an idea." i held my hand up to him, heading to the kitchen.

I grabbed a knife and headed back out into the main room. "Whoa now." Marshall held up his hands. I rolled my eyes.

"Stand still." I folded the shirt up until I could see his red shoes and cut into it, ripping it all the way around. I stood up and tied the extra strip round his waist like a belt. "See? Not so hard." I laughed.

He looked down at his makeshift....dress...and blushed. "Sorry. That's the best I can do for ya." I shrugged.

"It's great for nothing else. And clever." he lifted up the bottom and shook it at me. He turned around and lifted the dress up higher.

"W-what are you doing?" I asked as he pulled his pants down, my face bright red now.

"Relax, Fionna. I don't want my buns to get soggy. And my pants are wet." He took them off, his shoes still on. "And the dress you made me covers any of my personal bis, so its fine." he turned around to show me.

He was totally covered. "Okay..." I said slowly, feeling a little awkward. He hung his pants next to his shirt on another nail. "When did all those nails get in our socking wall?" I asked myself more than I asked him.

He laughed and sat next to the fire again, patting the floor next to him. I sat there and leaned against him. "So I never really answered that question before." he said softly, twisting my hair between his fingers.

"Which question?" I asked, looking at him. He smiled down at me and rolled over until he was hovering over me.

"If it hurt." he breathed in my ear. Glob I get any redder, I'll burst into flames.

He leaned in and kissed my neck. "As far as I'm aware, it's scares more than it hurts. Then again, the things I usually bite aren't as chill and real as you." he explained into my skin. "So, if I were to bite you, you wouldn't be scared. Or, as much as you would be if I'd chased you through the night and...." He must have heard my heart pounding. "Never mind that."

"Okay." he didn't have to tell me twice. Hearing about what he does to what he eats isn't that math.

"So... Don't be scared okay?" he asked softly. I swallowed hard and nodded. Relax. It's Marshall Lee. He'd never hurt you.

I felt his warm breath, which made even more goosebumps raise along my skin. I put my arms on his shoulders like it was as easy as slaying a tree witch.

There was a little pinch in my neck then a soft heat. It didn't hurt though. It actually felt....weird. Not bad.

I don't know. It was nice, having him close to me like this though. Though he was undead, he was pretty warm.

He moved away, hovering over me. "Well?" he asked, rolling around so his back was facing me.

"It didn't hurt. I don't know how it felt, really...." I felt my face getting hotter. Ugh!

"Oh. Well that's good." he said in a sigh. He sounded happy.

"Wait, won't I turn into a vampire now?" I asked, slightly panicked.

"Is your heart still beating?" I paused for a second, thinking, before I nodded. "Then no. It's only if I take it all. And only if I recall you." he explained, laying next to me on the floor.

"Oh....." I sighed, rubbing my neck. It felt like a little bruise, but it didn't hurt. "So....."

"So?" he asked, looking over at me.

"I don't know." I took his warm hand. "You're warm." His cheeks got red.

"Y-yeah." he started to hover a little off of the floor. He seemed to realize and lowered back down.

"Hey Marshall." I looked at him.

"Yeah?" he looked over at me. I leaned forward and kissed him on his mouth part.

"That." I smiled, pulling away. He leaned after me, pressing our lips back together. I laughed softly.

I turned to lay across his chest on my back. "Hey, you're wearing a dress. Just so you know." I laughed.

"And you're not really wearing much." he laughed back as he poked the side of my thigh. I punched him in his stomach softly.

"Shut up." I growled.

"Cute." he sighed, his chest falling.

"What was that?" I asked fiercely.

"Nothing!" he raised his hands.

"Oh girl." I heard Cake laugh from the door. Both Marshall and I jumped, gathering ourselves. "PG is maaaaad at you! And SUPER jealous!" Cake smiled. "I like you better than PG though Marshall. But if you hurt my sister, I will rip you to shreds." she shackled, her claws coming out.

Then she was fine. "Well, I'm goin to bed. Night ya all!" she stretched up the ladder and disappeared.

"I'm more afraid of Cake than you and the Ice Queen put together." Marshall laughed softly.

I slapped his chest and closed my eyes. His arms wrapped around me and held me tight.

It felt natural. Like fighting. I sighed and fell asleep.

Something random that's been on my mind for a wile now lol. R+R

Being the Narutard I am, I'm gonna go to watch the episode that's on now!

Hugs and Ninjas,
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