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Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

Mikey’s point of view.

I yawned widely as I walked downstairs, wearing nothing but my Spiderman boxers, my hair messed up as I rubbed my eyes, Gerard appearing dazed from his basement, dressed just in a pair of Batman boxers and looking equally as tired as I did. We were both woken up by our mom shrieking at us to get our asses up from downstairs, and in our quickness forgot to shove on jeans and shirts to find out why our mother was shrieking like a banshee at nine o clock in the morning-on a Saturday of all days.
“Ma what the hell?” Gerard grumbled, running a hand through his hair, “It’s way too early for this.”
I nodded , rubbing my eyes again as I glanced round to see Frank and Ray at the kitchen table, cups of coffee in their hands, Frank smoking a cigarette and looking as if they were trying to hold back their laughter. Both me and Gerard glared at them enviously for four reasons; One, they were drinking coffee, something me and Gee needed straight away before we can even get a proper sentence out. Two, Frank had a cigarette, something else both me and Gee relied on to wake us up in the morning. Three, they were dressed and not in their boxers like me and Gee were and four? They aren’t in shit like we are right now.
“I’ll tell you what the hell.” Ma looked maybe a little bit peeved at us, “Both of you sit your asses down right now.”
Both me and Gerard glanced at one another, Gerard half way through ruffling his hair, then at my dad who was looking as if he was trying not laugh to himself.
“Oh shit.” I muttered as we both sat down on the sofa.
Minute our asses were down in the seats it started.
“What the hell were you two thinking yesterday!”
Gerard groaned and I lay my head on his shoulder as she went on.
“Gerard honestly, how could you let him put lights up! On the freaking roof of all places? You know he’s hopeless with electronics enough as it is!”
“I plead the fifth.” I muttered holding my hand up limply before letting it drop on Gerard’s legs; I heard Ray and Frank snickering and I frowned.
“Now you’ve broken your arm Mikey! Jesus Christ, can’t you boys stay away from the hospital for at least a week?”
“Hey, last time we were in hospital was three weeks ago cause I somehow worked out how to put a fork through my hand, that’s a record for us, give us some credit.” Gerard muttered defensively.
“And you didn’t think to call us? I mean, your brother fell off the roof for crying out loud Gerard! It’s lucky he didn’t break his neck!”
“Hey he didn’t, that’s a good thing out of all of this right?” Gerard asked meekly, “And I left a note.” he added in proudly.
Ma rubbed her head before starting all over again.

Twenty minutes later….

I yawned widely as Gerard kept shooting his head up, trying to keep himself awake as ma continued, though I think she was nearly finished.
“Honesty you two, you are going to be the death of me! You know your father and I are actually glad we took out health insurance for you two! When you somehow-God knows how- you both worked out how to break a leg and an arm each from crashing a bike into a god forsaken fence! At the ages of two and three! You weren‘t even on the freaking things!”
Frank and Ray snorted in laughter.
“Uh…huh.” Gerard muttered before yawning loudly.
“What do you two have to say for yourselves?”
“Umm.” Gerard muttered as I shot up.
“Huh? Say what now?” I muttered dazed.
Our ma just sighed in resignation while our Dad looked like he was going to burst out laughing.
“I wanna go to bed now cause…” I trailed off as I yawned.
“I wanna go jump in the pool.” Gerard said randomly.
Ma sighed, hand to her head, “Right, I can tell you guys are obviously taking this very seriously.” she said sarcastically, “Frank honey could you be a sweetie and make these two idiots some coffee? Maybe then I can get through their thick heads.”
“Yeah sure Donna.”
“You two.” she looked at us and both me and Gerard blinked, “Go and get dressed, after your coffee you’re both going to the supermarket and doing the shopping I usually do.”
That woke us up.
“What?! But Ma!” we both whined.
“And no car.” she added in sternly.
“What! You gotta be kidding me! You’re shopping list is like, a hundred pages long!”
“Oh Gerard stop being over dramatic.” Ma said dismissively rolling her eyes.
“How am I supposed to do the shopping? I only got one arm in use over here!” I yelped indignantly, holding my cast covered arm to make my point.
“You can still push a shopping cart can’t you?” she asked raising an eyebrow, hands on her hips.
The look in her eyes told me plainly that I better agree, “Uh yeah, yeah am sure I can manage.” I said meekly.
“Jesus Christ, can’t even drive the car! How the hell am I supposed to carry over umpteen bags? My arms are built like sticks for crying out-”
“I’m sure you can manage it Gee right?” Ma asked giving Gerard the same look I received.
“But am sure it could help build my arm muscles up, yeah I can cope.” Gerard said quickly, grinning nervously.

Ray’s point of view

Both me and Frank were still giggling uncontrollably over our cups of coffee as Donna hummed happily as she did the dishes. Both Gerard and Mikey had went upstairs to get dressed, grumbling a number of cuss words not to mention shoving each other and being really childish by sticking their tongues out and blowing raspberries at one another. Hell if you listened really closely over the radio that was currently blasting out Green Day, you could hear them shouting obscenities at each other from upstairs. By the sounds of it, it was because Gerard had got to the bathroom before Mikey who had the door slammed in his face, and now they were yelling at one another blaming each other for the ’torture’ they were getting; Mikey from his freaking attic, and Gerard from the bathroom as he went for a quick shower. I wondered if they can even hear each other, or they do this so much they can predict when the other is gonna shout an insult.
“How is it my fault!? You were the one who decided to go on the roof in the first place!” we heard Gerard yell, his voice going up a pitch as he came into the kitchen, now wearing a pair of faded black drain pipe skinny jeans and a Smiths shirt, his raven black hair sodden wet.
“Hey, it is you’re fault! If you weren’t such a lazy jackass, you could’ve gone and done it yourself!” Mikey retorted, now dressed in tight fitting dark grey skinnies and a Smashing pumpkins shirt, as he took the coffee I passed to him, “Thanks babe.” he grinned before turning back to Gerard, “And if you weren’t so irresponsible you would’ve prevented me from doing it in the first place!”
“What am I? You’re personal warning sign?” Gerard asked hands outstretched at either side, looking at Mikey in exasperation.
Both me and Frankie burst out laughing at that while Donna rolled her eyes, a small smile on her face and their Dad shook his head, grinning slightly from over his paper as both the Way brothers continued to argue, gradually moving towards the point where they started shouting insults that didn’t even make sense.
“Whatever you specky four eyed prat head!
“Less of the four eyes you walking, talking corpse with brain cells to match a dead smarty!”
“Fuck off zombie fucker!”
“Bat eating psychopath!”
“Who do you think I am? Ozzy Osborne? All cause you lack a set of balls to come up with something that actually makes sense.”
“Hey I got a pair thanks. Unlike yours-which haven’t even dropped yet!”
“God, how many times have you used that one, skinny Minnie mouse with a script so bad it makes Robert Patterson’s script in twilight pretty entertaining.”
“Ouch! Harsh much?”
“Good, now you’ve learned how to properly diss someone.”
“Yeah I know, I learned from the master-I.E myself. That’s why mine are so much better then your shit ass comebacks.”
“Dude, my ’shit ass comebacks’ burn pretty good thanks.”
“Hey didn’t you listen in chemistry class? Shit doesn’t burn dude, it just stinks.”
“Why I ought to-”
“You two gonna stand there and act like two year olds or are you actually gonna drink your coffee and eat your breakfast?” their dad asked, raising his eyebrows.
Both Gerard and Mikey stopped arguing abruptly and settled for sticking their tongues out at each other. Mikey went and grabbed himself a bowl of cereal while Gerard thanked Frankie for the coffee he passed over by kissing him on the cheek and ruffling his hair, making Frank blush scarlet. Mikey faked retched over his bowl of cereal. Gerard frowned as he drained his coffee before he slapped him on the back of the head, making Mikey’s head go forward and choke on his cereal, “Ouch! What the fuck dude!? You trying to kill me off here or what!?” he coughed, hitting his chest.
“Oh please, that’s the least of your worries.”
“Why what else have I got to worry about?!”
“Just watch your back.”
“What does that mean!? Gerard! Don’t leave me hanging like that! What cha mean, you killing me is the least of my worries and to watch my back!?”
Both me and Frank caught one another’s’ eye and started to quietly laugh uncontrollably as Mikey followed his brother out the kitchen-totally abandoning his cereal- as Gerard whistled innocently, Mikey all but freaking out.
“Don’t you love it when they’re like this?” I choked out.
Frank nodded, eyes watering, “Yeah, fuck TV this is entertainment gold right here.”
This made us laugh harder just when we heard a banging sound coming from the living room.
“OUCH! GERARD! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?” Mikey yelped in outrage.
“Aw did you have a nice trip? Where’s my post card?” Gerard asked in total fake sweetness.
Me and Frank choked on our coffee, laughing hysterically. Judging by how much Donna’s shoulders were shaking, she was taking a quiet laughing fit of her own while their dad was chuckling over his paper.
“God Gee, that one is like so old, even older then you.”
“And what is that supposed to mean?”
“Well you are a vampire right? So you’re like what? Three hundred years old?”
“Why you little-”
“Getting outta here!”
“Get back here you four eyed, lanky stick insect so I can show you how much of a vampire I really am when I rip your fucking throat out! You fucker!”
“Shit! Fuck! Vampire attack! The apocalypse is coming!”
“Oh just shut up!”
Me and Frank continued to laugh as Donna and Donald glanced at one another and shook their heads, grinning as the unmistakable sounds of Gerard and Mikey fighting echoed downstairs.
“Three, two.” all of us said I unison, “One.”
Donna threw a hand up as we heard Gerard and Mikey rolling downstairs, yelling insults, rolling through the living room, “Ow did you just kick my ass!”
“I’m getting there!”
“I’ll fucking kick yours!”
“See told ya I would!”
“Ouch! You’re wearing fucking steel caps you prick!”
“Stop being a pansy!”
“Pussy fucker!”
“Am fucking gay you twat!”
Frank folded his arms on the table, lying his head on them as he shook with laughter, while my ribs ached as the Way brothers now rolled into the kitchen, all but scrapping now.
“Aggh! My fucking ball sack ya prick!”
“You kicked mine first!”
“Ouch! Stop biting you cannibal!”
“Hypocrite much? You blood sucker!”
They rolled back out the kitchen still yelling.
“Gerard you forgot the money and the list!” Donna called.
It was quiet except us from laughing, then Gerard, hair stuck up at all angles and face bright red, skidded into the kitchen, took the list and money his mom handed him looking amused, kissed her on the cheek then ran back out-and by the sounds of the war cry he gave, tackled his brother.
Both me and Frank looked at one another and laughed just as they both came skidding into the kitchen again, Mikey kissing me on the cheek, Gerard doing the same to Frank, “Love you.” they said in unison grinning, before bolting out the kitchen again, Mikey pausing to kiss his mother on the cheek , before they both yelled bye and love you to their dad-then Mikey tackled his brother through the front door.
I went to go and shut the door behind them, only to burst out laughing again as I saw Mikey on Gerard’s back, hitting him on the head as passer bys looked at them with a mixture of shock and amusement.
“Fucking idiots.” I choked out, before closing the door.

Gerard’s point of view.

“Mikey! I swear to God, if you fucking do a suicide trolley fucking joy ride when my back is turned one more fucking time, I will fucking kill you!”
“All cause you’re too scared to do it! You chicken! Buck, buck, buck, buck, bucker!”
I growled as Mikey flapped his arms around like wings, doing a chicken impersonation. I sighed heavily, closing my eyes, “Okay Gerard, relax, stay calm ,breathe. Don’t rise, don’t rise.” I muttered under my breathe as I followed Mikey down the aisle.
“What’s up Gee? Are you a chicken?!” Mikey all but shrieked, flapping his arms around wildly, earning a few looks of bewilderment from other shoppers.
“I am not gonna rise to that Mikey.” I said calmly as I pushed the trolley past him, “I refuse to lower myself to your standards.”
Mikey’s face dropped comically, “What cha mean lower yourself to my standards! What exactly are you trying to imply here!?” he shrieked outraged, following me.
“I’m not implying anything Mikey.” I said smirking slightly as I looked at the list.
“Bullshit you aren’t!”
“I’m not, don’t have to, it’s obvious.” I shrugged, now scanning the shelves and tapping my chin thoughtfully.
“Well it isn’t to me! Wanna elaborate smart ass?” Mikey threw his arms up at either side of him, sounding exasperated, his hands now on his hips as he glared at me.
“It’s really simple Mikes.” I smirked as I took a bottle of cooking oil down from the shelf, “I’m not gonna make a completely immature ass of myself in the middle of a fucking supermarket like you are.” I shrugged.
“I am not you fucking skeleton, blood sucking mother-hey don’t you walk away from me when I’m in the middle of insulting you, you ass!” he shrieked following me as I walked off.
“Not listening.” I said in a sing song voice, “La la la la la!”
“Now who’s being an immature ass.” Mikey muttered, looking annoyed.
I cussed myself, “Just…shut up and go get soap powder from the next aisle.” I said.
“Why should I?” he asked stubbornly.
“Cause if you don’t smart ass, I’ll fucking castrate you with a pair of blunt scissors.” I said sharply.
Mikey frowned and stuck his tongue out before huffing and walking away moodily.
“Yeah you know better!” I called.
“Fuck you!“ he all but sang flipping me off.
“Asshole.” I muttered annoyed before sighing, “Right, what’s next?”

It had been about fifteen minutes since I asked Mikey to get soap powder…and he still hadn’t came back with it yet.
“Jesus Christ, first it takes him a decade to put up fucking lights, now it takes him almost two to get fucking soap powder.” I muttered, as I went down that aisle, “Mikey where the fuck are you?” I asked.
“I’m right here!”
I turned round and shrieked as a pile of toilet roll fell on top of me. Mikey, who had been standing behind the display, burst out laughing.
“What the flying fuck Mikey!” I shrieked, “Are you fucking crazy!?” I continued.
“You should have seen your face!” he laughed, pointing at me, “It was fucking priceless! Ha!”
“Fucking lunatic.” I cussed him, breathing heavily, “Did you get what I told you to get?” I asked him resigned, hand on my hip, the other on the trolley.
“Um…what was I to get again?” he choked out, calming down slightly.
I slapped myself which made him laugh again, “You trying to tell me you forgot to get something I told you to get only ten minutes ago? You fucking serious!? What the hell where you doing then?”
Mikey pointed at the display, grinning slightly and I stared at him, “You fucking kidding me? You hid behind toilet roll for ten minutes?”
“Well yeah, I forgot what to get, and thought, hey fuck it, I’ll scare Gerard shitless when he comes to get me so yeah pretty much.” he shrugged.
“Fucking maniac.” I said exasperated, picking up the toilet roll that had fell as he giggled.

I cut off as Mikey crashed into the refrigerator at the other end, “Ouch!”
“You okay Mikey?” I asked in resignation as I ran over to help him up.
“Yeah, me fine.” he said, dazed, cross eyed as he stumbled., “Whoa why is everything spinning?”
“Because you’re high as fuck, judging by the way you’re acting.” I said rolling my eyes as I quickly stopped him from walking into the fridge again as he continued to stumble, “God am so gonna get mom to put you in an asylum when we get back.”

Frank’s point of view.

I sighed nervously as I pulled on my thick Zombie killer hoody to match my black skeleton jeans, skeleton shirt and black leather boots almost finished getting ready for work. I worked as a tattooist and at doing piercings at a tattoo parlour called Chemical Injection. Pretty sweet name right? Best part is, it isn’t too far from the store Gerard worked at. He got a job as a sales assistant at a horror movie, slash records store called Gore Industries. I got the job just over a week ago and today was my first day on the job. I was getting the training for two weeks and then I would be doing the actual tattooing and piercing. Needless to say, I was nervous as fuck.
“You’re gonna be fine Frank.” Ray sighed, grinning slightly at me as he sat on Gerard’s bed while I fussed around with my hair in the mirror, “Okay, sure it’s your first day, but hey it’s natural to be nervous. Do ya remember your first day of high school?”
“Yeah., I remember alright.” I frowned, now applying my red eyeliner, “I asked a tenth grader for directions, which turned out to lead to the locker rooms, and I got locked in the girls locker room until they came in for gym and got detention for being there in the first place.”
Ray blinked, “Okay, maybe that example is not the best to use.” he admitted rubbing his arm.
“Uh huh.” I said, smirking slightly as I smudged my eyeliner for effect.
“But you’re gonna be fine.”
“So you keep saying, but what if I don’t Ray? I could, I don’t know, fuck someone’s tattoo up by accident and they will have to live with that and I’ll need to live with the fact that I was the one who fucked it up.” I admitted, trying to get my hair to sit the way I wanted.
“Dude, they‘re gonna give you the training, it‘ll be alright.”
“Wow I’ll get two weeks training. The chances are I’ll mess that up like I am in school.” I said sarcastically rolling my eyes, “I’ll probably fail at the training like I will in my exams.”
“Hey you’re doing fine in school, you’ll pass your exams no problem.” Ray reassured me.
“Ya think?” I asked frowning slightly.
“Course I do.” Ray grinned, “Think I would say that if I didn’t? Would I lie to you?”
“To spare my feelings? Possibly”
Ray rolled his eyes and threw a pillow at me.
“Hey, watch the make up man! I ain’t got time to reapply it!” I yelped annoyed.
“God you are such a girl.” he said exasperated laughing as I checked that my eyeliner wasn’t ruined.
“Whatever, you giving me a ride or not?” I asked, touching up my left eye slightly.
“If you’re finished glamorizing yourself then yeah.” Ray grinned, ducking as I threw my eyeliner at him.
“Hey do you think they’re still alive?” I asked as we left Gee’s basement; well our basement as Gerard says seeing as how I also sleep down there now. If I’m honest, it’s kinda cool having a room to call our own.
“Who, Gee and Mikey?” Ray asked, then winced as he hit his head off the low ceiling as he walked out the door, making me laugh.
“No Harry Potter and Voldermort.” I sad sarcastically though I giggled as I earned a shove, “Course those two dorks-who else?”
“Harry Potter and Voldermort apparently.” Ray grinned.
“Funny asshole aren’t ya?” I asked, my voice laced with sarcasm as I pulled on my skeleton gloves that I had in my pocket.
“Yeah should totally do stand up comedy I should.” Ray said sarcastically rolling his eyes.
“Dude with that script, you’re better keeping to your day job.”
“Thought I was funny?”
“And I thought I was fluent in sarcasm, but apparently I gotta work on it.” I replied grinning as Ray shook his head in exasperation., “So do you think they’re alive?”
“Alive yeah? Come back with their sanity intact? Less likely.”
“Do they have any sanity left?” I asked.
Ray stopped to think this, then shrugged, “Good point, Frankiestein, good point.”
I laughed, “Oh gimmie two seconds.” I said quickly before running into the kitchen, sliding on the tiled floor, “Hey, Donna I’m gonna head for work and Ray’s giving me a ride .” I grinned, “Could you tell Gee and Mikes please?”
“Yeah sure sweetie good luck with your job.” she smiled sweetly.
“Thanks Donna, I‘ll bring you back some Starbucks.” I smiled before winking cheekily making her laugh before I ran outside, where Ray was revving up the engine of his Chevy.
“Alright skeleton boy, buckle up.” Ray grinned, pulling the accelerator.
“Why, the thing hardly goes over twenty.” I smirked.
“Hey, don’t you dare start dissing my truck.” he warned me sharply as we pulled out the street.
I started laughing, “I mean it! You’re boyfriend may let you get away with dissing his dodge but no way am I letting you diss my Chevy.”
“Oh come on! It’s a fucking monster!” I exclaimed laughing.
“Exactly! That’s why I love it.” he yelled over the roar of the engine, “Come on Frank! How can you beat that!?”
I laughed as Ray drove down the road, the truck now pushing at thirty as we went down the empty road. Ray turned on the window and Guns and roses began playing at ear shattering volume.
“Hey! Pull down the window!” he yelled.
What! Are you fucking crazy!?” I laughed, “It’s like -20!”
“What? Are you a wimp?”
“Oh it is so on!” I pulled the window down and was automatically hit by cold crisp air to the face, “Whoa this is wild!” I yelled over the engine, the rush of the wind and the music blasting in the car.
“What you gotta say about this ‘thing’ now eh Skull boy?” Ray called excitedly as we took to the highway.
“This is fucking awesome!” I yelled.
Ray laughed as he pulled down the other window so the truck was filled with a gush of cold, crisp December air. I could feel adrenaline pumping through my veins and I felt exhilarated as the air hit my face.

“I never knew you could get adrenaline just from driving.” I breathed heavily, shutting the door to his Chevy, “Remind me, to never, ever/ ] diss your cars again.” I grinned, running a hand through my now windswept hair.
“Just wait until after the Winter dispatches dude, we’ll be cruising down the New York highway heading towards California and gazing at stars under desert skies.“ Ray said dreamily, arm lying lazily along the window ledge, the other on the steering wheel.
“That what you dream of doing eh Ray?” I asked grinning.
“Yep me and Gerard have been wanting to do that ever since we got our licences dude.” he grinned as I lit up a cigarette, “What was it Gerard said to me again?” he said looking thoughtful.
“Would just love to just get in a car and drive freely down the desert in Nevada for a few days with no sense of the time or day, no restrictions, no rules, to escape the rules of the Government, and the boundaries of the city.” I quoted my boyfriend, grinning slightly as I exhaled.
“Yeah that was it.” Ray said clicking his fingers, “He tell you that?”
“Yep, I asked him what his ultimate dream was and he said that to me.” I smiled softly, “Oh and being an artist of course.” I added in chuckling slightly.
“What bout you Frankie?” I blinked, “What’s your ultimate dream?”
“Oh. I don’t know umm.” I bit my lip, “Growing up I had a [/lot
of dreams if am honest.” I smiled remembering the dreams I had at night, “But I guess, I would love to travel ya know? See the world, don’t stay in one place for too long, just keep moving.” I admitted, “But I would also love to be in a band, playing guitar.” I blinked in realization, “Yeah, my definite dream is to play guitar in a band and travel the world.” I decided before taking another drag of my cigarette.
“Sweet, hey that reminds me.” Ray said suddenly, “Did Mikey tell you about a dream he had?”
“No, why?” I asked curiously, exhaling.
“It’s so cool.” Ray grinned, “He said he dreamed we were on stage, in front of thousands of people, all holding signs and screaming our names, you were going absolutely mental with your guitar thrashing around on the ground and Mikey was next to me and we were both rocking out. Bob was there too; going wild on the drums and Gerard was all but strutting along the stage, microphone in hand and singing. According to Mikey it was as if he had the crowd wrapped around his finger. He can even remember the tune we were playing.”
“Really? What’s it sound like?” I asked.
Ray frowned in concentration and began tapping the door panel, “The amount of pills am taking, counter acts the booze am drinking, and this vanity am breaking let’s me live my life like this.” he sang, and I moved my head to the beat, tapping my foot as I did so, “Cause I find it hard to stay, with the words you say, oh let me back in, let me back in..” he continued, “That’s all he could remember. According to him, the crowd were that loud he could hardly tell the lyrics apart.”
“Wow.” I muttered, exhaling, “Could you imagine us doing that Ray?” I asked awestruck.
“Yeah man, it would be so sweet.” Ray looked lost in a day dream for a few moments and I smiled, imagining it myself, “Yeah be totally awesome.”
“Yeah…it would.” I muttered, “Well.” I said brightly, “Ultimate dreams of rocking out in front of millions and being under desert skies aside, I got work to go to.” I said before taking one last drag of my cigarette and stubbing it out on the sidewalk.
“Alright, Gee picking you up?” he asked, starting the engine up.
“Not sure, I’ll call him, if not…” I trailed off grinning.
“You want am adrenaline ride back, got it.” Ray said as I laughed, “Alright good luck skull boy.”
“Thanks dude.”
I laughed and waved as he drove down the street, yelling at the top of his lungs, and doing the Devils’ horns out the window, Iron maiden blasting out into the cold air.
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