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We Do It In The Dark

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The Re-Write Some of you auditioned for

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Converse clad feet smacked against the wet pavement, breath hitched in both fear and exhaustion.

"You understand there is no point in running? We're going to find you anyway?" A cruel voice laughed, as the man scanned his surroundings.

Alley ways, all connecting in some form, causing the man to feel like a rat, being poked and proded while running a maze in search for a treat.
Or in this case, prey running for it's life from the cruel, sadistic predator.

"We're getting closer." This statement, the hunter yelled in a sing-song voice.

What do they want with me?

Running down the first alleyway he saw, Pete jumped; trying to make it on top of a garbage can. This can was the only thing keeping him alive, it proving to be his only way of escape.
But as always, nothing seemed to go right for the man and he ended up slamming full force into the tin garbage can; causing a loud bang to fill the quiet air as it hit the brick wall behind it.

"Fuck!" Pete growled, spinning on his heels and running the fully opposite way.

"We know where you are." The antagonizing voice of the hunter poked at Pete's sanity, causing him excessive amounts of pain and parinoia as he ran.
"You can't escape, we are always one step ahead." This causing the man to nearly rip his hair out.

Pressing his back against the wall, shadows covering the bright red colour of his hoodie; Pete ran his fingers through his dark hair, panting.
Why? Why do I always get pulled into the wrong situations.

It was partially true, Pete had somehow brought this cruel game upon himself.
Why did I have to save him?
Why was he so helpless?
Is he okay?
Questions fogged the bassist's mind, causing him to lose focus on what was happening to him presently.

"Oh Will, how could we ever find him?" The sassier hunter walked out into the pale glow of the moon, only feet from Pete's make-do hiding place.

"Brendon, it's simple. First, you act like you don't know where they are." With every word, the leader stepped closer and closer to Pete. "Then you just.." In an instand Pete felt a strong grip on the front of his hoodie, pulling him up and out of the shadow. "Grab him."
As black eyes scanned over his body, Pete felt a wave of cold, hard, fear come over him.

It was a known fact among the residents of this vampire infested city; the darker eyes a vampire has, the stronger and more powerful he or she is.
Which kind of fucked Pete over, because black is as dark as you can get.

"What should we do with you?" Will taunted, looking at the human in his grip.

"Letting me go would be nice." Pete gave a smirk, only seconds before he wished he'd bit his tounge.

"Shut the fuck up!" William growled, slamming his back against the wall, causing all the wind to be knocked out of his lean figure.

"I think we should have some.../fun/ with him." Brendon suggested, walking over to where Pete lay, gasping for air.

"NONONO! Abstinence you sex polluted monsters!" A familiar pushy virgin ran out, flailing his arms and screaming his beliefs.

"Ryro?" Brendon slowly made his way over to his past bandmate.

"Brendon. Don't fuck Pete! It's not nice and you have a girlfriend!" Ryan snapped, only to be held up against the wall by his throat.
"You know this is really sterotypical vampire shit right?" Ryan mumbled, causing Pete to give him a look.

Is Ryan on fucking crack?!

"Of course he is; why else would be fight with a vampire?!" William growled, reading the thoughts of his prey.

"How'd you kno- oh yeah, you're all high and mighty so you can read minds. Got it." Pete mumbled this more to himself than anyone.

"You know, you two are just a couple of dicks. Reading minds, killing people, like how much lower can you sink?" Ryan taunted them, causing William to pay full attention.
"Really though, you don't even bite people. You just whine about how life as a vampire is so bad and you have to kill everyone and ba-da-da" Pete watched as the two vampires growled at Ryan, explaining how he should shut up in two seconds or they would rip his throat out.

Pete watched, realizing what Ryan was doing; he was helping Pete escape.
Being careful on what he thought; Pete slowly stood up, and running full force in the opposite direction.

"DAMMIT! Fuck Ryan; you're going to pay!" Pete heard Brendon scream from somewhere behind him, as he ran.
Taking a quick look over his shoulder, Pete ran into someone.

"Fuck, who the fu-" Looking up at a familiar, angry face; Pete swallowed in fear.
He was going to fucking die.

"Come on!" William growled, nearly ripping Pete's arm out of it's socket as he was dragged along.

"What are you going to do with me?" Pete asked, glaring at the man.

"You're going to get what you deserve." William whispered, eyes narrowed.

"So you're going to kill me?" Pete asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You only wish." William whispered, as his mouth came closer to Pete's neck.

"You're gunna' sex me up?" Pete whispered, hoping it would dely the invetable for a couple more minutes.
His hopes where crushed, burned, shot at, eaten, spit out, and thrown into the pit of doom; when he felt teeth sink into his soft skin and a burning sensation afterwards.

Mouth trying to form words, only to have the pain take over, leaving the bassist unable to speak.

"What do you do now?" A new voice asked, as Pete felt himself be lowered onto what felt like a cot.

"We wait, either his body accepts it, and he's one of us; or denies it." Denies it?

"What happens if it gets denied?" The voice asked, causing Pete's heartrate to speed up.

"He dies; but don't worry, that's only a 50 percent chance." The last part directed at the bassist, either to calm him down or inflict fear; which Pete couldn't tell which.

"Why did you just tell him that?" The voice asked again, probably thinking William was on crack or something by the tone he used.

"His mind is still working, he can hear and sense everything that's going on; just not move or see." Fucking fuckity fuck

"How long will it be until we can tell?"

"In about 3 days we'll be able to vaguley see if his body's accepting it or not, and in 6 days, if his body accepts it, he will begin to wake up." God fucking dammit, I have to wait for 6 days without being able to move or see? Fuck you man, fuck you

"Let's say his body does accept it and he changes, what are we going to do with him? You know he's either going to expose us to the rest of the world, or rebel and try to kill you." This caused the leader to think for a minute.

"If he does change, I have a plan. This plan will hopefully cause him to keep his smartass little mouth shut, or risk hurting his friends in the process." With this statement, the two left; leaving Pete alone, and in the darkness of his thoughts.

What'da think? The auditioned characters will come in a bit later....
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