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Vocaloid story. Gumi and Meiko visit the park.

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I think I wrote this about a year ago, so it's most likely crap...


“Meiko!” Gumi screamed as her cycle skidded off of the path and onto the grass. The park was full of screaming children, but Meiko still heard Gumi’s frantic call.
“Gumi, you…. You idiot,” Meiko sighed, pulling the green haired girl to her feet.
“Meiko… Look…” Gumi pointed to a black haired man, no older than 20. He was leaning against a tree, as if he was waiting for someone.
“You fell of your bike because you saw a hot guy? What a cliché! It’s rather a shame it was me helping you up, eh?”
“Meiko!” Gumi laughed. Meiko smiled slightly at the other girl. Meiko felt relaxed and comfortable around Gumi. It surprised her, really. Gumi’s hair shone brightly under the summer sun, reflecting brightly into Meiko’s eyes. A light. Gumi was Meiko’s light. This realisation brought a smile to Meiko’s lips.
“What’re you smiling about? You like that guy, don’t you?” Gumi teased.
“What? No! Don’t be ridiculous!” Meiko spoke quickly, defensively, causing Gumi to giggle harder.
“You do…” Gumi smirked, lifting her bike from the floor and dragging it along beside her. Meiko walked on the opposite side of the bike, of Gumi’s bike as they headed away from the park. Gumi shot a quick glance back at the man, but he had already left. The walk was silent for a few minutes until Gumi stopped suddenly.
“Why have you stopped?” Meiko said, watching Gumi release her (probable death) grip on the bike and sit down on the sloping grassy bank.
“I felt like watching the clouds,” Gumi said simply, allowing herself to fall back gently. Meiko smiled slightly and slumped down beside the other girl. Gumi closed her eyes for a while, to allow the sun’s rays to illuminate her face. Meiko sighed deeply, stunned by the green haired girl’s elegance and beauty. Meiko allowed her hand to travel to Gumi’s and she rested her palm on the top of Gumi’s hand. Expecting Gumi to snatch her hand away, Meiko tensed. Her breathing became heavier and she watched the other girl cautiously.
“G-Gumi?” Meiko murmured.
“Yeah…?” Gumi asked, opening one eye and turning her head slightly to face Meiko.
“I… I uh… never mind…” Meiko whispered.
“I don’t mind, you know…”
“Don’t mind what?”
“The- Your hand…” Gumi smiled.
“What are you talking about?” Meiko asked. Gumi sighed and looked up at the clouds.
“I like you,” the green haired girl said calmly. Meiko blinked hard, dumbly almost, trying to make sense of the other girl’s words before closing her eyes. After a few minutes of silence, Meiko felt Gumi remove her hand from underneath Meiko’s. A wave of sadness shot through Meiko’s body, spreading through her veins, flowing with the blood. Meiko could hear shuffling from beside her, but she kept her eyes closed until she felt something on top of her. Her eyes snapped open swiftly. Gumi was straddling her. Meiko’s heart was thumbing harder, loudly, quickly in her chest as Gumi smiled down at her and repeated, “I like you,” with a small fond smile. Meiko lifted herself towards Gumi and pressed her lips against the other girls carefully. Gumi placed a hand in Meiko’s hair as Meiko held the other girl’s body close to her own. They broke the kiss and Gumi nuzzled her face into Meiko’s neck.
“It’s always been you, Gumi,” Meiko whispered, arms still holding Gumi close. Meiko cautiously fell back against the grass once again and Gumi wrapped her own arms around Meiko tenderly and sighed happily.
“We could stay here a while and watch the sun set…” Gumi whispered. And that they did.
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