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A Queen's Desire

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A Queen seeks a lover while her husband is away. Contains femmeslash.

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Queen Catherine’s maid carefully removed the silk dress and placed it on the back of a wooden chair in the bathroom. The maid, Anne, checked to make sure the bath water was at a temperature suitable for her Queen.

“Your bath is ready, my Lady.” Anne waited patiently as Catherine tied back her long golden hair, her naked nipples hardening at the cool air surrounding her.

Catherine turned toward her maid, the only one of her servants she saw as a friend, and smiled, “Thank you, Anne.” The Queen lowered herself into the bath, her eyes closing at the heat of the water, “Would you please be kind as to collect my robe from my bedroom, Anne?” Although it wasn’t really said as a question, Anne knew better than to ignore her.

Anne nodded and went to collect the robe. Upon her return, her Queen’s eyes were shut with a small smile on her lips. The maid returned to her small stool by the bath, picking up a sponge to clean the body of Catherine. Before she had time to think of her intrusion, the words escaped her, “Something you find funny, my Lady?”

In truth, Catherine didn’t mind her maid asking these questions and went on to answer, “Anne… I am searching for a lover. I have been for some time now.”

Anne was stunned. She didn’t understand; was she unhappy with the King? “But my Lady, you are married to the King. Why would you consider anybody else?”

The Queen laughed lightly, “I do not love the King, Anne. I was in love with the idea of being in love, and we married so young… I have given the King three beautiful children, the youngest finally being a son, he will not need any more children. And I am not prepared to wait until he has had too much wine before he wants to take advantage of me. That is if he hasn’t found another girl to fondle. I shan’t go the rest of my life without sex.”

Anne still didn’t understand. Adultery was considered a crime in these lands. A man and his wife were to be together until death. A lady must only ever lay with her husband, and no other, “I’m sorry, my Lady – for your unhappiness, I mean. But are you seriously considering this?”

Catherine nodded, “I must, my dear friend. I need some excitement in my life. My only problem is that all the male servants are but boys, not that I would even go near them were they of age. And the knights do not interest me. The only other men in my life are family. I may need to travel far for the passion I crave.”

Anne didn’t want to mention it. She was against adultery, but now understood where her Queen was coming from. But she didn’t want to mention the possibility of perhaps taking on a female lover instead – such thoughts would have her head on a stick for sure.

But in truth, as honoured as she was for having the Queen’s friendship, she dreamed of laying beside her, their naked bodies drenched in sweat from making love with one another.

As she was having these thoughts, she didn’t realise the sponge she was using to clean the body of the Queen slide between her legs, rubbing sensually in places only the King had rubbed himself.

Catherine noticed these movements but was reluctant to stop them. She and her husband hadn’t made love since the conception of their son two years earlier, and her body ached to be touched. Perhaps for just the one night, having a female lover wasn’t such a bad idea.

“Help me out of the bath, Anne.” The maid’s cheeks heated, but helped the Queen from the bath. Anne reached for the robe but was stopped, “There will be no need for that, my dear. Follow me into the bedroom.” The naked, wet Queen walked back into her bedroom as the maid followed. With a smile on her lips she turned back to her friend, “Tonight we shall lie together, and you will satisfy me in ways my husband never can, and I shall return the favour.” Anne nodded quickly. She ached between her thighs and her nipples hardened.

The Queen laid down on her large bed, “Remove your clothes… Then please me.” Anne was quick to remove her dress and made her way over to the bed, crawling over Catherine. No other words were spoken; both of them were too hot.

When their lips met, Anne felt shivers run through her. She couldn’t believe this was happening. As their hands explored each other, Anne started kissing down the Queen’s neck while her hands roamed her full breasts. The maid moved her head and let her tongue circle the Queen’s hard nipples, her saliva lubricating them. Catherine moaned when her maids hands moved further south, her fingers inserting themselves into the hot wet entrance.

Anne pumped quickly, her thumb working on Catherine’s throbbing clitoris. A third finger was inserted, and the Queen clenched around them as she came, her walls throbbing, her juices running down her thighs.

The maid began kissing down Catherine’s torso, her mouth finding its way to the sticky mess. Her tongue worked on licking up the Queen’s juices and circling her delicious clitoris, wanting to bring her to the edge for a second time. Catherine tangled her fingers in her maid’s hair, her mouth open as moans escaped.

Catherine wrapped her legs around Anne’s head as her maid darted her tongue in and out of her. The feeling in her stomach erupted once more and juices spilled into Anne’s mouth, the willing maid drinking every last drop. When she came up for air, her Queen pounced on her before burying her own face between Anne’s legs, her tongue working violently against the swollen clitoris. Anne had dreamed of this day for months, and it was only a few moments before she thrust her hips as she came, shaking against the Queen’s delicious tongue. The Queen did not stop however. Her nose continued to rub against Anne as her tongue was buried deep within her maid.

Anne couldn’t contain her. She held onto the Queen’s head and urged her to go deeper. When she realised this wasn’t working too well, she flipped the two of them over. The Queen held onto the maid’s fine bottom as Anne moved herself on Catherine’s face, riding her tongue hard. Anne came again and she collapsed on the bed, completely exhausted.

Once they had both caught their breath, the Queen and the maid lay next to each other, dripping in sweat. Catherine played with Anne’s breasts, “My husband only left the mainland this morning. He won’t be back at the castle until the end of the week, that is if the weather does not turn bad. You are more than welcome to lay with me each night until his return.”

Anne didn’t say anything. She just smiled.
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