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Nicole's in a slump until she gets a new opportunity with her dance troupe.

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“Text”= Japanese People Speaking
“/Text/”= English People Speaking
“+Text+”= American People Speaking
“#Text#”= Australian People Speaking
Nicole is in a slump. She needed to get out of Tokyo. Get out and be free. She looked over and out her bedroom window. The house next door was empty. Her schizophrenic neighbor was moving away. His family was coming to take better care of him. Nicole shook her head to herself.
Oh well, she thought. There goes my entertainment. She didn’t even want to think about who he could be moving in afterwards. It wouldn’t be as fun. The woman rolled over to the other side. Shawn laid sound asleep beside her. Nicole shook her head to herself. She was even starting to get sick of him as well. Mind you, she did still love the guy, but still…
She looked up at the ceiling. Save me from this crap, she thought. Nicole tried to catch some sleep before their daughter cried again.
Subject: Nicole
Nicole sat at the kitchen with her lit cigarette in her hand. Amber walked in, smiling.
“/Morning, baby!/” she cheered. Her daughter groaned and looked away. Her mother frowned at her.
“/Babe, what’s the matter?/” she asked. Her daughter sighed at her.
“/I’m tired of this bloody city,/”she complained. Amber gave her a smile of sympathy.
“/Aw, sweetie,/” she said. She hugged her daughter. Nicole still frowned.
“/I don’t know,/” she said. “/I just want something exciting to happen, I suppose./” Her mother looked at her and patted her on the head.
“/You can find something,/” she said. “/You are bright, beautiful, and strong./” Her daughter pressed her lips together.
“/You are so sweet, mum,/” she said. “/Really, you are./” Her mother giggled. Nicole frowned again. She never understood how her mother could stay so cheerful all the time.
School wasn’t any different today. She found that rather tiring as well. Her eyes wandered around the hallway as she walked to class.
Can’t wait to be gone from this place, she thought. Even the guys staring at her ass weren’t entertaining to her anymore. MILF status wasn’t really what it was cracked up to be anymore. She made it to her cubby hole and put away her shoes. However, something inside caught her attention.
Hm?, she thought. What the hell is this? Nicole reached inside and pulled out a pink flyer. She unfolded it and read over it. Her eyes widened at the contents.
“/A dance troupe in Rome, Italy?/” she asked. An opportunity had just opened her arms to her. Nicole grinned to herself and stuffed the flyer into her bag.
Her friends noticed her grinning when she walked into class. Shawn gave her a little smirk.
“/Hey there, Sexy,/” he said. Nicole sat down next to him. Shawn looked her up and down.
“/Something good just happen?/” he asked.
“/You can say that,/” she replied.
“/What happened?/” he asked. Nicole placed her hands in her lap.
“/You’ll find out after class,/” she replied. Shawn raised an eyebrow at that statement. The teacher walked into the room as he pondered what she was planning now. The thirty-something woman slapped the graded tests on her desk and shook her head.
“What the hell is this shit?!?” she hissed. Nicole leaned over to Shuichi to her left.
“/Uh oh,/” she whispered. “/Here comes the bitch storm./” The teacher’s face looked like swollen up bullfrog.
“Appalling!” she snapped. “Just completely, utterly appalling! What the f*k this is all this?!? What?!? Did you just enter into grade school of something?!? Fk?!? These grades just made me want to f**g kill myself last night!” The teacher picked up a test from the top.
“Look at this!!!” she shouted. “F**g look at this! This is your final semester, people! Unacceptable! F**g unacceptable!!!” She took in a long breath.
“Because only five of you passed,” the teacher went on. “The rest of you will have to retake this test. Makes me want to puke and die.” Then, she began handing out the tests. Nicole got hers back and grinned.
“/Sweet!/” she whispered. “/Don’t have to retake it!/” The dancer looked at the guys beside of her.
“/And what did you guys get?/” she whispered. She then noticed the disappointed looks on their faces.
“/Oh…/” she said. “/Sucks to be you. Sucks to be you!/” The boys sighed next to her. Nicole took in the glory of her typical good grades.
After school came dance practice. Nicole walked there with her iPod playing in her ears. She looked at the screen and frowned.
I should upgrade to an iPhone, she thought. Probably could get one off the internet for half off too. She paused when she found Koyuki standing at the door, waiting for her. Nicole gave her a small wave.
“/Yo,/” she said. The younger girl grinned at her.
“Did you get my gift?” she asked. Nicole raised an eye at her.
“/What gift?/” she asked.
“The gift in your shoe cubby this morning,” Koyuki said. It took Nicole a moment to get.
“/Oh!/” she said. “/The flyer?/” The younger girl nodded.
“Yeah!” she said. “I slipped it in this morning.” Nicole blinked at her in suspicion.
“/Why?/” she asked.
“I thought you would like it,” Koyuki answered. Nicole’s face didn’t change.
“/Hm,/” she said. “/I don’t know whether to be happy or suspicious about that one./” Koyuki frowned at her.
“But… But… I just thought that you would…” she whimpered. Nicole gave her a wicked smirk.
“/I just love to mess with you,/” she admitted. Koyuki looked at her, blinking.
“Huh?” she asked. Nicole panted her protege on the shoulder.
“/Thanks for the gift,/” she said. The younger girl smiled and giggled. Nicole walked her into the building.
The leader and the other dancers looked up to see Nicole. Their star gave them a little wave.
“/Chao,/” she said. The leader clapped his hands together.
“Perfect!” he called. “Now we can begin!” He turned to the technician people. “Music!” he called. The men in the booth started up the music. So, the dance routine started up. Once again, Nicole was the centerpiece. Koyuki watched her from the audience. Her mentor always looked so beautiful on stage. If she did sign up to go to Rome, this would be her last show in Japan for six years. Such a shame, but she needed to grow.
During the break, Nicole came over to the dance leader. He took a sip of water and looked up.
“Nicole,” he said. She gave him a small smile.
“/Saji-sempai,/” she said. “/Good practice, huh?/”
“Yeah,” he said. He set aside his water bottle. “Speaking of which,” he said. “Are you coming with us to Rome?”
“/Yes,/” she replied. “/When do we leave?/”
“After Tokyo Cram College’s graduation,” he said. “Give you and some of the other dancers a chance to finish school.”
“/Who else is going?/” Nicole asked. Saji took a moment to think about it.
“You, me, Sayuri, Seita, Mariko, Sakura, Miki, and Kiku,” he said. Nicole nodded.
“/Only the best,/” she said.
“That’s right,” he told her. “But, I have question for you.” Nicole gave him a curious look.
“/Yes?/” she asked.
“Can you handle being away for six years with a baby?” he asked. “I mean, you can drop out if it’s too much.”
“/Of course!/” she said. “/I can take it./”
“You sure?”
Saji gave her a big smile. “That’s my girl!”
Nicole grinned at him. The dancers practiced until seven. Nicole packed up her things and headed out into the hall. Halfway to the door, an idea filled her head. Saturday would be her last show before she went away to Rome. Might as well celebrate her decision to go away after she graduated from school. From there, her plan took form. She pulled out her cell phone and made a quick text. Almost done…, she thought. There was just one more element to turn into the mix.
“Nicole-sempai!” she heard behind her. The British woman smiled to herself. And there she was! The woman turned to her protege.
“/Yes, dear?/” she asked. Koyuki stopped before her, panting. She stood up straight once she got her breath back.
“You were great on stage!” she said. Nicole nodded and smiled.
“/Thanks,/” she said. “/Say, are you doing anything right now?/” Koyuki blinked at her.
“No,” she said. “Why?” Her mentor leaned into her face, grinning. Perfect! Nicole grabbed her by the hands.
“/Come out with me tonight!/” she said. “/You have to meet my friends!/” The younger girl blinked at her.
“Okay…” she said. “Why?” Nicole giggled.
“/Just come on!/” she said. Then, she dragged the girl down the hallway with her.
The girls sat at the bar, waiting. Cassie looked at the others.
“/Why did she call us here?/” she asked. The other girls shrugged.
“#Don’t know,#” Emma said.
“/Ciao everyone!/” they heard someone call. The girls looked up to see Nicole and Koyuki walking over to the bar.
“/Hey everyone,/” the girls said. Lexie looked at the younger girl in an odd way.
“+Who is this?+ she asked. Nicole patted her protege on the shoulder.
“/Everyone,/” she said. “/This is my little ‘sister,’ Hinata Koyuki./” The younger girl waved.
“Hi…” she mumbled. The other girls didn’t speak at first. Lexie gave her a little wave.
“+Hi there, Koyuki,+” she said. The other girls waved at her. Nicole looked among the girls at the bar.
“/Where’s Arisu?/” she asked. Her friends closed their mouths. Nicole frowned a bit.
“/Oh…/” she mumbled. Koyuki looked over at her.
“Who’s Arisu?” she asked. Nicole turned to her, grinning.
“/Don’t worry about that,/” she said. “/Let’s just have fun tonight!/” She dragged her over to the bar.
“But, Nicole-sempai!” the girl cried. “I can’t drink! I’m a minor!”
“/It’s okay!/” the mentor called. “/You’re in good hands with us!/” They took their seats at the bar. Nicole ordered the first round of drinks. Cassie still had one question on her mind.
“/Nicole,/” she spoke up. The lead girl looked up.
“/Yeah?/” she asked.
“/Why did you call us out here?/” she asked. Nicole downed a shot of heated plum sake.
“/Ah!/” she said. “/Yes, I have an announcement to make./” She paused and clapped her hands together. “/Some of the members of my dance troupe and I are going to Rome for six years./” All eyes of shocked rested on her.
“What?!?” her friends asked.
“/When?/” Casper asked.
“/After graduation,/” Nicole replied. “/Saji wants those in school to finish up first./” Emma blinked at her.
“#Wait,#” she said. “#Does Shawn know about this?#” The Goth woman nodded.
“/Already set the text,/” she said. The other girls went quiet for a long moment. Nicole blinked at them.
“/What?/” she asked. They didn’t speak; they didn’t have to. Nicole frowned at them.
“/Look,/” she said. “/He won’t try to get me pregnant again. I’ll see to it myself!/” Koyuki looked at her in shock.
“Sempai!” she gasped. Nicole turned her attention back to her drink.
“/Forget it!/” she said. “/I’ll talk to him later. Let’s just drink right now!/” She held out her arm to the bar tender.
“/Give me another!/” she commanded. The other girls still looked uneasy. Nicole glanced up at them.
“/Drink!/” she ordered. The other girls did so as quickly as they could. Nicole forced herself to smile in a proper way.
The ladies headed out into the streets. Nicole turned to her friends.
“/So,/” she said. “/Where does anyone want to go?/” Her friends didn’t speak at first. Nicole put up her hands.
“/Come on!/” she said. “/This going to be my last pre-show party with you girls for a long while. So give me something here!/” The girls still didn’t speak in the uncomfortable silence. Then, Koyuki put up her hand. Nicole noticed right off.
“/Yes, Koyuki-chan,/” she said. The girl lowered her hand.
“Can we see you dance?” she asked. Nicole gave her a blank look on her face. Okay, she hadn’t expected that one. She was about to offer an excuse to try and change the subject when her phone rang.
“/Excuse me,/” she said. The dancer pulled her phone out of her jacket pocket and answered it.
“/What Shawn?/” she asked.
“/Where do you get off on running away to Rome?!?/” he barked. Nicole tried to stay calm.
“/We will talk later,/” she whispered.
“/No! We’ll talk now!/” he barked. Nicole clenched her teeth.
“/Goodbye, Shawn!/” she barked.
“/Nicole!/” he snapped. The dancer just hung up the phone and turned back to her worried friends. In order to avoid the on-coming questions, she quickly clapped her hands.
“/Okay!/” Nicole said aloud. “/Dancing, huh? Okay then, but you’ll have to come with me./” The other girls gave her a funny look.
“Why?” Koyuki asked. Nicole gave her a wicked little grin.
“/Because,/” she said. “/We need to go to my special place for this./” The dancer turned her back to her friends.
“/Follow me,/” she said. Then, she walked down the street with a new sense of pride in her step. Her friends had no choice but to follow.
They disappeared between the narrow allies under the bright, glowing lights. Nicole smirked to herself the whole time. The other girls looked around.
“Sempai,” Koyuki spoke up. “Are you sure you know where we are going?”
“/You’ll see in a moment,/” she said. “/Stay with me./” Koyuki still looked a bit puzzled. She tried to look to the older friends for help. They just followed along in silence.
The girls came to an empty stage where an old apartment building used to be. The girls all watched as Nicole walked forward and took center stage.
“/Welcome ladies,/” she said. “/You are now in my secret place./” The lit paper lanterns around the wires at the top added onto the glow. Nicole gave her impressed friends a little grin.
“/And now,/” she said. “/Without further ado, I shall dance for you lovely ladies./” She looked over at Casper.
“/Music, please?/” she asked.
“/Which track?/” the hippie said.
“/Number eight!/”
“/Yes ma’am!/” Casper pulled out her new iPhone, went online to Nicole’s playlist, and played song number eight. The dancer closed her eyes and got lost in the music in her head. All of the girls watched enamored with her graceful moves. Her feet never seemed to touch the stage. Koyuki watched on with big eyes. There it was. Her mentor was the reason that she wanted to join the dance troupe in the first place. After seeing Nicole at a dance show last month, the girl just had to sign up.
Nicole herself felt her own freedom and resolve as she danced. At that moment, she decided that if she was going to get the freedom that she desired in Rome, she would need to rein Shawn in. Yes, this needed to happen.
She landed with grace at the final note of the song. Nicole looked to see the girls applauding. The dancer bowed with a smile of pride.
“/Thank you,/” she said. She turned to her protege. “/Now let us see Koyuki-chan dance for us./” The girl’s eyes grew big with shock.
“Me?” she asked. Nicole nodded.
“/Yes,/” she replied. “/You will be taking my place after I leave, right?/”
“Well, yes…” the younger girl said.
“/Then, show us what you have,/” Nicole said.
“Yeah, come on. Show us!” the other girls said. Koyuki lowered her shoulders.
“Alright,” she said. The girl walked forward to the secret impromptu stage. Nicole stepped aside.
“/I’ll even let you pick the music,/” she said.
“Okay…” Koyuki said nervously. She turned to Casper.
“Do you have any Goldfrapp?” the young girl asked.
“/Hang on,/” the hippie said. She scrolled through her iPhone until she found the artist in question. Casper looked up at the young dancer.
“/Which song do you want?/” she asked.
“Anything is fine,” Koyuki said.
“/Okay,/” Casper replied. She selected the song and hit play. Koyuki closed her eyes and let the notes hit her ears. Once she got into the rhythm of the song, the girl began to dance. The women all watched in delight. Nicole sat back, smirking. She was good, she’ll give the girl that.
The troupe will be safe while I’m gone, the older dancer thought. Koyuki ended her dance with her hands up in the air, panting.
“How was that?” she asked. The women all sat on the ground, clapping. Nicole stood up with her clapping.
“/Beautiful!/” she called. Koyuki giggled and blushed.
“T-Thanks…” she mumbled.
The girls all departed for home afterwards. Nicole had her friends all walk Koyuki to the train station out of safety. Now, the older dancer found herself alone. All of the ends were almost tied up. Just one more left to go.
Knowing him, she already knew where to find him.
Nicole made it all the way home. Her parents were already in bed. The baby was also sleeping by this point. Yet, she knows that she is not alone tonight. Nicole made it all the way to her room and found Shawn sitting on her bed, waiting. He frowned at her.
“/Rome, huh?/” he asked. Nicole closed the door behind her.
“/That’s right,/” she said. “/Some of the older members of my dance troupe and I are heading to Rome after graduation./”
“/Why?/” he asked. Nicole sighed. She decided not to fight with him this time.
“/I’m only going to stay this once,/” the dancer said, sternly. “/I’m getting tired of life here. It’s always the same thing. Nothing is really getting any better. This is my ticket out./”
“/But what about Armaria?/” he asked.
“/She’ll come with me,/” Nicole reasoned. “/I’ll be damned if I leave her with my parents or your mum./”
“/Well, what about me?/”
“/What about you? I’m doing this for me./”
Shawn snorted at her. Nicole made a stern face at him.
“/What?/” she asked.
“/You can’t leave!/” he said.
She put her hands on her hips. “/And why not?/”
“/I want you to stay./”
Nicole shook her head; she wasn’t going to give in this time. “/No./”
“/Are you telling me no?/”
Nicole clenched her fists at her sides. “/The last time we did this, you got me pregnant. I’m not going for this shite again. I’m tired of this place and I’m leaving for Rome with Armaria whether you like it or not. You don’t even have anything to offer me anymore./”
“/Yes, I do!/” he snapped.
“/How are your grades? Are you planning to work? What are your plans after graduation?/” his girlfriend asked. Shawn gave her a blank look. Nicole smirked as she walked over to him. She leaned in close so that their faces were really close.
“/Until you come up with an answer that makes me happy,/” she said. “/I am cutting you off sexually. You are in no position to argue back with me. I refuse to let you piss up things for me again. Got me?/” Shawn groaned. He was about to protest when his bird cut him off there.
“/Got me?/” she asked again. Her bloke dropped his shoulders in defeat.
“/Fuck it, whatever,/” he mumbled. Nicole smiled at him.
“/Good boy,/” she said. “/Now as a parting, I will give you this./” The dancer reached down to his jeans and slowly unzipped them. Shawn looked up at her with big eyes.
“/Nicole?/” he asked. The woman smirked as she reached down into his boxers. He closed his eyes and whimpered as she carefully and slowly began to jerk him off. She gave him a long kiss on the lips to follow up. It didn’t take long for her tongue to find its way into his mouth. Shawn tried to take her into his arms, but she pushed him back. After about two more attempts, he gave up and let her do as she wanted.
Halfway through, Nicole withdrew her hand and broke off the kiss. Shawn looked up at her with a rather confused face.
“/What the f**k?!?/” he hissed. His girlfriend smiled and shook her head.
“/Sorry mate,/” she said. “/That’s all you get until after you improve your grades./” Her boyfriend stared at her with big eyes as her smile widened into a huge grin.
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