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Monkey's Gone To Heaven

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*TRAGIC FRERARD* When Frank dies at sea, Gerard remembers his death and their relationship. Parts of the song 'Monkey's Gone To Heaven' by The Pixies.

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There was a guy...
Gerard Way came to the Belleville Pier wearing black and carrying a bouquet of roses in his arms. Wind blown through his longish black hair. He walked all the way down to the end of the pier and stopped along a wooden railing with a gold cross nailed on it. A cross he nailed about a year ago. To know the exact place place where he lost the love of his life. Frank Anthony Iero.
An underwater guy that controlled all the seas...
They met in high school and almost immediatly, they fell in love. He never met anyone like Frank. He was funny, wild, beautiful, everything Gerard ever wanted in a boyfriend. They went to the pier on their first date. Gerard remembered it so clearly. Frank and him were at the exact spot he is now and Frank reached out his hand above the ocean. Gerard saw this asked him why he was doing that.
"People say that no one can control the seas," Frank said. "That only God can do that. I figured since we were created in God's image, I'd like to think that we can control the oceans. That I can. It gives me control of my fate."
"How?" Gerard asked.
Frank lowered his hand and turned to him, "I did this three days ago and demanded it something..."
Gerard felt a jolt of longing within him, "What?"
Frank was a few centimeters close to his face and whispered, "To bring my love to me."
At that moment, Frank had given Gerard his first kiss. The first of many kisses in their brief time together.
They have been dating for three months and Gerard never even thought that Frank had any problems. He never showed in signs of depression or even suicide. It didn't dawn on him until the night of his death.
Got killed by ten million pounds of sludge from New York and New Jersey...
He got a call from Frank that very night. He sounded distant.
"Frank?" Gerard asked. "Is something wrong?"
"Gerard," Frank said. "Do you love me?"
"Yes," Gerard said. "Of course I love you. Baby, what's wrong?"
"Gerard, promise me you'll never forget me. Know that I love you more than anything and you're the best thing that ever happened in my miserable life."
Now Gerard was worried, "Frank-"
"Goodbye," he said softly and sweetly and then hanged up. Gerard felt like he would never see Frank again but he didn't know why.
The next morning, the news on TV said that a teenager was found dead in the water, underneath a sewer pipe. A witness saw him jump over a pier ledge and his head crashed onto the pipe. He fell into the sludge, dead.
Gerard didn't need to hear the name on news to know that it was Frank. He dropped to his knees and cried in his hands.
This monkey's gone to heaven. This monkey's gone to heaven. This monkey's gone to heaven. This monkey's gone to heaven.
Days later after people came to mourn Frank's death, Gerard came to the pier one evening and nailed the gold cross on the ledge where Frank jumped off of.
The creature in the sky. Got sucked in a hole. Now, there's a hole up in the sky...
After he was done, Gerard looked up in the sky and saw that there was a open hole in the dark clouds. Rays from the dying sunlight shone through it, like the eye of God.
But Gerard saw it as someone else, "Frank...You just got up there, didn't you?"
A year has passed now. Gerard laid the roses underneath the gold cross. He reached his hand out over the ocean and swore to the raging waves, Frank's god.
If Man is 5, if Man is 5, if Man is 5. Then the Devil is 6, then the Devil is 6, then the Devil is 6. And if the Devil is 6, then God is 7. Then God is 7, then God is 7.
"Frank Anthony Iero, you are my god. No one will tear me away from you ever again. Not any man on Earth. Not the Devil himself. My heart belongs to you forever until we meet again. The sea in which you died in, will take my vow onto you in Heaven."
He took a rose and threw it in the ocean below, "I love you, Frank. See you soon."
He smiled and then turned back to walk away from his seaside chapel, looking foreward to visiting Frank again.
A/N: Hope you like this. I've been listening to this song a lot and this idea popped in my head. If it sucks, I'm sorry. Please rate and review. Kisses!
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