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The Best Day Of Gerard's Life

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ONE SHOT. (Rated PG-13 for language and homophobia) This is my first frerard, so... Please be gentle. I'd appreciate comments. =)

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Frank Iero sat on the beach, his mind far away from his present location. He had just gotten into a huge fight with his mother about his grades. He was an honorary student, after all, and seemed to be slacking. He couldn’t help himself. It was all the new guy’s fault. It all started a week previously, in History class, where he usually sat at the back, all by himself, making notes as Mr. Myers called the class to attention. “Hey, class! Let us all welcome a new student, Gerard Way. He and his brother are transfer students. Mr Way, why don’t you sit next to Mr Iero? He will help you with your schedule and all your classes." As Gerard sat down I couldn’t help noticing how uncomfortable he appeared. "Hey! I am Frankie. Nice to meet you, Gerard." He just nodded his head, looked down and started taking notes. Ever since that day, he just sat down and didn't look up once, untill the bell rang...
Gerard looked up and groaned. Mikey was standing over him waking him up for school. "Mikes, seriously, why do you have to do this every morning?" He stood up, took a quick shower and dressed into his usual black skinny jeans, the misfits t-shirt and a black hoodie, his shoulder-length black hair hanging loose as he applied eyeliner. He grumbled about not ever getting enough sleep as he stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind him as he made his way to school. On his way to school he kept thinking how their dad left them and how his mother was forced to work double shifts, he wanted to quit school and look for a job, but his mother was adamant that he and Mikey get an education. “Gerard, sweetie, it’s more important for me to see you get an education than wasting your life away in some stupid underpaid job for the rest of your life.” So there he was, on his way to the place he called hell. When he got to school the whispers started over again and someone was even brave enough to say it out loud. "Hey, faggot! Why don’t you go back to where you came from? We don’t like people like you in our school." “Fuck you!" Gerard screamed, and was just going to turn around to head to class when he heard the principal’s voice behind him. "Mr Way, to my office now!" As Gerard sat in the principal’s office he heard the principal say: "Now, listen here, young man. We pride ourselves on being a school where the kids are well-mannered and educated, and teach them how to become well-mannered and well-educated adults. So I won’t condone that kind of language. Seeing, however, that you are a new student, and not yet accustomed with the rules, I will let it slip this time, but, be warned, next time I won’t be so lenient. Now go to class, and tell your teacher you were with me, and I hope that you will remember, in the future, that you are supposed to be an example and a role model to the younger kids..."
Gerard decided to skip school for the rest of the day. School sucked, anyway, and he was tired of the teachers looking at him strangely, and he was tired of the kids making fun of him, but, most off all, he was fucking tired of the hypocritical, egocentric bullshitting world. He was tired off being told what to wear or what to do or how to behave. Everyone was alike. No one really cared that he just wanted to be himself, and that he wanted to express himself. No one, apart from his mother and Mikey, really understood him. When he got home he immediately went to his room, threw his backpack on the bed, kicked off his shoes and went to sit in front of his computer, whilst lighting a cigarette. While surfing the net for his favorite sites, his mind wandered to the guy, Frank. Wow! He had never seen such a magnificent creature in his life before. Frank was a very short guy with black hair, he had all kinds off piercings and lots of tattoos. He remembered the first day of school, Frank had worn slightly tight skinny jeans with a matching black shirt and a black leather jacket. However, the most striking thing about him was that he actually wore eyeliner to school, and no one seemed to say anything about that. Frank seemed cool enough, but he didn’t know if he was into the “responsible, have good grades never do something wrong type”. He was more the ”let’s have fun and get in trouble kind of guy”. Although, most of it was just an act to piss people off. He was actually sweet as sugar and a soft-hearted kind of guy...
The next day, as Gerard made his way to school, he saw a guy talking to his brother. "Hey, Mikes! What’s up? Oh. Hi, Gee! This is my friend, Ray. Ray this is my brother, Gerard." Gerard looked at the guy, and had to admit to himself that the guy's hair looked good. The ‘Fro’ he would call it. "Can I walk to school with you?" He dreaded walking to school alone, having to face those guys again. He was too afraid he wouldn’t be able to resist cursing again. "Sure, you can walk with us, we don’t mind." He gladly stepped up next to them, and together they went to hell. As soon as he got to school, though, Mikey turned off to go to his class and Gerard was left alone in the hall, when he heard a voice behind him. “Hey, you still here? I thought I told you to leave school. When we talk people listen. We OWN this school, faggot.” He felt tears stinging his eyes, and he really wanted to say something back at them, but it felt like he couldn’t breathe. “What did you just call him?” He heard an angry voice behind him, and turned around to see Frank, glaring at them with resentment. "N-n-nothing," the guy said, and Gerard had this strange feeling they were afraid of him. Frank looked at him took his hand and beckoned him to follow him. He pushed through the crowd, and, once they were outside, he turned to him and said: "Let's go home, baby!" That was the best moment of Gerard’s life.

The end.
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