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Running On The Edge Of Reality

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AUDITIONED STORY MCR/MIRROR'S EDGE STORY When Battery City falls under Bli's power only the runners can stop them...

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This city may look like a shining beauty but truly it is a disguise to cover the horrors of the past.
The flames, I still see them
The old city may have been a wreck and falling apart but this whole city is a fake lie.
This city is run by an organisation known as Bli.
They claim to give everyone a better life but really they give them a million rules which gives them no freedom.
But there are those of us who fight for freedom.
Welcome to Battery City and we are the runners…

Amy’s POV

I felt the wind fly by my face as I ran so fast I could almost run on water.
I left myself soar above the tiny road below and the tiny dots of cars and people below.
Gravity then slowly pulled me down onto the opposite building.
I stopped and looked at a group of buildings opposite.
I saw blurs of red race around them.
My earpiece crackled into action.
“Well look who’s finally decided to show,”
I rolled my eyes.
“Don’t you roll your eyes at me missy,”
“Nice to hear from you too Dr D,” I said.
“Well it’s been tough without you Amy, Bli forces have been growing and its tough having one man down, well woman, so I hope your trip has been worth it,” he said.
“Yes it has, I’ll tell you about it later,” I said.
The earpiece beeped and I ran towards the others.

Mikey’s POV

Penina stood in front of me and grinned.
“Okay Mikey attack me,” she said.
I sighed and charged at her.
Before I knew it I was on the ground.
Penina laughed.
“Come on Mikey you can do better than that!”
Christy walked up and put a gun next to me.
“Get ready I’m gonna disarm you,”
I groaned, picked up the gun and stood so my back was too her.
I took a breath then spun round and pointed the gun.
The gun was suddenly kicked out of my hand.
“Now is that the way to treat an old friend?” Amy said with her hand on her hip.
“AMY!” I exclaimed running up to her and hugging her.
“Hey Mikey,” she said hugging back.
“How’s your leg? Is it fully healed?” I asked.
“Yeah, I’m back and I’m my same old fighting self,” she said.
I grinned.
I heard running coming towards us.
“Uh-oh,” Amy said.
Frank, Gerard, Bob, Ray, Nikki and Sam were running up to us.
“AAAAAMMMYYYYY!!!!” they yelled.
“Shit…” she mumbled.
They all charged at her and hug attacked her.
It took about five minutes until they let her breath.
“So have you been doing anything whilst you’ve been skipping your duties?” Gerard asked.
“She hasn’t been skipping, she had a bad fall you know that,” I said.
“Actually on the way back I managed to attach radio receivers around the city so now we can listen to Bli’s radio transmissions,” she said pulling a radio out of her backpack.
“You’re a genius,” I said as she turned the radio on.
The first voice that came on Amy recognised.
“Mia?” She said turning it up.
A male voice came on.
“Officer Jones, what is it you need to report?” he asked.
“I am heading to Robert Pope’s office to receive some important information,” Mia replied.
“Do you need backup?” the man asked.
“Negative, no backup needed,” she replied.
The conversation changed to another.
“Robert Pope…” Amy mumbled hugging her knees to her chest.
A few minutes later the mans voice from earlier came back.
“Gun shots have been heard at Officer Jones’ location, suggest that all available officers in the area investigate immediately,” the guy said.
Amy instantly stood up.
“I’m going,” she said.
“What? Are you mad? Bli are gonna be swarming that place!” Ray yelled.
“Then I’ll go with her,” I said.
“Me too” Christy said.
“And me,” Penina said.
“No, the more of us there are the more likely we are to get caught!” Amy yelled.
“Either you go with them, or you keep your skinny ass here!” Gerard said waving his finger sassily.
Amy sighed.
“Fine, let’s get moving,” she said.

Sorry this took so long to post I had a serious case of writers block.
Hope you enjoyed!
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