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Killjoys8. Even if it's not okay

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Rate & Review. Kobra is worried about everyone. Jet is stressed, Party is sick and Ghoul's a zombie.

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Kobra’s pov,

“Party…are you ok?” I ask for the hundredth time as I eye my brother carefully while he ranches again but doesn’t actually throw up, there is nothing left. Anything that was in Party’s stomach has been puked up behind the bush near our camp ages ago.

“Mmmm….” Is his only reply. I can tell that I’m getting on his nerves but I’m worried. I try to pass him some water but he won’t drink it on the claims that it would just be a waste because he will just throw it back up. Ever since Jet told him what happen to Ghoul and how he practically died Party has been on his hands and knees throwing up or, for the past hour, dry retching. I don’t know if it’s because his unwell or because of the news of Ghouls near death. I kneel beside him and rub his back supportively.

Ghouls been awake for about twenty minutes but isn’t completely conscious, he’s dazed and disorientated. The marks on his throat have bruised and strongly contrast on his skin. He hasn’t spoken a word but at least he’s sitting up. Ghoul seems a bit jittery and violently flinches whenever Jet touches him. Jet refuses to leave his side and has been talking to Ghoul trying to bring him back to reality. I sigh out loud as I look over to where they sit by the ashes, Jet is trying to get Ghoul to drink some water but he’s not responding, Jet ends up holding the bottle to Ghouls lips and basically feeds him the water like a toddler or disabled person. Whatever happen last night has really fucked with Ghouls mind, I hope that he will snap out of it soon, I miss his smile and the way his eyes light up whenever he jokes around. I feel Party start to sit back up and I turn to face him with a concerned expression.

“Kobra, chill out. I’m fine.” He adds one of his award winning smiles to try and etherize his statement. I don’t buy it. Party drops the smile and sighs heavily while getting to his feet.

“Party…” I whine because I don’t want him walking around in the sun, I want him to sit and drink some water. He stagers over to his bag and drops to his knees then look back over at me. I know I must sound like our mother. I notice Jet giving him a death stare but at least he doesn’t want to kill my brother any more, well at least I don’t think he does. Party explained to us in between puking that he doesn’t remember anything from last night apart from sitting down to eat then it’s all just blank, he doesn’t even remember fighting with Ghoul over the meat. Party was so upset that he looked shell shocked over the whole accusation.

“Kobra.” Party states in a stern tone. This is his way of warning me to back off and stop nagging him. I sigh and walk over to the small group.

“Ok, I get the hint! Just at least drink some water…please.” I plead worryingly to the red head as I try to pass him my water bottle. He just waves my bottle away then digs through his bag pulling out his own drink container.

“Ok fine. Look, see? I’m drinking.” He states awkwardly as he swallows the clear liquid. He pulls a face that looks like its bitter or burning his throat, probably the aftermath of throwing up stomach acid for the last hour and a half. Party coughs and shoves the bottle back into his bag. I look at my brother through concern eyes.

“Stop looking at me like that.” Party voice sounds coarse and his grim expression doesn’t ease my mind, I’m still shaken up about the events of last night and this morning, nearly losing Ghoul then Party screaming for someone to kill him has left me feeling like everything is going to come crashing down hard and break. I really am worried about everyone. I don’t know what to do to make things better. Jet is so pissed off at Party that I’m scared their friendship may be over. I wish Ghoul was himself, he’d know what to do to make things better between Jet and my brother, he always knows how to make everyone smile and forget our troubles that follow us like Draculoids.

“Sorry” I whisper to Party as I look over to Ghoul who is sitting cross legged and staring off into the distance, he looks like an escaped mental patient, it’s like the lights are on but nobody is home. The marks, scratches and bruises look painful on his neck and I wanna know how they got there.


I turn to look at my brother as he softly speaks my name. He looks me in the eyes and I know he can tell I’m scared out of my brain. He shuffles over to sit beside me and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“Everything will be okay…I promise.” He whispers to me as he gently ruffles my hair. I continue to stare out in front of me.

“You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep Party.” Party doesn’t respond but instead kisses my hair and gives my shoulder a comforting squeeze.

“I’m sorry little bro.” He whispers as we stare off into space. For today we stop running, no one is in a good state to be moving.

The day passes by fast and soon the sun is beginning to set. We all have barely even said more than just a couple of sentences to each other all day. Party and I stayed close together while Jet kept a very close eye on Ghoul who hadn’t moved or said anything since waking up, he only stared off into nothing and looked broken and unresponsive, Jet says that it hopefully should pass but I could hear the uncertainty in his voice.

Party was sick a few more times and looked paler than before. I’d asked Jet to check over him and I could tell the only reason he said ‘yes’ was because he could see the panic and fear in my eyes, he took Party’s temp and checked over his reflexes. My brother’s heart rate is all over the shop and he’s running bit of a temp. I think he seems to be getting worse but Party just tells me it will pass. I don’t believe him. His hand eye coordination is all out of whack and his words sometimes slur together, I know he’s sick but I don’t know what to do to fix it. Jet is also at a loss of what to do and tells Party to rest and keep his fluids up. The tension between the two had eased a little and was a good sign.

Jet piles up the left over wood and sticks from yesterday ready for the night. None of us feel hungry and as soon as it starts to darken we, well Jet and I, light the fire and we all lay down next to the flames to sleep. Party is the first one to close his eyes. Jet tried to stay awake but drifted off into a deep slumber quickly, he deserves a good rest after all the drama. Ghoul wasn’t fully asleep but he had his eyes closed. I want him back so badly, I miss him.

A tear rolled down the side of my face as I turned my head to watch the stars for a bit. I’m scared. Party is getting sick and Ghoul is a zombie. Jet is the only one left but I know he’s stressed, I hope to God that he doesn’t push me away. He’s a bit like Party in that way, he will bottle up his fear and worries. He’ll openly release his anger but will hide everything else. He rarely ever gets angry, he’s such an easy going guy but is a really hard worker. I need him especially if Party is getting really sick, he’s my last support.

I roll onto my side with my back facing the fire and close my eyes. I want to dream, I want to escape to a place where I know everything is going to be ok, just like party promised. I know in my dreams Ghoul will be a bouncing ball of energy, Party will be dancing around like a sassy diva, smiling wide with all his tiny teeth on show and Jet will be laughing so care free, cupcake in hand. In this place I feel safe and happy just like when we were younger. God it feels like just yesterday we were kids. I feel my mind wonder in my make believe world and easily fall asleep. Even if it’s just for the night I’m going to believe that everything is okay...even if it’s not.
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