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Let me tell you something..

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Just clearing things up.

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Okay,so everyone is asking if I'm doing okay.


I'm not sad okay?
Don't worry about me guys.
I'm fine,honestly.

Okay,so I have a little headache but other then that i'm cool as ever.


I never was sad in the first place.

Why was everyone asking me if I was okay,when they can clearly see I am..?

There.So,don't you worry your beautiful minds about me and go do your homeworkor something.

lol.No,don't GO!

Becca,we can talk on twitter now.

What should we talk about? we could make up a really cool story including band members and Dan and Phil.And us.


See ya on there.

xx Cupcake

gives you a cupcake cuz I'm nice like that.
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