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I Found You

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Rose meets an gentleman by the name of jack dawson and at how grateful that he saved her life,not letting her drown. She eventually falls for her hero.

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Rose steps outside into the bright sunlight and looked up at the elegant and proper size R.M.S Titantic that stood before her. Caledon excorted her inside as Passengers belittle and judged her with their beady eyes making Rose feel like she wasn't welcome here or anywhere for that matter. Rose sighed,ignored their judgemental stares and their witty comments about her being an horrible filty gutter rat scamming off of Rich men that she been with. She knew it was all lies and she only knew the truth. Their crude humor filled her ears and she rolled her eyes in annoyance. Can't they understand what i been through? Im just an young teenage girl forced into an loveless engagement that will soon turn into an boring,loveless sacred marriage filled with neverending lies enough to saved their butt. Turmoil churned in her and felt stares burning holes into her. She entered her room and locked it,as she took a deep breath finally calming down. Flow of Relief wash over her and she sat back in her chair. Fluffy meowed and purred as she laid on rose's shoulder. Rose smiled and petted her cat.

"Hey fluffy,looks like someone had an good awesome day." Rose cooed.

"u talking to that stupid cat again. For the love of humanity animals don't have feelings." Caledon said,sneezing and reach in the safe grabbing what he needed.

"Cal,animals do have feelings and u just an coldhearted bloody jerk that doesn't understand anyone's feelings." Rose exclaimed and Caledon let out an cold chuckle.

"Likewise Darling." Caledon replied as cold laughter escaped his lips and he sighed,pausing in deep thought.

"where's my watch rose?" Caledon asked in a calmer tone and Rose sighed irritated.

"u left it in the washroom where u always leave it and while ur at it,can u bring me breakfast i hadn't ate yet." Rose smiled sweetly and Caledon scurried out of the room in an rush.

"don't mind him he just an grumpy man that is always frustated and upset all the time. He mean no harm." Rose spoke softly and sighed,knowing she is very wrong.

on the other side of the ship

later that night

"Hi im Jack." Jack interoduced himself to some young fellas on the ship. They nodded and all stated their names.

"so Jack what's bring u here on this fine lonely trip?" One guy asked.

"im going to America and my friend is going to see his mother." Jack replied and paused seeing a beauty walk up on the top deck. She caught him staring and look away at the ocean.

"Jack earth to Jack." An another guy laughed and waved his hand infront of Jack's face trying to get his attention.

"She is offlimits to u Jack." A third guy pip up. Jack sighed when she walked off.

"who wants an smoke." Jack offered.

"no thank u." The first guy said but the rest took an smoke from the pack and thanked him greatly.

"there is so many beauties on board and so many time to explore." His Friend Exclaimed in his thick accent.

"but which one is Available,is what i am wondering?" An new guy walked up asking them.

"i don't know. Is Rose Available." An Third guy pondered.

"who is Rose?" Jack asked.

"u will find out soon my friend." They replied in unison making Jack confused and he wondered who this Rose was. He layed down looking at the stars later that night and took an long drag off his cigarette.

He sighed and closed his eyes thinking about the redhead beauty that stole his heart. It's wonderful at how she came in and swept him off his feet just like that when other women couldn't do that to him. He sighed and look out at the relaxing,calm ocean that put his mind at ease. He finished his cigarette and threw it in the ocean. He retreated to his room for the night and shut the lights off as he climb under the covers. He soon fell asleep dreaming about the exotic beauty that sent his heart flying.
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