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2 years before...

"Come on Benji you know damn well she likes me why the hell would she want to be with me if she didnt like me huh?" his brother looked over at him smirking as he lit a ciggeratte and got off the car. Joel just sat back and watched as his brother made his way to house party that was going on in front of them. Benji kept walking and suddenly stopped turning back to Joel and waving him over.

"shit" he mumbled under his breath unbuckling his seatbeat and stepping out of the car and catching up to his brother.
"So tonight we find out who shes gonna give it up to now arn't we little brother"Benji said as they walked in and were surrounded by all the noise and people who were already drunk and acting crazy.

"Hey Benj you made it fucker" His bestfriend Tony yelled as he made way down the stairs pushing people out his way.
"You think I'd miss this party" he said turning away from his friend and looking directly at the girl he came for tonight.
"Nah I knew you would'n especially sense I hear your gonna be hitting that tonight" Tony laughed as he pointed at her and as she turned to look at all three men. She smiled running up to them and hugging each one tightly. When she got to Benji she hugged him a little tighter and she sweetly pulled back looking up at him and he smirked wrapping his arm's around her pulling her towards him.

"you wanna go chill with me for a while babygirl" she kept her eyes glued to his and she nodded smiling.
"Okay well why dont you go out to the back and get us a couple of drinks I'll catch up to you in a bit"

"Alright Benji"She said walking out the side door looking back at him smirking. As soon as she was out of sight he turned back to his baby brother and smirked again as he pointed towards her.
"See Joel she wants me she always has and tonight I'm gonna fuck her brains out" He laughed padding his brother on the back and made his way out.

"Awww Joely thought he had a chance with her" Tony teased which made him angry but he just stayed quiet and walked into the kitchen grabbing a bottle and just started taking shots. Joel sad there for the longest time until he heard a bunch of commotion outside and he got up opening the sliding door. He looked around and saw that all the noise was coming from a bunch of guys staning outside of the small guest house in Tony's back yard. He made his way noticing that alot of people had left already it was just mainly the guys.

"Whats going on" He asked as Tony turned to look at him.
"Your brother is in there right now fucking the shit out of her, something that you couldnt do Joely boy" he laughed as he went back to the door pulling Joel with him. Joel stepped back when he heard her moaning, he couldnt believe his brother had actually convinced her to give herself to him. He stood there in awe listening to them feeling sick to his stomache as he felf his heart breaking. His brother was right he had won and she did want him all along. He sighed walking away and he stopped halfway thru the yard when he heard the door open and everyone start cheering. Benji just smirked zipping his pants back up and walking back into the room and grabbing his camera handing it to jeph.

"keep recording" Benji said laughing as she got off the bed quickly covering herself with the bed sheet.

"now we have a momento boys" Jeph laughed as he contined to film.

"Hey little bro I got what I wanted if you want you can have a crack at her" Benji yelled making Joel turn back towards the door and he saw her there staring at everyone with tears in her eyes.

"whos your daddy now" Benji laughed and she just pushed passed him trying to get away but Tony grabbed her"
"whoa were are you going sweety" he said tyring to pull at the sheet that covered her body.
"stop it" she yelled trying to pry his hands off her but he grabbed her tigher slapping her in the process.

"HEY" Joel yelled running towards them but Matt grabbed him pulling him back as Tony dragged her back into the room tossing her onto the bed and ripping the sheet off.

"NOOO STOP IT PLEASE" she yelled hitting him as he pulled his pants down and pryed her legs open. She looked around at everyone in panic pleading but no one listened to her they all just kept laughing and they surronded the bed and pointed the camera at her.

"NO TONY STOP LET HER GO" Joel yelled still trying to get past Matt but with no prevail.
"JOELLLL HELLPPPPPPP MEEE JOELLLL" She yelled as Tony slapped her and slipped into her making her scream louder. Joel tried reaching out to her but matt punched him hard and pushed him down to the ground and grabbed him by the hair making him look at her as she cried out to him.

"Yea you like that you stupid Bitch thought you were to good for us huh" Tony laughed as he raped her violently.Joel closed his eyes not wanting to see her like this but he couldnt block out her screams. When Tony was done he pulled out of her getting up and pulling his pants back up trying to catch his breath.

"you stil want your precious trash" Tony smirked walking past him and Matt let go of him and hit him harder as he got up and walked out with Tony and Benji.

"Joelll" she cried out trying to sit up feeling the pain run thru her body. He looked up at her and got up off the floor and made his way over to her grabbing the sheet covering her up with it.

"Im so stupid Joel" She cried grabbing onto him. He looked down at her as she cried and in that moment he didnt feel any pity for her at all in fact he got really mad and grabbed her dress handing it back to her.

"you should go to the police" he said standing up and walking out of the guest house.
"Joel dont leave me here" he stopped and turned back to her. "I'm not get dressed and I'll take you home okay" She nodded quickly and got dressed and her and Joel slipped thru the side gate and they got into his car and took off. Half of the ride home was really quiet until she finally broke the silence.

"I cant go to the police Joel I let Benji" she cried trying to catch her breath closing her eyes replaying it in her head. Joel looked at her in disgust he didnt want to but he couldnt get it out his head how she played him how she spent all her time with him and he couldnt get her. He took a detour away from her house and he went to a park they always went to hang out. He parked on the hill and he turned off his car.

"you know maybe you shouldnt go to the cops" he said unbuckling his seatbeat and turned towards her.
"I shouldn't" she said wiping her eyes sniffling as she turned towards him waiting for an answer but he just stared at her and she saw anger in his eyes.

"Joel why are you staring at me like that" Joel just started at her and scooted closer to her. She took a sharp breath as she felt herself against the window of the truck.

"you said yourself you let him do it, just like you let everyone do it so whats the big deal" Joel said running his hands up her dress and she looked at him in disbelief, this couldnt be happing she she thought not Joel he wouldnt hurt her.

"Joel whats wrong with you I didnt let Tony do it, you dont want to do this your not like them you never were like them" she cried grabbing his hands but he just grabbed her forcefully and pulled her down onto the seat hard.

"Thats exactly it I was never like them and thats why you chose Benji instead of me so sense its not that big of a deal then your not gonna mind if I fuck you to and join the club." He said pinning her down and pushing her dress past her waist.

"NO JOEL DONT " she yelled fighting him as he tried to unbuckle his pants.
"Stop moving Bitch" He yelled slapping across the face hard and she cried out as she finally gave up and Joel raped her in that truck. After he was done he pulled away from her and she sat up pulling her dress down and grabbing her purse, she opened the door jumping out of the truck in tears and she started to walk down the hill. Joel looked out the window at her and zipped up his pants and got off his truck running after her.

"hey where are you going I can take you home" he said grabbing her hand and she pulled it quickly looking at him as she started to shake.

"dont touch me okay just leave me alone you got what you wanted" Joel shook his head and smiled at her.
"its what we wanted you and me you know you wanted to why are you acting like this" he questioned as she laughed and started to cry again.

"okay Joel whatever you keep thinking tonight was okay" She turned back and continued to walk down the hill. In that moment he knew he couldnt let her leave and tell anyone what happened to her. He looked around and he saw and huge rock beside his foot and he picked it up and walked up behind her.

"I'm sorry" He whispered and he hit her hard across the head and he felt the blood splatter hit his face and she fell on the ground. He dropped the rock on the ground and looked at her and he felt like he was gonna thrown up when he saw the opening on the side of her head gushing blood out.

"I'm so sorry I had to I'm sorry" He cried as he ran up to hill jumping into his truck and taking off heading back to the party. He sat in his truck for the longest time until he was started when someone opened his door and he turned to see Benji standing there.

"Joel what the fuck happened whos blood is all over you" Benji questioned as his brother started to cry.
"I wanted her I wanted her to love me Benj I got mad and Jealous when I saw her with you I lost I...I....raped her and...and....

"what else did you fucking do to her Joel" but Joel didnt answer him he just sat there shaking as he cried and stared at the blood on his hands.

"JOEL" Benji yelled shaking his brother.
"I killed her Benj I killed her" Joel whispered. Benji looked at his brother in disbelief and realized he had caused this by taking things to to far tonight.

"its gonna be okay lil bro were gonna take care of it okay I promise you" Benji whispered as he hugged his brother.
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