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After After After

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Chapter 15

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There's two more chapters after this and then done! Thank you all so much for the reviews and ratings (three chapters green, wow) and just reading it, it makes me so happy :* xx

Gerard was allowed to leave two days after Oliver had been delivered, after his stomach had healed up. It was strange walking around as his stomach still felt sore and kind of like he’d had a filling done in the middle of his body. He was holding Oliver while he waiting for Frank to discharge them, watching Oliver gurgle and wave his fists around.

“We’re good to go,” Frank said, popping into the room. His face softened immediately when he saw Gerard sat on the bed with Oliver, letting Oliver grab his finger with his small fist.

“He’s so tiny,” Gerard cooed, brushing a barely-there kiss to his small tuft of hair.

“Let’s get him home,” Frank smiled, helping Gerard up and wrapping an arm around his waist, “How’s your stomach?”

“Weird,” Gerard said, smiling at Oliver, “Hopefully in another few days it’ll be okay and the scar will go down. It looks horrible and red right now.”

Frank smiled into Gerard’s hair and kissed it, “At least you can walk now.”

“Thank God,” Gerard murmured, “It’s still kind of funny to walk though. Apparently I can’t do any proper exercise or lift anything heavier than Ollie for eight weeks.”

“You never lifted anything anyway,” Frank muttered, opening the car door for Gerard.


Frank lay on the sofa with Ollie resting on top of him on his chest, sleeping.

“What are you doing?” Gerard asked, wrapped in a towel from his bath.

“Ollie’s sleeping,” He said, watching the child rise and fall with his own breathing pattern.

“Stay right there, I’m going to take a picture,” Gerard said, going into their room and pulling on a pair of sweatpants and getting his phone out. He managed to take a picture of his husband and his baby before he sat down at the end of the couch, just as Ollie began to stir.

“Hey, Baby,” He cooed, picking Ollie up and supporting his head, “How are you? Have you seen your home?”

Frank watched Gerard fondly as Ollie began to wail loudly.

“I’m going to order some pizza,” Frank said. Gerard gave him a brief smile before he got up to fix some milk for Oliver, trying to juggle getting a bottle out with holding Oliver and mixing the formula.

“Hawaiian,” Gerard called out, going back down to sit on the couch and fed Oliver.

“I know,” Frank said, “You’re acting like we haven’t been together for nearly four years.”

Gerard laughed, and tipped Oliver’s head back, watching him drink the milk greedily.

“You’re hungry, aren’t you?” Gerard cooed, stroking his fingers through his patch of dark hair. His eyes were screwed up shut as he gulped the milk down.

“Should be here in twenty minutes,” Frank said, leaning down to kiss Gerard. Gerard shifted uncomfortably and looked at Frank.

“Could you take Ollie for a few seconds? I need to take some of the painkillers Doctor Blige prescribed me; my stomach’s starting to ache again,” Gerard said, a frown crossing his face.

“Course I can,” Frank said, sitting down gently next to Gerard and taking Oliver from him. He held the bottle in the exact way that Gerard had been while Gerard wandered off to take some painkillers - Doctor Blige told him that his stomach was likely to be sore for the next few weeks or so, and that he should spend a lot of that time in bed. While Gerard tried to spend as much time out of bed as he could, he usually ended up so tired or sore that he rested anyway.

“He’s falling asleep,” Frank said a few minutes later after Gerard had taken his medication. Oliver was now sleeping soundly in his arms.

“He should be out for at least the next few hours,” Gerard smiled adoringly at him. He followed Frank so that they could put him down to sleep together, watching his nose twitch in his sleep.

“He’s so perfect,” Gerard whispered, leaning into Frank’s side. Frank smiled and kissed Gerard’s forehead out the side of his mouth.


Gerard and Frank were asleep at 2am until a loud wail broke them from their sleep. Gerard groaned and stretched.

“I’ll get him,” Frank yawned. Gerard groaned and sat up.

“You have work in five hours, I’ll do it,” Gerard said tiredly, rubbing his eyes. Frank pushed him back down gently.

“No, I’ve got this. You go back to sleep,” Frank murmured, fumbling for a kiss in the dark before getting up to tend to Oliver.

“Hey, Ollie, Ollie, Ollie,” Frank whispered, turning the light on in his room. The walls were a light teal and there were already pictures of Oliver on the wall. Frank leant down into the wooden cot to pick Oliver up, his face red and scrunched up. Frank placed him in his arms and rocked him side-to-side.

“Now why are you upset?” Frank pouted at him. Oliver’s cries quietened down, “Well, I think you’re hungry.”

Drool dribbled down Oliver’s chin and he hiccuped. Frank took him into the kitchen and heated up some formula milk for him. He fed Oliver slowly in his arms before burping him, which entailed wandering around the living room for twenty minutes with a towel over his shoulder and Oliver also over his shoulder as he patted his back. He stayed with Oliver until he fell asleep again before putting him back in his cot.

He finally stumbled back to bed at 3am and saw that Gerard was fast sleep, spread out across the bed and his hair ruffled. Frank got into bed and moved Gerard over a bit before spooning him. Gerard shifted.

“He fallen back to sleep?” Gerard mumbled sleepily.

“Yeah - just hungry,” Frank replied into the back of Gerard’s neck.

“Thanks,” Gerard mumbled, putting a hand over Frank’s around his middle. Frank squeezed him gently.

“No problem.” Frank whispered, slowly drifting off into a deep sleep.

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