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Any killjoy who's ever felt alone, this poem is for you! :) x

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I grew up on my own,
Raised by an emptiness.
Covered from the world still,
Wish I now knew much less.

Everybody leaves and everybody goes,
It's hard to be content they say.
A mass city of hidden souls.

The candles change as they burn,
Worthless lessons we all have to learn.
Fall to grace, fall for words,
Only travellers see the better world.

Scared to stay, scared to pack,
Scared that your loved ones won't take it back.
Scared of replacement, hope's what you lack,
Your stress and worries in high stacks.

Skinny love, skinny home,
Nothing to feel you love his bones.
Take him in, keep him warm,
Although he isn't who you adore.

Wasted days and sleepless nights,
Forget your conscience, start the fight.
You need to feel, you need to grow,
so what better way than stealing the show.

But waves still get higher
And maybe skies can get brighter.
I'll light my own fire,
And keep myself grounded with only myself to admire.
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