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Long Summer

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The band are at highschool and love to cause havoc, until Bob finds someone who is the polar opposite of him.

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So I wanted to try something a little different :)x

Bobs POV
Fucking School. Endless and pointless mountains of homework, teachers who pretend to give a fuck about where you'll end up. It's all a game of luck anyways, you either do shit or everything works out. So what better way to spend my youth than having fun? Hiding in the bushes on the playing fields with nothing but a joint and maybe a half bottle of whiskey between us. Me and my friends that is. We'll get high, get drunk, sleep around and ultimately break every rule laid down. And why? Because we want too.

"Frankie, you can't keep blowing me off! You promised you'd meet my parents! They're really looking forward to it!"
"I don't like parents babe, so never gonna happen."
And yet again, the gentle thud of doc martens walking in the opposite direction. The daily occurrence of Frankie and Brooke. She's obsessed with the kid but Frankie? He sees her as more of a fuck buddy than anything. Hence why he'll never meet her parents, oh and also parents usually hate the kid anyway.

Ray and Lyla are pretty solid though. Don't even ask me why. Ray's like Frankie just with more and much bigger hair. Oh and he's about three feet taller too. I don't think it's Lyla or Delilah ( call her that and prepare to toothless within seconds) either, she's Brooke's best friend so surely they must be similar in some ways. Yet for them it works but no, before you dare think it Ray has not met her parents. But he does refer to her as his girlfriend rather than Frankies description of Brooke which is usually "some chick who digs me and calls round for sex or some crazy kid with a fetish for me." Call him heartless or a douchebag but he's actually pretty cool once you know him. But never ever bring up that drunken night between him and Gerard, ever.

I'll tell you this, it involved brandy and vodka of all brands. A messy game of strip poker and the fifteen year old typicality of curiosity. Now we're all that little bit older we don't speak of that, although it was fucking hilarious at the time. Gerard's the single one of our friendship group. He's not fuck ugly or anything, no. He just prefers the no strings attatched way like me. The girls come easy, and we never complain.

We live and breathe this way.

Coree's POV
"Dad, i'm not a little girl anymore. I know how things work. I'll text you in my breaks so you know i'm fine okay? Love you too, bye, stop worrying!" I giggle as I hang up the phone. My Dad worries like nobody's business sometimes. As his only child I suppose it's natural. Plus, our lives have just changed a lot. I've headed out here to New Jersey to live with my Grandmother permanently. My Dad felt like it was a good decision seeing as he works away a lot more these days and I was often left at home on my own. I never minded although I admit it did get lonely sometimes.

My Mom? I hear you wonder. She lives back home. Same city but different arrangement. See she lives with her second husband and my two little brothers Danny and Jay- Jay. Or Daniel and Jaylen, whatever you prefer really. And when I say little I mean little, as in the fact that Danny's three and Jaylen is not even two weeks old yet. I guess relations are strained sometimes. My Mom left my father for her boss and so they avoid eachother as much as they can and I would normally visit once a week. Now I don't know how it'll be. Because clearly i'll go back to Carolina as often as I can, but that will be time I want with my Dad.

My Mom hates this new arrangement. She flipped when she found out what Dad and I had in mind. " How am I meant to see my only girl?" She had wailed. My Dad had simply looked at her and then I had to intervene for as if i'd left it a moment longer I knew what he would say. "You didn't worry about that when you walked out on both of us." And world war three would break out.

"Cordelia!" My Gran's voice rings through the house.
"I'm coming Gran! And remember, it's Coree!" I scream back to reply as her hearings not what it used to be.
I hammer down the stairs and with a kiss upon my cheek I am out of the door. That's when the nerves begin to set in. Here I am. New Jersey, which means New life, new home and new school. Oh Dear.
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