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I didn't know what to call this chapter,but I have stuff to talk about.

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First thing I wanna talk about.

Mia will be outta hospital in 3 days.We should all make her something,like a nice little poem or something to read.All of us.
It can be anything.
Oneshots,Poems,Songs or even a video talking about what she really means to you.
To be nice.
I'm writing a poem for her.

Second thing.

So,on the sims today.
I had my baby boy.Called it Frankie Iero Way.D'aww.

Third Thing.

I updated MHAIBHD today.Read the new chapter,and rate it :)?

Now,I wanna update Fallen Angels,but I dunno what oneshot to write next.

So,that is where you guys come in.

Basically,I need.

Name for Oneshot:

Age Rating:



Any other pairings other than Serard(optional):

Plotline(keep it basic,I'll elaborate on it as I go along):

So,just tell me which one you want.Also if you wanna see any other characters other than Gerard in there.Or other band members.

That's pretty much it.

I got Never Wanted To Dance and If You Can't Hang on my phone too.They're really addictive.

xx Cupcake
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