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Just a quick A/N in which the title will make sense

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Hey listen! Hey listen! HEEEEY F$&@IN LISTEN!!!

Every Zelda fanperson is either mad at that or laughing so hard they lost all bladder control.

Anyway, this is just a quick A/N as the description said above ^ So title explanation....

It snowed. A LOT. To quote Gamzee, 'It snowed like a motherfucker!!!!' And the whole city I'm in is still in a snowstorm.

So in otherwords, I blend in outside! Ninja level : over 9000!!!

Plus, school was let out for today AND tomorrow. We officially only had a one day week in USD259.

Now if only we could do that EVERY week.... ~sigh~ Oh well.
But I've basically been watching stuff on my laptop. Porn you ask?

No you f@%$in pervs!!! Well, a little......

JK I've had a Blood+ marathon. And tomorrow I plan to go outside and derp in the snow.

Probably make a baddass snow d@#k.

Or the FACE family. MOCHI style.

Either way, I really don't plan on writing at all this weekend.

I know. I just ruined your lives.

Or not. Hopefully you guys aren't THAT into me.

And if you are, the shrines you made for me are highly appreciated and super f@&$ing creepy ~thumbs up~

I'm gonna go now. I smell bacon.

And I shall descend on it and destroy it's bacon lifestyle with my mouth hole.

So R+R if you wanna.

Hugs and Waffles,
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