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The Badger and The Snake

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Pete and Patrick are students at Hogwarts, future Peterick.

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First I'd like to say, I'm just trying this out and hoping it works. Enjoy.

Patrick Stump was muggleborn. Since he was a young child, he’d always noticed strange things happening around him, but never imagined it was linked to magic. He never though anything amazing would come of his average life. He was eleven when he got the letter, and his entire world changed. He was sorted into Hugglepuff, after a five minute debate from the Sorting Hat. The hat told him he had qualities that could serve him well in any of the four houses. Had he known his best friend would have been placed in Slytherin, he might have requested to be put there, except aside from Pete, the Slytherins were a rough bunch. He had no desire to be put into Gryffindor, he wasn’t much for showing off to prove himself. And Ravenclaw....well he was already picked on for being smart in the muggle world. So the hat placed him in Hufflepuff, because for Patrick, being loyal and hardworking were far more important than being brave, cunning, or book smart. Now at seventeen, he was of age in the wizarding world, but not the muggle world. His mother didn’t understand how you could be a legal adult at seventeen, even if he was entering his last year of school. He’d been of age since March, and he’ll be eighteen when the next term finishes, and he’ll be of age in both worlds he lives in. He spent most of the summer writing to Pete. They would have spent time together in the summer, perhaps if Patrick wasn’t muggleborn. It didn’t bother Pete at all, but his family had an entirely different view and were sickened their son was best friends with a mudblood, as they often referred to Patrick. Pete had gotten into many fights with his parents over the cruel, demeaning word. He’d also gotten into fights at school with the other Slytherins. In the Great Hall, He usually sat with Patrick and the rest of the Hufflepuffs, because he didn’t have many Slytherin friends. But today, the two boys were meeting in Diagon Alley to get their school things for the upcoming year. Patrick was glad he had Pete, because this year they were required to have Dress Robes, and Patrick hadn’t a clue what that meant. With a quick goodbye to his mother, he disapparated.

Patrick walked to Gringotts first, muggle money in hand. It took him quite a while to understand the money here, and even still he got confused at times. He changed in his muggle money when he heard a loud scream.


He turned to see Pete in the doorway of Gringotts, grinning like the chesire cat as he ran over to hug the slightly shorter boy. Patrick blushes and hugged Pete breifely, before thanking the Goblin and walking with Pete to be taken to his vault. When they walked out of Gringotts, Patrick walked a bit slow, still dizzy from the ride. Pete loved the ride to his vault, and often teased Patrick for the horrified look on his face. The two set off to complete their school list.

“Pete?” Patrick looked up at him once they’d walked out of Flourish and Blotts.

“Yes?” Pete looked back to the boy wearing square rimmed glasses.

“What are dress robes?” he raised an eyebrow at Pete.

“Oh! That’s right, of course you don’t already have any. Sorry ‘Trick, I forget muggles have entirely different wardrobes. Let’s stop at Madam Malkin’s and then we’ll head off to Floureen’s for some ice cream.” Pete grinned.

“But I still don’t know what they are.” Patrick mumbled, following Pete closely.

“Dress robes, my friend, are robes for special occasions.” He opened the door and let Patrick walk inside first, “The only thing I can thing of is some kind of dance, you know?”

Patrick paled, “D-Dance?”

Pete grinned, “Don’t worry Patrick, I’ve been wrong before.”

“I assume the two of you need dress robes?” Madam Malkin greeted them.

“Not me ma’am, but he does.” Pete nodded toward Patrick who flushed.

“Alright well, Well let’s take a look at what we’ve got.”

Almost none of them looked decent to Patrick, and the ones that did were pricey. Pete rolled his eyes and handed Patrick a light blue set of Robes.

“Try it on.” Pete prodded when Patrick stared at the price, “Pete I-”

“Just try them on, Stump.” Pete said firmly.

“Fine but don’t stare at me.” Patrick mumbled.

Pete laughed, “Stare at you?”

“Don’t pretend I didn’t see you with that Gryffindor boy.” Patrick gave Pete a smug grin.

Pete paled, “You.. You saw that?”

“I did, but it’s fine Pete. Really, it doesn’t bother me. And if it did I had plenty of indications you weren’t into girls before.” Patrick said, slipping on the robes and sighing in the mirror, “I look ridiculous.”

Pete stepped over to get a better look at Patrick, “No you don’t, idiot. Blue is a good color for you.” he nodded, “It brings out your eyes.”

“Now I’m positive you’re gay.” Patrick said teasingly, “But that doesn’t change the fact that I can’t pay for them.”

“Shut up.” Pete rolled his eyes, pulling a handful of gold out of his pocket.

“Pete no.”

“Trust me, Patrick, you’d much rather these than the hand me downs. They look much worse, old fashioned.” Pete shrugged and handed over enough to Madam Malkin’s before Patrick could protest.

After eating ice cream, it was time for the two boys to part until tomorrow when they’d board the Hogwarts Express. They shared a long hug before finally letting go, and disapparating before each other’s eyes.

Patrick stared up at the ceiling unable to sleep. He longed for the ability to call Pete, but his pureblood family would never allow such a muggle contraption in their home. He laughed at the ridiculous thought. He’d only just seen Pete hours ago at Diagon Alley, and they go to school tomorrow. He had no sensible reason to be missing Pete, but even laughing at himself in spite of it, it didn’t change the fact that he did. He very much missed his best friend.

Patrick bit his lip, looking at the brick wall between platforms 9 and 10. He knew he needn’t worry, he always got through. But those second years hadn’t two years ago, what if something happened this time?

“Stop worrying, you’ll be fine.” A voice came from behind, followed by the loud screech of Pete’s owl, Hemingway.

Patrick blushed and ducked his head down, “It’s just.. it’s solid to everyone but us.”

“How about I go first?” Pete offered.

Patrick gave him a nervous nod, to which he receive a kind smile and a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s okay, honest. You’ve done this before.” With that, Pete ran into the brick and vanished before Patrick’s eyes.

No matter how long Patrick’s known about magic, it always fascinates him. He runs into the wall after Pete, watching as the brick vanishes and the first the he notices is Pete’s grin.

“Told ya you’d be fine, Pattycakes.”

Patrick gives him a hard glare, “Do not call me that.”

Pete pouts at Patrick before taking their trunks to the train. They sit with The Weasley Twins, happy to be entertained on the train ride to school. Patrick was just happy they never played pranks on him. Even if he was a year ahead, he doesn’t think that would scare them away. But they liked Patrick, and respected Pete for not looking down on the Weasley family. Most pureblood families did, and while Pete’s family loathed the Weasley’s for being “Blood Traitors”, Pete did not. Pete’s family looked down on him quite a lot, and Patrick can’t help but feel at fault. Before he met Patrick, Pete didn’t know any different than his parent’s view of things. He treated Patrick quite coldly at first, until one day they were paired in Potions. Proffessor Snape was quite fond of scaring the Hufflepuff students, and thought it would be an amusing way. Pete was poor at potions in his first year, but thanks to Patrick they were the only two who brewed the potion that cured boils successfully, and each got five points to their respective houses. After that Pete had become quite interested in Patrick and followed him around like a lost puppy, despite the teases from his house, until Patrick agreed to tell Pete about his life. It wasn’t long before the two were friends.

After the train stopped, the two boys got into one of the carriages together, Pete wincing slightly at the Threstrals. Patrick sympathetically rubbed his arm, saddened that his best friend could see the creatures. As they rode up to the castle, the pair smiled gleefully, both eager for their seventh year.
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