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I'm back. Just a couple things I wanna say.

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Let me get this over with then.

So I have a couple things I wanna get off my chest.

I'm sorry about last night.
It must've been my sleeping pattern,it messes with my head sometimes and I can't think straight.
I won't do it again guys,okay?

group huggles,anybody?

I started my new account last night and this morning started a brand new fic.It is called They'll Tear Us Apart If You Give Them The Chance.or if you guys wanna abreaviate it...TTUAIYGTTC.Don't ask me to pronunce it,I can't even prononce asdjkfl...
If you wanna know what my new account name is,it's ChilOfTheNight.I told you last night,but I'm telling you again.I currently have 0 reviews for the story,the first ten reviewers will get a...umm...cookie? or a hug,whichever one ya want.

Third and final note.
I will be back again,you'll see both my accounts at least once a day.I'll be updating my blog and MHAIBHD from here and TTUAIYGTTC from ChildOfTheNight.
I have a lot of memories here,that I don't wanna lose.

So,that's it for now k guys?
Sorry again.
If I try it again,hit me through the computer.Hard.

xx Sadie
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