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Looking for a fiction? Want to share a story? Need a beta reader or collab partner? Draw fan art? Clickety click.

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Hey guys so recently I've started up -With the help of CosmicZombie- a facebook page for fan fiction, like a recommendation list but live and with advice and fan art and all the rest of it.

The link's here -

It would be great if you liked it and even better if you posted your work and your favourite works onto the wall, you can ask questions if you're looking for a certain fan fiction or for just a fan fiction with certain details or equally you can ask for advice with writing make a request for beta readers. I want to make it sort of a community where we can all help each other and get work noticed a little more in the fandom. You're welcome to post any pairing except the obvious ones (No children!!) and any rating as long as you lay out your suggestions in the following layout.


You can post any fan art as long as it's not pornographic, if you have some like that just post a link with a warning, not everyone likes smut!! As well as your favourite band photos.

If you're a beat reader looking for more work you can post your services up there and if you have ideas for a story that you'd like to be written put them up too it might also be a good place to meet people you can collab with.

I'm also looking for another admin, at the moment it's just me and CZ but if there's someone on here I can trust it would be great to add you to the team.

So go! Like it and then say hi! If you're worried about us knowing your identity you don't have to post we can't see who actually liked the page!
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