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Need Assistance With The Fics.

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Brilliant minds,help meh!

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So,as you all have EPIC minds,I need help with my oneshot series 'Fallen Angels'.

This room is dark,I'll turn on my light.

switches on the bedroom light,then gets comfy

Let's begin.

I am stuck for Serard oneshots for Fallen Angels.

(speaking of the words 'Fallen angels' go read Christy's fic.It's a Cherard.I forgot the title but the summary is like this.

Gerard had whispered it to me.The first time I saw him.My angel.My angel.My fallen angel

I think that's the summary anyway..)

I'm going off topic.

Anyway,I know I asked this before,but no one really saw it.
So,I'll ask again.

I need really nice oneshot ideas for Serards.
Audition with this form thing-y majhigg-y,and I will write all ideas,at some point.

So,the form issssssssss......

Name of oneshot:(enter here) (it can be lyrics from songs,or anything your little minds come up with.)

Age Rating:(enter here) (can do anything from G -so like disney movie ones - to NC-17.Yes,that.)

Genres: (enter here) (can only do up to four.)

Warnings: (enter here) (only one spoiler (if you want spoilers or if it's required cuz it's from a movie or somthing) and the other warnings.)

Characters: (enter here.) (obviously Gerard.Can add also band members from other bands,plus the other MCR boys.Also,I'll add any of you guys too!)

Any other pairings?: (enter here) (I can't have ALL the ficlight (spotlight is for performers,limelight for movies (i think) so ficlight for fics.) so if you want any other pairs (except Frerard cuz,y'know,me and Gerard.) put them here.)

Basic plot.:(enter here) (give me basic stuff,and I'll elaborate on it.)

Smut or no Smut: (enter here) (for all you smut perverts out there (Dan and phil,they always said 'all you ____ pervs out there.' so I took it aboard.) I'll do as much smut as my stomach allows.)

So,that's all.
Please tell me if you wanna see one,and in the ending author's notice i'll put '(your name) came up with this idea,so thanks (your name)'.
So you will get credit,along with myself.

Bai,you adorable little people.
Wait,you're all older than me,so 'adorable people.'

xo Sadie,Cupcake or The Vampire.Or,that kid with the headphones,and pulls weird looks during songs.
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