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Suprise Mia!

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*party poppers,confetti and all that*

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Let's get this 'Welcome Home' party started!

(Yes,this is a party.Welcome he he!)

You all brought gifts right?!

If you did,put them in le reviews.

So,song time!

First song-Helena by MCR:

What's the worst that I could say? Things are better if I stay! So long and goodnight! So long and goodnight!

Second song-Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy:

Dance dance,we're falling apart to half time! (just a guess lol)

Third song - Welcome To The Black Parade by MCR:

We'll carry on! we'll carry onn! and though you're dead and gone believe me! your memory will carry on! we'll carry on! and in my heart I can't contain it the anthem won't explain it!

(put those lighters in the air (pretend ones so you don't set yourself on fire) )



(Just add the youtube vid for it.Will accept ANY band (except One Direction,don't wanna send Mia to hospital again..) )

:) have fun Mia! we did this ALLLLLL for YOOOOOOUUUUUU!

xo Sadie (Cupcake gurl lol)
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