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Anne's Action For Love!

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About Anne when Gilbert goes away,

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Anne was sprawled across the fine green grass, daydreaming about lust and love. Her vigorous eyes oh so gray were, shocking to the glance of a stranger. The red hair that she oh so despised was not her anemia any more, but, the pain that, her only love Gilbert was off at war. Her only hope was to see him come thought the east gable with his shining face once again!
It seemed like so long ago when he walked out the door in his army attire, waving desperately at her. She could not remember his tender smile and expression that she lingered for. It seemed as though it was all in a foggy past, which she never lived. All she could do was use her imagination...
Her daydreaming was broken by a familiar, giggle, her bosom buddy Dianna

"Anne Blithe, are you once again, in your world of dreams," she mockingly acknowledged Anne.
" Must you ask, what a silly question," Anne replied cheekily.
" I've came over just to refresh your spirits, I heard from Marilla that you are disheartened."
" Must you use disheartened, it's so dreary, how about? Wretched, its more punchy,"
"Oh Anne, you amaze me time after time. I always have envied your ability to dream things up on the spot," Answered Dianna with great warmth.

Although Dianna's intentions of making Anne cheery, were respected; Anne was not in the right disposition, for buoyant friends. She wanted to be left to daydream.

"This is for your own good, I know what you are thinking Anne. You want to be left to be waddle in your own thoughts," Dianna protested, her eyes blue as the sky they did not twinkle like usual, instead they were laminating with determination. Which Anne could not let down, still laying on the ground she rose quickly on to her feet. As she brushed off her dress, ridding it from grass she smiled weakly at Dianna.

"You are truly a dear friend to me," Anne laughed feebly.
" I maybe dear, but, I do use what is called tuff love," Dianna exclaimed.
" I must say I can see that, as you are using it right at this moment," Anne giggled light heartedly. Dianna seemed to make her feel much lighter; her heart was not as heavy. Anne could not help but to feel much more happier around Dianna. She had an extraordinary effect upon Anne's mood. They both walked along the oceans edge having stimulating discussions about, the latest books Anne had read and current style of dresses, which they both dreamed of owning. Before long Anne and Dianna were laughing and giggling over amusements of the simplest kind, just like old times before the war. They finally decided to walk towards the gable. As the sun was setting over the hazy sky, the ocean appeared to blend in towards the horizon. You could not comprehend how fair the beach was, the only thing you could see in the distance was smog. This gave Anne chills up the back, she imagined ghost of sailors lost at see calling though the smog, Once again Anne shivered at her own tail.

" The ocean certainly frees your spirits," Dianna hinted tranquilly to Anne.
" I do agree, with you my friend," Anne said with sad gray eyes, she still was thinking about Gilbert. Dianna looked at her friend with caring eyes, she new that Anne was not internally happy; she was aching with in the heart. Nothing could fix that; only Gilbert could, but he was away at war. Anne would never snap out of it, she was sad for as long as Gilbert was away. She was hopelessly in love with the man; Dianna wished she could heal her pain, but, she new with in her self that it was not possible. Dianna just stood beside Anne feeling fruitless,

" I whish I were in a fairy tail, then every thing would turn out perfectly," Anne blurted out.

" Well things come about for a incentive Anne," Dianna told Anne practically.
" I suppose, " Anne said distractedly.

this story is not finished, please mind my spelling its really bad !
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