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This Letter

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Just a simple letter

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I`m writing you this letter
I don`t know what to say
I have so many things on my mind
So hopefully I`ll find a way.

I`ll start by telling you you`re amazing
And you mean alot to me
And without you in my life
I don`t know where I`d be.

Did you know I miss you?
I haven`t seen you for quite a while
I miss all of the fun we had
I miss just seeing your smile.

I`m writing you this letter
I still don`t know what to say
I know you`re probably wishing
That I would go away.

I`ve tried and tried to stop writing
But something inside me is screaming "no"
It`s saying that if I don`t tell you now
Then you`ll never know.

I`m scared that I won`t get another chance
To tell you exactly how I feel
So I`m telling you now
So you`ll know what`s real.

I`m still writing you this letter
Because something won`t let me go
I still don`t know what to tell you
And I`m sure I`ll never know.

I haven`t got to the point of this yet
I haven`t found a place to start
I just keep rambling on
With what is in my heart.

You inspire me to do what`s right
And keep me from doing what`s wrong
All this time you never knew
You are the one who kept me strong.

I`m still sitting here writing
And I haven`t got a clue
But I can`t put this down
Because I am far from through.

All those times I talked to you
And I seemed to be alright
All those times you never knew
I cried myself to sleep at night.

I`m writing you this letter
Because I don`t know what else to do
But when I think about "heroes"
I only think of you.

True heroes are the ones we keep close
The ones that we couldn`t live without
The ones who touch our hearts
You`re mine, without a doubt.

Thanks for making me realize
That I can really do alot
If I just get out there and go
Give it all I`ve got.

I`m done writing you this letter
But I hope I made it clear
That I love you very much
And I really need you here.

I started writing you this letter
To keep my hand off of that knife
Too bad you didn`t know it
But you just saved my life.
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