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A Guardian Angel

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Have you ever felt like there was someone watching you? Judging? Protecting even? Well whatever the case is, its the reason of why I'm still alive. Its the reason I have a purpose in life. ***My 1s...

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I'm new here and this is my first story (duh!) Please review and tell me what you think!



How It All Began...

I was in the seventh grade. Just a normal thirteen-year-old awaiting for his mother to pick him up from school. I watched as the Autumn breeze blew leaves of all colors gracefully towards different destinations unknown. Some landing over discarded backpacks while others still float in perfect sync through the air. This made me tense somehow. Is that how we're going to end up? Spending our entire lives living on an old oak tree we called home, only to eventually disappear by a stronger force? Death is the only future we can predict. No matter what we do, no matter how we do it, we cannot stop the fact that we're all going to die...eventually.

I found myself in deep thought. Sometimes it feels like my body has a mind of its own, It takes over me without my acknowledgment. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a tool, a robot if you may, Just a device created to fulfill the bidding of a higher being. Sometimes I feel like my life's just a video game, giving me obstacles to overlook and for me to retreat to the next level. A higher level. And with each level I complete, I grow stronger, collecting different items that gives me more chances to grow and perfect myself. The only difference is... Life doesn't give you a second chance. Everything happens for a reason. If you get injured, hospitalized or even death, its all apart of the process. Your higher being had a task for you to fulfill. If it feels like you have no use anymore, or if your existence will cause a disorder to its plan, it will be the end of you.
I felt the cool, Autumn wind brush across my pale cheek. I closed my eyes, the pleasure overwhelming me. It was not long before I was, once again, in deep thought. This breeze was not like any other I've felt before. It felt like another being has washed itself upon me. It felt like a hand was gently caressing my features. I opened my eyes to try and get a glimpse of this being. I did. It was faint and hardly noticeable, but I saw a slim figure look at me. It soon faded away when I was greeted by another breeze. This one was normal. Although it seemed to sooth me just as much as the old one. I closed my eyes again in the sensation...

I was interrupted by the sound of a car horn. My mother had arrived. I scurried over to our silver Mercedes Benz and placed myself gently onto the leather seat. I threw my book bag carelessly to the back seat, while doing so I noticed my mothers change of emotion. She looked worried. I simply gave her a reassuring smile and mouthed the words: “Everything's Okay.” She stared at me for a few more minutes before turning in her seat to back out of the empty parking-lot. I turned as well, moving over to look out of the closed window next to me. Displaying all that is beautiful about Agoura Hills Middle School. I took it all in. Everything that was on display for my brown orbs to set upon. It was only the back view, but I've always had a different perspective of life and living.


Well...? How was it? Constructive Criticism is welcome :)
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