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*Oneshot* When you're elft on your own to roam the desert. You just gotta hold on to hope.

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Well it's been like 5 months :L

And i read through my stuff, im shit at updating.

So i wrote a oneshot because i decided to try to get back into fanfiction ;3

Rate and Review for me ;3

The sand covered everything. Everything was bleak, blank and dull. The sand was not a good combination with the grey unwelcoming sky. Even the sky was a warning of the hazards and dangers out here. Everything was just a disaster waiting to happen. Nothing was genuinely safe. Not anymore. Not since everything ended. Everything happened too quickly. Im still confused to how i ended up here. I never expected to be here. It was like travelling through an infinite danger zone, life managed to throw another challenge at you every chance it got. This was the worst. This was that boss level at the end of the videogame. This was the time that is fatal. Resulting in either victory or death. The challenge? What im presuming to be trying to find my fellow comrades that i lost out here.

We got seperated. I have never been this alone before. It was more worrying when you were by yourself. You dont have anyone to make decisions with or to see if you are on the right track. You have to basically go with your common sense.... My common sense was damaged months ago... the last time BLI caught me i had experiments done on my brain... parts of my brain are more fucked than others. That's why my life is a challenge. Like a video game only you have one life. Like Tetris. If you put a shape in the wrong place everything is messed up and you have to try to work around it.. Usually that never ends well.

I dont think i will last long on my own. The sand is blowing into my face. My bandana only gave a little protection. It was battered and old. I remember when i never even had one. This one belonged to Party Poison. Party Poison, Kobra Kid and Jet Star had gotten some control over BLI and freed the prisoners. That's how I met them. How i met him. He was my best friend. They all were my best friends. Each one of them is special to me. They have a different part of me. They all taught me many a thing. Star taught me how to tend to an abandoned car if i ever came across one. Kobra taught me to be quiet and how to tell wheather strangers in the desert were trustworthy or draculoids. Some draculoids would dress up as Killjoys to trick Killjoys into the BLI van. That's how i ended up in BLI the first time around. Not a fun experience but it has made me more cautious out here.. you never really know what to expect.

Sometimes things unimaginable pop up and surprise you. Party Poison taught me how to survive and how to always have a little optimism and trust the people you are around. Those are the killjoys you can trust the most.. the ones you share a zone with. He also taught me defenses and how to cook.. he taught me the most... i was closer to him even though i shared a room with Kobra. Kobra taught me one time how to build a fire in our room. Bad idea because we almost set the house on fire but we didnt want to go outside just to be safe. I miss them alot. They were ust the people that i considered my family. That's all they were. We were like a disfunctional family. Each of us had gone through the roughest times. All being so incrediblely different. When we discussed what happened before BLI you could feel the vibes coming from the speaker. How intense and bad it was. Im still mentally scarred from what happened. BLI scarring me even more.

Im just praying that i dont run into any dracs. Last thing i need is to end up in that Nightmare house (a.k.a the BLI cells). I shared a cell in BLI with a killjoy named Rebel Venom. She kept to herself. She was often taken out of the cell during the night then she would come back and her clothes would be torn and she would have another 50 bruises. She was one that they got pregnant.. BLI was twisted.. they had started raping female killjoys that got caught and getting them pregnant. Rebel Venom ended up pregnant like i said only she couldnt cope with the idea of her baby going through all that torture. She done something i never thought i would witness... Rebel committed suicide. 7 days after she found out she was pregnant she took her own life and her childs life so that the baby wouldnt get put through that. She told me about her past aswell. Her past was rough but not as bad as Jet Star. Jet Star's was the one that really did kill you inside. But all our depressions that we all went through is what constructed the killjoy we turned out to be. Being a killjoy gave you a second life. Another chance at rebuilding your life. I met the 3 amazing people that taught me everything i needed to know. I dont know if they are even alive. I hope to meet them again someday. I need to continue trekking this desert. I need to find them.

I wont stop until i do.

Because you stick together.

Never forget anyone who was there for you.

Because they are the people that matter the most. Not the people that bring you down.

Because they aint worth your time or worry.

You need to protect yourself in the desert.

You need to have that goal that you will find that group of people.

I need to re find mine.

Optimism is all i've got now.
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