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My New Start

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*Oneshot* All they want is a new start.

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This is literally shit.

This happens to me when im bored xD

"It's not even funny, my feet are killing me, i feel like im walking on knives," Venom Flame complained as her and her friend Music Catastrophe continued to walk through the huge sandy desert that used to be California.

It was the year 2019. Better Living Industries or BLI more commonly known as had taken over, they had planted an atomic bomb in California destroying literally everything. There was nothing. It was a huge desert now, survivors were captured and turned into Draculoids.

Rebels against BLI called themselves the Killjoys, the Killjoys were led by Dr.Death Defying. Most of these Killjoys looked up to him or the Fabulous Four. The Fabulous Four were 4 Killjoys that helped start the Killjoys with Dr.Death Defying. They were at the top of BLI's Extermination list.

BLI was led by Exterminator Korse. Korse led the draculoids and despised the killjoys. Music Catastrophe and Venom Flame were 2 Killjoys on the run following Route Guano. They were aiming to find Dr.Death Defying. The zone they were from had been invaded, so Music Catastrophe and Venom Flame hit the road.

"I know, i know, i feel the exact same. But hey it won't be long now... we are in Zone 4," Music Catastrophe said trying her best to think optimistically. Both of the girls families had been caught and turned to draculoids. The 2 met in Zone 3 where they had stayed. They had became close friends.

"But they are away in Zone 6. Zone 6 is far away," Venom Flame sighed. She just couldnt stand the uncontrollable heat the zone possessed.

"It will be fine, it will be worth it in the long run, it's better than running into Exterminator Korse and getting ourselves killed," Music Catastrophe said playing about with her radio. Reception was terrible in Zone 4. Zone 4 was the most dangerous zone. Very little reception and defense.. the draculoids favourite place.

"That's why we need to get out of this zone... it's so damn isolated, Dracs could appear at any damn moment!" Venom Flame said taking in every grain of sand and empty buildings. No sign of life was close by.

"You're the one complaining," Music Catastrophe smiled holding the radio high up trying to get any news. Dr.Death Defying always sent broadcasts out. That's why the radio was sacred to Killjoys.

"I know, just ignore me." Venom Flame said opening a bottle of water and continuing on with her companion.

"I couldnt ignore you if i tried," Music Catastrophe said walking with her. They kept an eye out as they continued. They had been on the road for a good week. They only slept if they knew the place was safe and they had a high reception on their radio... which was rare.

After walking for a few more long hours Venom Flame had caught sight of a diner. "There's a diner!" She said to Music Catastrophe pointing over to it.

"Is it safe though?" Music Catastrophe questioned eyeing the diner wearily.

"Hmmm, should we risk it?" Venom Flame faced the purple haired killjoy.

"We have pur weapons anyway... plus im hungry and our food levels is running out," Music Catastrophe decided. Venom Flame gave a small nod and they walked over to the diner.

It is close to Zone 6... Zone 6 isnt far away Venom Flame thought as she looked at the map. Zone 6 was only 2 miles away from the diner. It's bound to be safe. The two got closer to the diner and seen a green car with the killjoy logo on it.

"Other killjoys are here!" Music Catastrophe sighed in relief knowing for definate that the diner was going to be extremly safe.

"Oh thank heavens!" Venom Flame grinned widely opening the door. Music was playing in the diner. The waitress' head snapped to the door and she sighed in relief noting the 2 strange girls were Killjoys. Noone came into the diner other than the Fabulous Four. Who were there.

Music Catastrophe and Venom Flame looked around the small diner. It had fans. Venom Flame was thankful for the cool air warping around them. She scanned the room and her eyes fell upon them. The Fabulous Four themselves. Her eyes widened. Surprised. She nudged Music Catastrophe's arm.

"What?" Music Catastrophe asked and Venom Flame pointed to the four occupying one of the booths. Music was in surprise. Woah! It's them! She thought.

Venom Flame smiled brightly. Music Catastrophe and Venom Flame walked and sat down in one of the booths across the way automatically catching the Fabulous Four's attention.

"It's rare we get other Killjoys in here," Jet Star whispered to Kobra Kid.

"Hmm, must be on the run!" Kobra Kid concluded to why they were here.

"Work you bastard!" Fun Ghoul was getting frustrated. The radio had gotten damaged.

"That's what happens when you leave it close to water!" Party Poison said trying to help him work the radio.

"Party Poison, Fun Ghoul!" Jet Star said getting the attention of them.

"Yes?" They both responded looking at him. They were unaware of the presence of 2 new Killjoys. Jet Star pointed to his right and they looked over catching sight of the two. Fun Ghoul raised an eyebrow.

"On the run," Pary Poison said looking at them taking in the lack of equipment they had.

"We literally only have this to do us," Music Catastrophe said to venom Flame emptying the rucksack they shared. They had 2 tins of food and one bottle of water left.

"Shit," Venom Flame whispered.

"They could use help," Fun Ghoul said seeing teh contents of what they had.

"Want to go over and offer? They are bound to know who we are," Party Poison said. Fun Ghoul nodded and the two stood up and walked over sitting opposite them. Music Catastrophe and Venom Flame looked up at them.

"Hello," Fun Ghoul gave a small smile to the both of them, his eyes lingered on the shorter of the two.

"You're both part of the Fabulous Four aren't you?" Music Catastrophe gave a small smile.

"Yes, yes we are, I take it from the lack of stuff you guys have you are on the run then?" Pary Poison grinned.

"Wow, we found them, im proud of us... Yes we are on the run, we needed away, our zone got invaded by Dracs... we wanted a restart," Venom Flame said.

"Ooh, well looks like you need help... do you want to join us?" Fun Ghoul offered. Music Catastrophe and Venom Flame looked at eachother.

"You wouldnt mind?" Music Catastrophe asked biting her lip.

"No not at all, i wouldnt mind helping you both.. we've helped alot of Killjoys restart," Fun Ghoul said.

"We would love to!" Venom Flame grinned.

"What's your names?" Music Catastrophe asked looking at them both and grinning widely.

"Im Party Poison.. this in Fun Ghoul.. Over there is Jet Star and Kobra Kid... who may we call you?" Party Poison smiled.

"Im Music Catastrophe and this is Venom Flame, " Music Catastrophe smiled.

"Great... I think we will all make brilliant friends," Fun Ghoul smiled at venom Flame.

"I hope so," Venom Flame smiled happy she was finally getting a new start.
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