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Chapter Ten:Wedding.

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"I now pronounce you,husband and wife."

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Chapter Nine:Wedding.

On August 3rd was our wedding date.A few months before my birthday,I didn't want to be any older than Gerard than I already was.The day before the wedding was a hassle.

"Carefully,Sadie."Donna soothed as she watched me walk across the decing in stilletos.I had my arms out,keeping me balance.It didn't go too well though,as I ended up nearly tumbling off the decking.

"Okay,"I laugh as I straightened myself up again."I think stilletos aren't my thing!"

"Clearly!"Donna laughed back,and I looked up at Gerard,who was stood by the window of the lounge.I smiled,as he gazed thoughtfully out the window.

"Sadie!"Donna brought me back,and I returned my attention to her."Go home,lovey,get plenty of beauty sleep.It's a big day tomorrow."

I took off the stilletos,and Donna picked them up and walked inside,one shoe in each hand.I sighed,before slipping my swollen feet back into my stilletos.I saw the sun was setting,so I picked up my bag and strolled back to the truck.


"Sadie,what did I say about beauty sleep?"Donna giggled as she cleaned up my face.I stared back at the repulsive human in front of me,with a scowl on my face.I felt tugs at my hair as Donna put it up in a french bun,then I heard my mother's shrill call.

"Sadie! Where are you,little Cupcake?"She called,making me laugh a little.

"In here,Mum!"I call back,and she tells my Dad to come quick.I heard the footsteps as my parents came in the room.Mum gasped when she saw me,how I'd changed facially.

"Oh,Sadie! You look so pretty! Crap,my mascara!"Mum noticed she was happily crying,before giving me a small blue box.

"What's this?"I smile,and open the box.It was a silver hair grip,with small blue diamonds.

"It was your grandmother's,but we put in the diamonds."Dad said,and I hugged him.

"Thanks Dad."I mumble,and Donna puts it in my hair.Then,it was time for the dress.


After a few hours,I waited by the glass door to the garden,where the wedding was going to be held.Amongst the wedding reception,there were many Vampires,Gerard said I'd meet them later.I also saw some familiar faces.Kellin had come,along with Vic.Jake was there too,and Dan.Dan was the newest to the werewolf clan,along with his girlfriend Missy.Phil had come too.I felt Dad stand beside me,and he linked arms with me.

"Ready,kiddo?"He smiled,hoping to calm my jittering nerves.

"Don't let me fall Dad."I plead in a whisper,and Dad tightened his grip around me.


We then slowly began walking down the aisle.Everyone rose in their seat,and I looked at all the faces.My breathing got quicker and quicker and my heart beat faster and faster.I gripped tighter on Dad as we walked,and I saw Gerard turn around.I sighed in relief,and my breathing and heartbeat slowed.We got near the altar,and Dad let me go.I then took Gerard's hand.


"Do you,Gerard Way,take Sadie to be your lawful wedded wife?"The minister began the vows,and we finished them.

"To have."Gerard started,with a dashing smile.

"To hold."I breathed back.

"To love."

"To cherish."

"In sickness,and health."

"As long as we both shall live."I ended our vows.

"Then,I now pronounce you husband and wife.You may kiss the bride."

Then we kissed,a long passionate kiss.All loose ends tied together,all my horrid memories erased.I started my life anew.It was me and Gerard,against all odds.Just us in that one sweet moment,this blissful moment.Forever.

The applause indicated our fate,and we pulled apart,smiling.


"Sadie,it is time to meet the rest of your wonderful family!"Gerard smiled,pulling me out to the gazebo,where the large Vampire family waited for the arrival.There was mixed genders,boys and girls.All with different colour eyes,that sparkled in the moonlight.

"First we have Frank,and Penina,his mate."Gerard indicated at a short male with pale skin,canvased by many tattoos.Next to him was a brunette,clinging tightly to his arm."They are our cousins."

"Nice to meet you,human."They bowed their heads,before stepping back into line.

"After that is Ray and Ravan."Gerard refered to a male with a large afro,and a black haired woman on his arm.

"Welcome to our family."Ravan muttered,before dragging Ray back into line.Then,I was introduced to Alex Gaskarth,a 15 year old hazel-eyed Vampire,Ashley Purdy,the red eyed Vampire,Pete Wentz,Amy Lee,Taylor Jardine and Patrick Stump.All of them welcomed me in,with loving arms,before I was whisked away to the back of the gardens,near the woods.Sat in the tree bench was Andy,in a tuxedo.

"Your wedding present."Gerard smiled,before leaving me with Andy.Andy smiled,and laughed quietly,before swinging me up in his arms as we swayed to the tune that played not too far away.

"Never seen you in a tuxedo,Mr.Biersack."I smiled as we moved slowly to the beat.

"Well,now you have,Mrs.Way."He laughed,as did I.

We didn't talk for a bit,just danced.

"So,I guess this is your last night,as a human?"

"Well,not really.I didn't want to spend my honeymoon writhing in pain."

"What?"Andy's face turned to a frown."You can't expect me to believe you are actually going on a honeymoon?!"

"I am,Andy."I reply seriously,and Andy tightened his grip around me.

"No,Sadie!"He shouted,and he gripped onto my arms tightly.

"Andy,you're hurting me!"I shout,and Gerard is at my side in seconds,teeth bared.

"Step away from her,Andy! Before you get hurt!"He hissed,and I hid behind Gerard.Embry and Kellin joined our commotion,dragging Andy back into the forest.Andy fought with all his willpower,but it was no match.In the end,he was taken deep into the forest.Me and Gerard stood there for a while,before we were taken back to the party.I heard the howl in the trees,as Andy cried.


After the party,me and Gerard ran towards his car.Our things were in the boot,and we got into the car.As we drove by,I looked at all my new family.They waved to us as we left behind the home.Gerard slipped his free hand in mine,and squeezed it softly.

"Ready?"He asked in the same velvet smooth voice he had when we first met.I looked back at the family I was leaving behind,and a single tear streamed down my cheek as I heard the same howl from Andy.

"Ready."I say,and we began our adventure.

Okay,so that was the wedding.I'm updating again in a few days okay? PS:I used Dan and Phil as werewolves,because my mind really didn't know who else to add.So,rate and review okayy?

xo Sadie
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