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(His) Story

by AlexisSCREAM 1 review

A day where you and I were fakers known as ‘friends’.

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Oh look. More crappy poetry.


Words scattered randomly across a previously blank page,
Flung wildly with smudged ink, yet, still, my burning rage,
Burns like a blazing fire or the blinding sun,
I promise you that I won’t rest until my fight is won.

I’d scrawl out an apology but I’ve nothing left to say,
I’m watching from the sidelines, dreaming of another day,
A day where you and I were fakers known as ‘friends’,
But our lies crumbled rapidly, so this is where it ends.

I want to listen to every word you wish to speak,
But deafening crowds have always liked to victimise the weak,
My blurred vision fails me and I can’t force out a scream,
I only want to know what this is supposed to mean.

My body rejects me again; I don’t know what to do,
I want to forget everything that I’ve ever been through,
Scratch it from my memory and flush it all away,
Just so that I can believe the lie of “It’ll be okay.”

I’ll show you how to live if you teach me how to die,
Don’t question me please, I beg, don’t ask me why,
And apologies don’t matter now that I’ve slipped this low,
I can still recall the venom you spat so long ago.

You know I’m truly fucked up, you know about the scars,
And you know of all the sad songs I played on smashed guitars,
I thought you understood me, but no, I was mistaken,
And now I shall rest and allow a new life to awaken.
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