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No Walkers Allowed

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Zombie fic :) What happens after majority of the population gets wiped out due to a lethal virus?

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No Walkers Allowed

"Dude, where are we?" Mikey whined, as he followed Gerard through the blistering heat of New Jersey.
It was a normal summer day, unless you count the countless people who hobbled at a fast pace; chasing the Way brothers for miles.

"I don't fucking know! If you think I knew anything right now that we would be in this situation?! DO YOU?!" Gerard snapped, getting sick and tired of everything.

"Oh? So you're the only one who's allowed to snap? When I get mad it's "shut the fuck up Mikey, you're not the only one who's stressed"?! FUCK YOU!" Mikey screamed, face inches from his brothers.

"When did I fucking say that?" Gerard spat, both angry as hell.

"You don't remember? First was when this whole shit started! Then when Frank dumped you and left, and that time at the gas station with the creepy little chick who TRIED TO FUCKING EAT MY ARM OFF!" Mikey counted off the numerous times Gerard had snapped at him.

"So? It's damn near 100 degrees out here, the population has gone ape-shit cannable, and you expect me to be all kind and caring? Listen and put up with your constant fucking whining?"

"You know what? You're fucking impossible, you know that? Growing up with you, that's all you where! I ask for the bed on the left side of the room, /No, I'm the older brother, I get first dibs/, I ask to put up one of my posters, /No, that band sucks/. I don't even know why I'm still here with /you/! I would much rather go insane from lack of human contact, or better yet; go be best friends with that weird, bloody chick who tried to eat my arm off. Maybe she won't be as big of an ass as you!" Mikey spat, spinning on his heel and walking the opposite way from Gerard; heading down the freeway.

"Mikey! Wait!" Gerard yelled, after 5 minutes of watching his brother storm off.

"No." Mikey called back, not slowing his pace even by a halfstep.

"Come on! I'm so- holy shit you walk fast." Gerard commented, as he was running and couldn't catch up with his younger brother.

"So? I'm pissed, I always walk fast when I'm pissed." Mikey growled, only to stop in his tracks.

"What?" Gerard asked, finally coming close to the scrawnier boy.

"Gerard. Run." Mikey whispered


"GERARD JUST FUCKING DO IT OKAY?!" Mikey screamed, pushing his brother into a headstart.

"WHY? HOLY SHIT THAT'S LIKE AN ARMY OF THE WEIRD THINGS!" Gerard screamed, running as fast as he could from the hoard of; beat up, bloodied, hobbling, cannibals that approached him and his brother.

"Mikey! Come on! RUN! RUN BITCH RUN!" Gerard began screaming, heart rate speeding up as Mikey merely stood there, his only weapon of defense being an old, beat up wooden baseball bat.

"Mikey. Now." Gerard growled "Don't be a fucking hero! DON'T NUT UP!! SHUT UP INSTEAD!" Gerard squealed, watching in shock as his brother smacked the head off one of the many that began to surround him.

"Fuck, what the fuck is he do- what are they looking at? Do they want me, me and my sexy skeleton PJ- SHIT THEY'RE COMING!" Gerard squealed, running off the asphalt road and into the grassy ditch, which sat right beside a large set of woods.


"Keep running, trust me!" His brother screamed back, slamming faces off with the baseball bat.

"But their grooooooooooooooooss." Gerard whined, his sassy-ness showing as he didn't want to get covered in blood.

"Oh my god, you fucking pansy." Mikey groaned, wiping some of the warm, red liquid off his once grey hoodie.

"You're somewhat used to it! I'm not, I dated Frank. He didn't teach me how to fight them." Gerard sobbed, as he once again ran up the slight incline to the freeway, where he led the hoard in circles around where his brother watched.

"Trust me, just a bit longer." Mikey whispered, looking north up the freeway.

"A BIT LONGER!? But I'm tired now." Gerard began slowing down,legs giving out. He heard the hungry moans of the pack behind him, the hands began pulling at the back of his famous skeleton PJ's, soaking them in warm, dark liquid.

"EWW! MIKEY THEIR TOUCHING ME!" Gerard squealed, obviously grossed out, as he began to run again; faster this time.

"Oh...My....God" Mikey said through gasps of laughter.

"WHAT?!" Gerard growled, arms and legs pumping as the hoard began dying out one by one, heads either flying off or being blown up, most likely due to a gun shot.

"GERARD DUCK!" A familiar male voice warned, causing the wimpier boy to crouch in the ditch, and watch as someone blew the zombie behind him away with a 22 shotgun.

"EW! PETE IT'S ALL OVER ME!" Gerard's face contorted into that of disgust as he watched the dark, stale blood shower down over him.

"It's either that or get bitten and killed, then eaten in a slow, painful way." The bassist reached a hand out to his friend, only to have Gerard give him a sassy look.

"You know I only like you because you're dating Mikey, right?" Gerard growled, receiving a laugh from Pete.

"I kind of got that already."

SORRY IF IT'S SHIT, I DID THIS AT LIKE 10, AND I'M TIRED FOR ONCE; I love zombie fics so I'll do a better update soon.
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