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Just stuff.

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Okay,so I have like 3 or so ideas for this part of my diary,but I didn't wanna put them all in different chapters.So,I'm putting them all here.


So,I read a review for a date back in my diary.It was by a person called 'Sunshinestonerr' or something like that.She gave this review

'why do u hate someone who's ugly and has a fat ass niki fuckin rules'

First,I never said she was ugly.I didn't call her ugly.Okay,I did.But what I mean't was she wears WAYY too much make-up,and has a giant butt.No,I'm being fucking serious.I'm scared of it a little,it could squish you if she sat on you.Oh my god,we'd die by her butt Haha.

Second,you ever heard of something called 'Freedom of expression'? I'm allowed to hate whoever the fuck I like,thank you! Besides,you should really keep your mouth shut because I saw in your bio that you like drugs...

Okay,that was a little harsh,but had to be said.

Anyone else had this problem with a review and you set it straight then you're like 'ooh I should not have said that.'


I'm updating my fics,My Heart Attack In Black Hair Dye & They'll Tear Us Apart If You Give Them The Chance,at the weekend.Either tomorrow or Saturday / Sunday.I just thought it'd be better,so I can actually think of the plot and stuff,and give you guys a chance to read my other fics and stuff.


If you guys ever have something you want to talk about,I'm always here.I will try and make you guys smile if you're ever sad,just like you did for me.You guys,you made me feel like I belonged somewhere.We're all a family here.AJ,can we be friends again,because I really miss you.I miss when you used to make me giggle with all your comedic fics.

So,you guys can always email me if you need a shoulder to cry on,or just a little talk.

My email is

So,that is about it.

I might update Fallen Angels today,if someone gives me an awesome plot.Someone other than Mia.It's not that her ideas are bad,it's just that I want other people to use their creativity.

Have a good day,guys!

Xo Sadie
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