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"Can we fuck now?” he asks bluntly but with such joyfulness. I grin back at his brighten face and hold on to his hips. Oh my dearest little Frankie. He really wants that fuck.

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Hello everyone! I know, I know it took me forever to finally update. I'm very VERY sorry. Well the story isn't finish, but NotKissingYouGoodbye and I thought we've been making you guys wait forever! And thanks again to NotKissingYouGoodbye for helping me with this chapter, seriously guys, she's awesome! Well here's what we got so far, hope you all enjoy it and please R&R :-D

"Is it tasty?" asked Gerard with a smirk playing on his thin lips as he watched me seductively lick the tip of my finger.

"Very tasty indeed" I winked with a devilish smirk as I watched Gee closely.

"Maybe later you can have more" he teases me as he stands up to leave the coffee shop.

"I would love some more" I respond in a deep husky tone/growl that I know Gerard loves as I stand to follow him closely behind.

I feel guilty for licking Gerard's cum, I mean he is my /brother/, but he's just so mouth-watering, so tasty, so hot, so….so…. sexy. I bet he's great at sex, I can tell just by the way he sway’s his hips from side to side as he walks in those tight ass skinny jeans of his like some kind of sassy sex-god on legs. If he were a porn star, I would definitely jerk off to him everyday.

He should be cursed or something for being so damn sexy. I think to myself while I stare at this ass subtly as I follow Gee through the automatic doors.

I want to feel myself inside him. I bite my lip slightly at that thought. Is that wrong? Maybe. Is it gross in some people’s minds? Possibly. Do I give a fuck? Hell Nah!

I understand, he's my bro and everything, but you can’t blame me! Blame him for walking around and moving those sexy hips from side to side and for walking out of the bathroom with cum on his shirt. I mean for fuck sakes it’s impossible to not be turned on by that. I am the victim of this crime. He shall be punished for this soon! Hopefully.

Right on cue Gerard stops and turns around to face me just outside the coffee shop.

"I love you so much baby brother" Ahhh! My heat just imploded. He has to love me, because he's my brother. Right?

"Oh stop, I love you too" I reply with my well known poker-face mask. I don’t wanna seem too needy or clingy. I feel so special right now.

"Well, we have to get back to the tour bus, we leave in a hour and a half" He states as he looks down at his wrist watch.

"Then what's the hurry" I ask thinking that we have plenty of time to ‘fuck around’.

"We need to buy things we need. Like food, toilet paper....shit like that" He’s such a big brother.

"You're no fun" I tease as I pout at him. He just shakes his head and cracks a smile at me and I nearly fall over. It’s a Fucking crime! He’s just too sexy for his own good…let alone mine. I'm pretty sure not even the sexiest man on Earth can withstand Gee's sexiness. That is if Gerard is the sexiest man alive.

“Well if you wanna be wiping your ass with one of Franks music magazines instead of toilet paper.....`”

"Okay, okay. Fair point.” I giggle quietly to myself as I imagine Frank’s reaction if we didn’t get the toilet paper and had to use his magazines. The dam man’s protective of his magazines…I don’t know what for though. He’s a strange person sometimes. But I don't blame him. I wouldn't want shit on my magazines neither. He just takes the whole protective thing to a new level.

"Hey Gerard?"


"How 'bout I go get everything we need and you go to the tour bus? My treat" I suggest since I wanna get a few extra things, just in case the bus ride gets boring on the road. I should also make a stop to a sex store, for the hell of it. If you know what I mean Wink No... Okay. I really need to stop talking to myself.

"I'm so lucky to have a sexy brother like you" He coos.

"Oh stop," I blush then I gave him a quick peck on the lips “bye” I drag out the word as I walked away from the sex-god that is my brother. I watch long enough to see him turn around and start walking toward the direction of the bus. I'm so gonna tap that ass I think to myself with a smirk. Soon.


Gerard Pov

"Some thing's going on, can I smell yo' dick" I sang under my breath as I happily skipped with my hands in my front pockets towards the tour bus. I just keep repeating the same line over and over in my head because that’s all I know of the song. The things I have on my mind. Where's Dr. Phil when you need him?

Normally it would piss me off that I can’t remember a whole song but I’m in such a good mood that I don’t give a fuck. I teased Frank, jerked off to Frank's horny messages, and had Mikey lick my cum all in one day! Within only a few hours! Oh yeah, today is a good day. This has to be a new record.

fI'm just glad they both feel the same way as I do about them. That threesome has to happen, I mean, I'm pretty sure they don't mind sharing me....right? I probably wouldn't share them to anyone else. They probably won't share me with anyone neither. I wouldn't even share me! I smirk to myself as I continue to skip back to the bus. I wonder if this is how Spongebob feels all the time.

"Gerard!" I heard someone yell my name from a distance. I looked to my right up the street and see none other than Lyn-z. As soon as I see her I roll my eyes. Oh no.

That girl likes me, it’s so obvious, but as you can tell I'm not into girls. I don’t know how many times I've told her that I'm gay, it’s just not getting through her pretty dyed hair head of hers. I'll probably have to draw her a fucking diagram or have butt sex right in front of her just so she can get the picture. For some reason I have a feeling she'd try to join in with us. I cringe and shake my head at the thought, Not gonna happen honey! Those dicks are mine! All mine! Muwahahaha!

"Hey Lyn-z" I half smiled at her as she came running towards me. Lyn-z hasn’t actually done anything wrong so I’ll try and play nice. But if she goes too far, we gonna have ourselves a World War three.

"Where you going? I saw you left the coffee shop just before, you didn’t even finish your coffee." She puffed out as she tried to catch her breath from running down the street. First thing that pops up in my head after those words is ‘STALKER ALERT'!!!! And I thought our fans were stalkers.

It’s the sexiness that draw’s the attention of the crazy ones. Why? Why must I be cursed with so much sexiness?! 

"I went to Starbucks with Mikey" I state in a monotone accompanied by a blank expression. Not like it's any of your business. Never feed the stalker too much information it only encourages them. Pretty soon she's gonna make a hole in our shower and watch me.

"Mikey, the other infamous Way. He's not as sexy as you, you know that. You must get that a lot" She giggles and reaches out to touch my arm in an attempt to flirt with me. Oh hell no! She’s trying to flatter me and my insult my sexy as all hell brother! Let the war begin!

"Actually Mikey is quite sexy." I huff out defensively as I fold my arms over my chest. Okay now I just want her to leave. This is one of those moments I wish I was Harry Potter. I'd make her disappear.... Forever!

She giggles again and bats her eye lashes while stepping closer to me. She is invading my personal bubble, how dear she pop my bubble? First she insults my sexy brother 

then pops my fucking bubble….Bitch! I miss my bubble now.

“Watch it there Mr. Way, someone might think there is a bit of Waycest going on.” She thinks she’s only teasing but if only she knew…then maybe she would stop popping my fucking bubble and just go away. Maybe if I tell her she'll see how nasty I am and stop talking to me for trying to fuck my brother! Wait..never mind. She'll tell the whole world. I don't even want to think what our mom would think.

I lean away from her as she continues to smother me. Her perfume stings the inside of my nose. God what’d she do? Bathe in the stuff? Yuck! I bet a hobo smells better than her at this moment.

"Mikey’s fine but you’re so much sexier than that skinny boy." She suddenly wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me closer. Ewww! NO! NO! NO!....Can I call it rape?


Frank's Pov

What is taking him so long? I want my fuck now! If I don't get Gerard’s dick right now I will go ape shit on the mother fucker! I watch the bus door intensely just waiting for the door to open and revel the smoking hot Gee in is skinny tight jeans….I wait....nothing…..I wait some more….still nothing. I can only handle so much nothingness.

“Fuck” I spit out under my breath. Yes, I know I’m an inpatient motherfucker. I need a smoke. I walked into the bunk room and picked up my cigarettes and lighter, because it’s fucking annoying when I walk all the way out of the bus only to find I forgot my lighter then have to walk all the way back inside for it. It’s just unnecessary excise.

I swung open the bus door with frustration and jump outside (like, actually ‘jumped’ out, like a frog). I lean against the cool metal of the bus and light my smoke then pocketed the lighter. I’m gonna need to get another lighter soon, I think to myself, this one is nearly running out. I let out a frustrated sigh then draw in a deep drag of the toxic smoke. I lean my head back and close my eyes thinking of Gerard.

I sound so fucking desperate, but I mean come on, who wouldn't be?! I bet he can turn a straight man gay just by one glance into his eyes….actually that's what happened to me! It only took just one look at his body and I was curious, then I looked into his eyes and I suddenly desperately wanted him inside me. Does that sound crazy? Am I crazy? I'm on crack. I smile at myself conclusion of been on crack.

Suddenly I heard someone’s voice cut through the quiet.

"I prefer you not do that" It came from the other side of the tour bus. My eyes widen in excitement because it sounded like Gerard’s sexy voice. Wait…Who’s he talking to?

“Seriously! Don’t touch me!” I hear Gerard growl. Is he getting raped? OH HELL NO! I immediately throw my cigarette on the ground and run to the end of the bus, peeking my head around the corner. I slowly looked to see what was going and see Gerard and smile like I’m on drugs…yep I’m on crack. Yay! Gee’s back! We can fuck now…..wait....whoa. Whoa. Whoa! What is that bitches doing with her fucking arms around my man.

"Come on Gerard. Just give us a try just once and I promise you, I'll be the best you ever had" Wow, she really knows how to whore herself out there. I frown deeply at her and her tentacle like arms which are holding MY Gerard. I don’t think and just do the first thing that comes to my head. I stomp out from behind the bus and march straight towards the two.

"Gerard! There you are baby!" I yelled as I looked at LynZ with disgust and unwrapped her filthy arms from My Gerard. I Jump up on his hips and wrap my legs around his waist tightly while I wrap my arm around his neck pulling him into a sloppy kiss. He places his hands under my thighs to stop me from falling back down and is quick to kiss back, pushing his tongue into my mouth.

I opened my eye a little and see LynZ looking at us in disgust. Let's make this more disgusting shall we? I bite Gee’s lower lip and pulled it down a bit then thrust my hips down on Gee’s who responds by moaning and moves his hands to squeezes my ass. Oh. God. So. Much. Pleasure! I tangle my fingers in his hair and grind my hips into his repeatedly as I bite his tongue and pulled it till he’s tongue was sticking out and I started sucking on it. Suddenly we hear a loud angry groan followed by angry foot stomps. Mission complete! I mentally Hi-five myself.

We pull away from the kiss and watch LynZ march away angrily.

“Bye Lynzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.” I call out to her innocently. Both Gerard and I snicker and grin like Chester cats.

"Thank fuck! Thank you so much Frankie!" Gerard sighs with relief and lets me go, but I go nowhere because I got my legs wrapped around his hips pretty tightly, this only makes us both giggle quietly.

"Someone has to show her you are all mine" I state smugly as I lower myself to the ground.

"How can I repay you?" He asks me with a devilish grin as he places his hands on my hips. I sway them side to side and gently place my hands on his shoulders like we were about to waltzes around the street. I look up into those sexy hazel eyes of his and smiled a cheeky grin.

“Well what about that promise?" I smoothly ask. I watch as his eyes light up and swirl with lust and passion.

"Ahh. Well then you better start running before I catch you" As soon as the words left his lips I started running and laughing, with Gerard close behind me.

"You can't catch me!" call out with glee as I ran into the bunk room and hid in the closest buck, which happen to be Mikey’s. He will never find me I think to myself as I hide deep under the blankets.

"Oh where can my dearest Frankie boy be?" I here Gerard coo as he enters the bunk room.

 I felt a shiver run down my spine and spread throughout my body like a hot wild fire as Gerard pushed the covers to the side and gently started sucking on my neck just below my scorpion tattoo. Gerard moved to straddle me just above the hip and I could feel him already getting tight in his skinny jeans. Fuck! My heart is pounding so hard against my chest as he lets his hands roamed freely over my body. Gee’s artistic fingers rubbed down to my abdomen then glided back up, along my tattooed arms till he stopped at my wrist and held them tight about my head, giving me no choice but to endure whatever Gee wanted to do to me.

Gerard sits up still holding my wrists and grins down at me with fiery eyes, His hair falling down both sides of his face. I gasp as he suddenly grinds his hip hard into mine and squeezes my wrists even tighter. Fuck! Gerard leans down closer, hovering just above my face. The bunk room has no windows so it’s darker than the rest of the bus. Shadows dance across his face as he breathes heavily, his coffee scented breath washes over my lips caressing the sensitive skin.

“You like that?” He smirks in a dark raw tone. Fuck that is such a turn on! I seem to have lost my voice so a stare up with widen eyes at Gerard and nod my head enthusiastically, never breaking eye contact. He’s so mother fucking hot! He sinisterly grins widely at me as his eyes grew darker. He half-heartily laughs then grinds our hips together again in a long slow thrust. I close my eyes and moan loudly at the friction. Gee holds both my wrist in one hand as he undoes his belt with his free hand. Oh Fuck Yeah! He almost violently rips the belt from the loops and wraps it firmly around both my wrist. Then ties the end of the belt to something I can’t see but results in my arms been completely restricted above my head.

I swallowed hard as he smirked a crooked smile down at me. Fuck I've never done this before...been tied up part....I've had sex before. He moves both his hands to the hem of my shirt then slips the underneath. Now that I think about it, this was worth waiting. His hands travel up my chest and lift my shirt to revealing my tattoos and flesh. He leans back down really close. Gee moves his head down to my ear, my breathing increases as the anticipation eats me alive.

“I’m gonna….” He starts to whisper ever so softly into my ear then pauses. I can hear him slowly lick his lips as he smiles, “Fuck. You. Up.” He whispers sexually.

 My heart nearly explodes and tightens as I quickly suck in a short breath. OH FUCK, OH FUCK, Oh Fuck…Gerard chuckles then slowly licks from the bottom of my jaw and all the way up the side of my face. I moan at the sensation and buck my hips up. He crashes his lips down hard onto my own as he claws his bitten down finger nails along my skin, leaving red angry lines. I groan/yell out in pleasurable pain.

 “You like it rough Frankie baby?” Gerard coos then bites hard on my bottom lip making me whimper. At this point I can’t form words so I mumble some gibberish language of approval. Gee drags his teeth down my chin then moves back up to kissing me. He pushes His sweet tasting tongue deep into my mouth. He sucks hard on my tongue as he continues to claw at my flesh causing me to hiss and frown, but god it felt good. I want to touch him, pull at his hair, feel him under my fingers but my hands were still tied tightly above my head. I tug at the belt as Gerard licks the roof of my mouth, sending chill through my spine. I groan as he thrusts his tongue fully into my mouth.

Our tongues dance around each other as he places a hand on my crotch, slowly but hard he palms me through my jeans.

“Ahhh, Fuck! Gee,” I moan into his open mouth. This only encourages him as he moves his hand faster and slightly squeezes. I screw my eyes shut tight and moan like a filthy whore, thank fuck no one is here. I hear him moan at me as he pulls back, braking the kiss but continues to feel me up. He bites my bottom kiss swollen lip again then moves down my neck. He bites harshly and pulls with his teeth at the tender flesh there. He has to use both his hands as support to hold himself up as he shifts slowly down my body. He gently bits at my Adams apple then slowly bites harder until I moan.

“Are you my bitch Frankie?” he purrs against my skin, I reply by nodding my head sluggishly. Apparently that wasn’t a good enough answer because he suddenly sank his teeth down hard onto my collar bone. I cry out in sudden pain. Fucking vampire!

“Are you my bitch, Frankie?” Gerard repeats but this time in a firmer voice as he looks up at me with hungry lust filled eyes. I widen my eyes at him as my chest rises and falls at a fast pace. Fuck he is so hot! I frantically nod my head up and down. I open my mouth to answer him but nothing comes out. He sits up on my hips and looks down at me with a look of pure sex. His lips twitch into half a crooked grin on his shadowed covered face. He had the appearance of a demon as his eyes sparked with filthy lust while he stared intensely at me. I’ll admit it…it was hot but it was also a little freaky, he didn’t look like the Gerard I knew. He places his hands under my shirt on my shoulders, digging his nails into my skin forcefully. I gasp at the pain. Then moan in pleasure as he grinded his hips into mine.

“Answer me when I ask you a question.” He states in a strong deep growl, I knew he was just mucking around and that tone would normally turn me on to no ends but I’m been distracted by the pain of his claws digging in too deep. Again I open my mouth but just can’t seem to speak. Slowly he drags his nails down against my skin so hard that it begins to slightly bleed. I scream out as tears are bought to my eyes.

“TOO ROUGH GEE!” I scream with my voice cracking at the end. His Facial expression immediately softens and is covered in guilt as he returned back to the Gerard I love and adore. He lifted his hands away from me like I was on fire.

“Shit, sorry Frankie. I got a little carried away. I didn’t realize I was playing so rough.” His voice is back to normal but tainted with remorse. I can tell he feels bad. A single tear rolls down the side of my face as the scratches sting.

“I’m fine Gee, it’s okay.” I say softly and tug at the belt. I look at it then back at Gerard with pleading eyes.

“Can you untie me….please?” He instantly leans over the top of me and unties it, freeing my wrists that are now a little red and indented by the belt.

“Frankie, baby, I’m so sorry.” He apologizes as he sits back up and bows his head in shame. Oh Gee…I love you. I think to myself.

Gerard’s pov
I looked at the dark angry red scratch marks that I had done to my Frankie and had to drop my head in an attempt to escape the guilt that was swallowing me whole and tearing at my insides. Fuck! Stupid Gerard! I thought to myself harshly. I noticed that he was liking it rough at the beginning, I was trying to please him but ended up hurting him. I’m so stupid, I lost control, I didn’t mean to be so rough.

I feel Frank shift to a sitting positing with me still straddling his hips. I look up at the young guitar player to see him holding up his shirt inspecting the damage.

“Shit,” I mutter under my breath as I bow my head again, moving my hair in front of my face. He probably hates me now. He probably wants to get as far away from me as possible. I can just tell it’s going to be awkward, avoiding eye contact and not been in the same room for more time than necessary. I love his eyes! I don’t think I’d survive if I couldn’t look into those golden hazel pools of his and I like been close to Frank, I think I would cry if he left the room as I enter.

But what hurts the most is that he most likely doesn’t want me to touch him ever again, what if I’ve lost his trust? What if…he’s scared of me now? Scared of me physically hurting him? Well done dumb ass. You just ruined the best day ever said the voice in the back of my head.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice that I had started to silently cry. Droplets of warm salty tears fell through the air and landed on my hands without a sound as I stared down at them. I blink as another pair of tattooed hands came into view to cover my own. I snap my head up to see Frank staring back at me with a friendly warm and comforting expression. His lips were swollen from our earlier kissing but were curved into a gentle smile, a smile that would melt Jack Frost's heart and bring world peace, a smile that was…for me.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper and he squeezes my hands supportively.

“It’s okay Gee, I’m fine really. Just next time not so rough.” He continues to smile at me lovingly. God I love this boy. He leans in forward and ever so softly kisses my lips with his. Sparks flashed behind my eyes as they fell shut. A warm fuzzy feeling covered my body as we softly moved our lips together in sync. He lets go of my hands to pull me closer to him by my hips, I move willing forward. Wrapping my hands delicately around his neck we kiss softly and passionately with gentle movements and whisper quiet moans. 

We slowly pull back from the kiss and smile stupidly at each other like we were teenagers experiencing our first kiss. I wish my first kiss was actually like this, but no. So much teeth smacking and biting. Not my thing. Frank tenderly cups my face and wipes away any leftover tears with his thumbs. He affectionately pushes my hair away from my face and kisses my nose softly. I rest my forehead on his and gaze into his heart pounding eye. He continues to smile at me but I find it hard to smile back because I couldn't breathe. How can he do this to me so easily? He has stolen my breath and from the first day I met him he stole part of my heart. I claim him to be a witch. Or maybe he does voodoo? What ever he's working.

“I love you” I whisper so softly that only he could hear me. Frank closes his eyes and contently smiles a little wider, he affectionately rubs his nose against mine side to side in a Eskimo kiss. I feel my lips pull back in a satisfied smile.

Frank gently kisses my cheek then whispers into my ear “I love you, Gee.” he sits back and looks at me for a moment.

“Can we fuck now?” he asks bluntly but with such joyfulness. I grin back at his brighten face and hold on to his hips. Oh my dearest little Frankie. He really wants that fuck.

 “Hell yeah!” I reply full of sassiness that is Gerard Way. Of course I'm not gonna miss this opportunity to fuck this sexy ass motherfucker.

Hope everyone like it....and if you are a BOTDF fan and are in the mood to read a little Jahvie action here's the link to my BOTDF story Thanks for reading! :D
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