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Profile of a Ficwaddian

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Hola mis amigas! So this about me! How dull ¬¬ Oh how dull I on! (NB: the rating is for my sample writing)

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Real Name: Laina

Username: 9BladedMiradai

Gender: Female

Country: The UK

City: I live about 30miles from London

Religion: I'm faithless

Relationship status: I am in love with my Laptop but he seems so indifferent to me it is like he is an inanimate object

Favorite Musicians/Bands:
Literally a 100 more and I'll listen to pretty much anything if it is Nightcore

Favorite Movies:
Les miserables
Confession of a teenage drama queen
Alice in wonderland (tim burton FTW)
Sleepy Hollow
The brothers grim
Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.)
Iron man 1 & 2
The incredible hulk

Too many more

Favorite TV Shows:
Mock the Week
Russell Howard's Good News
Family Guy
American Dad!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn

many many more

Favorite Books:
All the discworld series

I have been reading proper novels since I was 6/7 how do you expect me to list all of them????

None as such...

Pairings You Ship:
Captain Jack Harkness X Ianto
(In my armada heterosexual ships do not exist....apparently)

Picture of You: No.....I don't want you to see me! I'm about 90% likely to write smut!

Sample of your Writing:(I made this up as I went along so it is sucky)
She smiled, transfixed by the bloody wound. Such red, such beauty came from...That! He looked up desperately, his wrists had stopped bleeding so much but the cuffs cut in deep which was the desired effect. The best parts were where the veins could be seen and now he was thin and bony that was easy as reading a blue branched map.

"you utter monster!" he spat.

She giggled "I wonder what your children would say if they saw y....oh but they DIED, didn't they. I wonder how that happened?" She turned to him, her head tilted to one side as it broke in half with a grin as he flinched.

She slid the knife through his skin, revelling in the slight resistance of bone and muscle but in the end that was too broken. The man screamed and the girl smiled then....silence.
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