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Darker Than Black

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When the new American girl comes to Ouran, Nekozawa might finally have a chance to make a new friend.

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From the very start, I knew I wouldn't like many people here at Ouran. All the girls in my class just talked about some stupid thing called a Host Club.

Whatever that was. There was even a girl in my class who dressed as a boy. Back home, she'd be a cross-dresser. But everyone seemed to think she was a boy.

So is she gender queer? Transgender? I couldn't tell. She had big, pretty eyes though.

I'm just glad my mom had put me through years of Japanese lessons. She'd never told me why, though. So, through my childhood, I learned how to read and write in Japanese.

Honestly, my family wasn't all that different. We had lots of money and social standing, sure. But my brother would still stick his gum in my hair and try to pull stupid jokes on me. And my mom would cook for us and we'd do chores like clean our rooms.

The maids really did the rest. But we were nowhere near as spoiled as the kids here. All I could see was a bunch of little pretty boy, prepy girl, annoying, self-centered, brats.

As the bell rang to end class, I walked up to the professor's desk. "Ah, Miss Jacqulen, how do you like our class?" He asked me in English.

Trying to suck up to me, I assumed. "It's simple." I saod off handedly. "Is there any clubs here I could join?"

He got ready to give me a long list in his voice. "Could I get a list of them and the rooms they meet in please? I honestly have no clue where anything is in the school, let alone my next class. And I don't enjoy being tardy."

"Of course, Miss Jacqulen." He opened a folder and flipped through a few papers until he pulled one out. He handed it to me.

"Thank you sir." I gave him a false smile and took the paper. I looked over the paper with the names of all the clubs. Instantly, my eye landed on one. "Black Magic Club, huh?" I folded the paper in half and tucked it into my notebook.

I was able to find my next class without any help, but the class after, I had to ask a boy with blood red hair and a cute face. I missed his name. Started with a K, I think.

He seemed shocked that I was talking to him, and he pointed me to a set of stairs. He blushed as I smiled at him.

I like him. He's okay, I guess. As I headed up them, I turned and saw a flat, cream colored swatch on the floor. I crouched down in my ugly yellow dress and picked it up.

"Oh how cute!" I smiled as I turned over a percious little cat puppet. It had a small smugde under it's eye. "Now who get something as cute as you dirty?" I asked, wiping it away with my thumb.

It came off easily. I looked around for someone who could claim it and saw nobody. "I guess I'll be watching over you until we find you mommy or daddy." I smiled at it and hugged it to my chest.

Nobody in my next class would even look at me. And when that class ended, I realized it was time for lunch.

A boy gasped and turned pale white when I asked him where I could find the Black Magic Club and proceeded to faint. "Really?" I sighed and turned around, only to bump into a boy dressed in a black cloak.

"Excuse me, raven haired maiden, but you found my precious Beelzenif." he gestured to the puppet I held tenderly. "And were you asking Suou where to find the Black Magic Club?"

"Oh!" I smiled at him. Maybe I might have a friend. "You own this adorable little one?" I handed him his Beelzenif. "I found him on the stairs and was sure someone would notice and recognize it." I watched as he put him on his hand.

"Thank you for watching him. Now, if I may lead you to my club." He held out his pale hand for me to take.

"Your club?" I blinked at him. "Now tell me, dark prince, do you mean the Black Magic Club?"

"Why of course." He purred. "Do you wish to become a permanent member, or are you just wishing to wade in our black pool?" He asked, leading me down a dark hall.

"Permanent. I love the idea of a Black Magic Club. Every other girl seems to be obsessed with the Host Club. Honestly, from what I've heard, they sound like a group of lusty boys who enjoy playing with the hearts of women." I said bluntly. "Oh, I'm Jacqulen. But you can call me Jackie." I smiled at him.

"I am Nekozawa Umehito. But you, beauty, can call me Ume." He kissed the back of my hand lightly.

We stopped at a black door. He cracked it open and slithered in. I followed, shutting the door behind me. The room was blissfully dark, and I took a deep breath of the cool air.

It reminded me of our camping trip in Colorado when I had snuck out of the tent and went to the riverbed. There were animals all around me, and they just let me become one with their nightly world.

Mountain lions were the ones who got closest to me, laying beside me when I would dip my feet into the cold water. Like they were mine...

I shook my head and looked around the empty, room. "Is it just us, Ume?" I asked him as candles flickered to life.

"Yes. The other students fear and misunderstand the Black Magic Club, and there for won't join it." He sighed, coming over to me. "Where shall we begin?" he purred, pulling the hood away from his head.

"Well, I know a few spells, actually." I smiled at him. He gave me a happy grin. "Bastet, the Egyptian Goddess of Cats..." I trailed off as we said the last part together. "Has claimed me as her own." I finished a little softly. "Are we allowed to wear black to school? I was told I had to wear this." I plucked at the hideous yellow monster that was eating me.

"Of course." He smiled, his blue eye lighting up. I growled under my breath, already thinking of how I was going to alter my uniform dress. "Which spells to do you know?"

I grinned. "Curses of all kinds." Beelzenif clapped his pointed hands together at that.

"Wonderful!" Ume grinned back evilly. "Now, let's begin..."

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