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"It's all fucking Real"

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“Dude, just teach me.” Sam fought, glaring at the taller boy.

“Dude, how about no?” Jack fought, crossing his arms like a two year old.

“Come the fuck on! It’s not like I’m asking you to stop fucking Alex..just for simple guitar lessons.” Sam whined as Jack nodded.

“No! Maybe I have a life.” This statement causing the bassist to laugh.

“You mean Alex has a life, and you follow him like a lost puppy.” Sam laughed, receiving a death glare from the guitarist.

“Still no.”

“Jack just do it or….I’ll tell the world about you and Alex.”

“Do that and I’ll tell the world about you and Ash.” Jack fought, eyes never leaving the bassist’s.

“Do it, nobody would be surprised.” Sam growled, glaring at Jack, this turning into a death-glare-staring-war; until Ash ran up and ruined it.

“Hey!” She screamed, jumping on her girlfriend’s back; causing Sam to stumble forward and blink.

“HA YOU BLINKED! I WIN!” Jack screamed, proudly.

“Fuck you, I would’ve won if Ash hadn’t jumped on me.” Sam fought, hoisting her girlfriend higher up onto her back.

“Sure sure, but it’s still a no.” Jack grinned

“No? What’s going on?” Ash asked confused, looking at the two, who’s faces fell.

“Nothing, nothing at all.” Sam countered, causing Ash to get somewhat suspicious. She knew Sam would never cheat, but there was always that worry.

“Oh-kay then.” She whispered, resting her chin on Sam’s shoulder, arms weaving around her neck.

“Naw!” The rest of All Time Low joined, followed by Sam and Ash’s band members.

“I know right?” Jack whispered, arms weaving around Alex.

“Oh fuck you all!” Drew, the guitarist for Sam and Ash’s band; Afterthought Network growled, being single as everyone else had someone.

“Drew, don’t be jealous. You fucktard.” Sam joked, giving him a look of mock anger

“No! I can be whatever I want!” Drew screamed, pouting like a 3 year old girl.

“Dude, stop; you’re making us all look stupid!” Ash growled, only to receive a “are you fucking kidding me” look from the guitarist.

“Really? I’m not the one on Sa- OW WHAT THE FUCK?!” Drew screamed, as Sam backhanded him

“Don’t make fun of her!” Sam was a naturally protective person, so whenever Drew tried to fight back, he got a slap across the face.

“Yeah, that’s why I love her. “Ash smiled, pressing a kiss against her girlfriend’s cheek; as that was the only thing she was able to reach at the moment.

“All Time Low? You guys are on in 5.” The stage manager warned, causing the boy’s to nod.

“Jack please?!” Sam once again whined, receving a sigh from the older boy.

“FINE! If it’ll shut you up.” At this point Ash had slid off Sam’s back and jumped on the guitarist, hitting him upside the back of his head.

“WHATTHEFUCK?!” He yelled, unknowing of the light girl positioned on his back.

“Don’t be rude!” Ash warned, causing Alex to laugh slightly, receiving a glare from his boyfriend.

“You deserved it!” Alex put his hands up in his defense, grabbing his guitar and heading up the stairs to the stage, where fans where chanting their name

“Okay Jack, put me down.” Ash commanded, as Jack began walking up the stairs to the stage. “NO SERIOUSLY LET ME DOWN!” She screamed, clinging to the guitarist.

“Karma.” He laughed, going on stage with Ash on his back.

“Ohmygod.” Her band mates and girlfriend laughed, watching as he jumped around, with Ash flipping shit, gripping the front of his shirt with a white knuckle grip.

“OHDEARGODDON’TLETHIMTAKEMEAWAYAGAIN!” Ash screamed, running full force into Sam’s open arms, burying her face into the taller girl’s blink 182 shirt.

“It’s okay, I won’t.” Sam whispered, pressing a soft kiss to the top of her head, arms sliding to rest around her waist.

“He jumped around so much.” She whispered, somewhat traumatized.

“It’s okay, big bad Jack won’t get you again.” Sam cooed, trying not to laugh.

----After the show, a couple weeks after----

“Yeah, so why are you suddenly trying to learn guitar?” Jack asked, as he was finishing another lesson with Sam.

“Reasons.” She whispered, trying to play what the guitarist just showed her.

“Like?” Jack pushed, as Alex walked in randomly.

“Stuff.” She whispered, receiving an unimpressed look from Jack.

“What stuff?”

“Showing the world Sash is real?” Alex guessed, receiving a nod from the girl.
“YES!” He screamed, in pride

“You couldn’t have just said that? And how the fuck did you know?” Jack asked, looking at Alex.

“I gave her the idea.” The singer shrugged, causing Jack to gasp overdramatically.

“I thought we were best friends! And you take an idea from /him/!?” Jack joked, receiving a laugh from Sam.

“You where busy!” She defended herself, standing up grinning.

“You ready?” Alex asked, referring to the plan of the century.

“I don’t know.” Sam answered honestly, a nervous feeling surrounding her.

“You’ll do fine, and if not. I’ll be there laughing at you.” Jack gave her a thumbs up, receiving a middle finger in response.
“That’s mean.” He jokingly pouted, receiving a fast kiss from his boyfriend.

“Ew, cheezus you guys; can’t it wait until I leave?!” Sam groaned, leaving just after realizing she left her hoodie in the back lounge.
“DON’T FUCK ON TOP OF MY HOODIE!” Sam screamed, closing her eyes and reaching blindly for her hoodie, grabbing it and turning to the two on the couch; eyes still closed.

Walking out of the All Time Low tour bus, Sam tugged her dark hoodie over her torso, getting ready for their set.

-During the show-

They had just finished a cover of ‘Let Live’ by Of Mice & Men

“And this is one of our new songs, from the new album! Go check it out!” Ash screamed, causing the fans to go shitwild.

“No, change of plans, you know All My Heart by SWS right?” Sam whispered as fast as she could, receiving a nod from the girl.
“Kay good.” Planting a firm kiss against the side of the singer’s face, causing the fangirls to scream and flip for their OTP.

“I guess I was wrong, we’re going to do another cover for you guys, I guess.” Ash was beyond confused, watching as Sam traded out her bass for a guitar.

What the fuck?

“Ready?!” Sam screamed into her own mic, taking a seat on the stool that sat beside Ash.

“What?” The singer whispered, receiving a ‘trust me’ in return.

-insert le All My Heart or whatever (DON’T JUDGE ME I AM SO FUCKING TIRED)-

After Ash sang the last notes to the song, she grinned widely at her girlfriend; proud of how much she had learned over the two weeks she had been getting half an hour guitar lessons.

“Hey guys, wanna know a secret?” Sam asked, causing the fans to scream, wondering what she was talking about.
“You know Sash right? The ship that involves Ash and I? WELL THAT SHIT IS REAL!” She screamed, only to have Drew but in.

“You always say that! YOU FUCKING LIAR! That is no secret.” Sam flipped off the guitarist as Ash sat there, confused of where her girlfriend was going with this.

“I am fully serious, one fucking year, we’ve been together one fucking year; and these “stage shows” are all real. I’m surprised you guys didn’t get it earlier!” Sam shrugged laughing

“PROVE IT!” Drew screamed, as Sam leaned over, pressing a firm kiss against Ash’s mouth.

“SEE?! I FUCKING LOVE HER WITH ALL MY FUCKING MUSIC LOVING HEART!” Sam screamed smiling, as her girlfriend slid her arms around her, leaning her head against her shoulder.

“I fucking love you baby.” Ash whispered, grinning.
This show was by far the band’s favorite, and most memorable.

YEAH FOR SHITTY FICS! I’ll probably write a better one later :/
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