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Guys..? You there...??

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Guys are you there? My reviews are like really really quiet.I've only got one from Poppana.Just one...

I asked you a favour,to pick a oneshot idea.I'll tell you them again,don't worry about the plots and shit.

-Have You No Shame Don't You See Me? (title came from Everybody's Fool.)

-So Long And Goodnight (title came from Helena.)

-Can You Hear Me Cry Out To You? (title came from This Is How I Dissapear

-Call My Name And Save Me From The Dark (title came from Bring Me To Life.)

Anywhoo...just pick what one you want me to write.I will write it at 2pm,so in about 10 mins.

(PS:With So Long And Goodnight,I'm gonna need a song too.It's for the ending bit.)


(right now I'm thinking you are all dead,show me you're not.Unless you are,then I'll be sad for AGES.)

You have 9 mins guys.
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