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(ONESHOT) Just a random oneshot I found from my Google Drive folders :D Wrote this a while back and forgot about it.

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One more day passes by, one more leaf falls. It seemed like yesterday when you and I packed up our lunches and walked, hand in hand, to that hill that overlooked our bedroom window. We’d sit under those two tall, strong trees, and you would show off by climbing them, and I’d laugh.

Now I can barely walk to the window to sit and look out at the trees.

They still stand there, next to each other, their roots entwined underground, their branches touching.

But they no longer stand straight, and neither do I. One of the trees has already began to fall, tilting away from his companion, and though I don’t know how long it will take, eventually it will be gone, leave, just like you did. Years ago. But their roots remain entwined, and as it gradually falls, it will rip it’s companion’s roots as well, taking a part of it’s loved one with it as it dies.

For that is how it feels.

I gave you my heart to you, willingly, all those years ago, and you took it with gratitude, awarding me with yours. And as you left, you took with you what belonged to you; my heart.

I watched from our window as the leaves fall from the once proud trees, cold taking over their stiff bodies. Another day from my calendar, another day without you here to climb those trees for me.

Yet, the leaves do not fall fast enough. I hope soon the branches of those trees will be clean, coated with white snow, and I will feel like your heart belongs to me again. Maybe then I will feel complete again.
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