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Just wear shorts!

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Just some VOCALOID fan fiction I was made to write ^^

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Meiko watched the cute green haired girl with interest, she seemed content enough up high in the oak tree though it hadn't crossed her mind that her skirt was short and several boys were looking up from underneath. Meiko stormed over which made several of the boys run away leaving only the purple haired one.

"Hey!" Meiko yelled in front of the boy who jumped in alarm.

"wh-what?" he said looking scared, a stream of blood running from his nose.

"You perv!" She yelled poking him in the chest "Is I see you doing that again I'll...I'll...Well it won't be good!"

Gakupo scampered away giggling and gesturing excitedly to a blue haired boy. Meiko grabbed the branches and began climbing up to sit beside her. The day-dreaming Gumi seemed unaware of the brunette.

"Hi." she said loudly and jolting Gumi back to reality.

"oh!" she said shocked but her face turned into a bright smile "hello!"

"Those boys were looking up your skirt." Meiko sounded angry "So I scared them away for you."

Gumi giggled happily and looked over at the boys that were staring up from a safe distance "Boys are so weird! They're always doing that."

Meiko looked appalled "you shouldn't let them! It's wrong!"

"Oh." she looked sad "I didn't know that."

"Just do what I do!" Meiko said slipping back and hanging off on her knees so the short red skirt fell down.

"I don't understand." Gumi said with a slight blush.

Meiko swung back up "Just wear shorts!" she said grinning. The green-haired girl began laughing and hugged Meiko.
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