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My Day!

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Woo! Today was like a really cool day! omg!

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Sup guise!

So,today was a really cool day.We end school early this week because of Progress Review.It's basically a teacher/pupil and parent (if they wanna go) meeting after school to discuss your levels and stuff.So,we basically end school at 2:30pm this week.AWESOME!

So,lets get on with this then.

So,my first lesson after tutor was French.We watched this french video clip thing and answered the questions on it.It was weird.We also carried on with our plan of our house we were doing.I've finished with mine.

Second,I had Science.We did all about the lungs and the things inside.Tomorrow we have to disect either a pig's lung or a sheep's lung.Ew,oh my god!

I had break after that.I found Ellie in the main hall and she told me the bad news.Concert tickets for Bring Me The Horizon are sold out.I mourned over it.She then suggested me going with her to see We Are The In Crowd in April and I was like 'okay,I'll check themm out later.' I told Ellie about the harlem shake video,and she turned to the people next to us like 'DO YOU HAVE YOUTUBE I GOTTA SEE THIS OMG'She is probably watching it now.

Third was History.We did an assesment on slave trading.I completed it with 10 mins to spare,so I just sat there twiddling my thumbs and fangirling inside over what would happen if a band member walked into my class.

At lunch,I sat alone.Before some girls sat on the table,so I ate most of my lunch,leaving my crisps.I found Ellie like 10 minutes before the bell went,because she got let out late from her last class.We listened to Welcome To The Black Parade,whilst hanging with her friends.

I had English after lunch.We wrote a scrip with Dramatic Devices,that had to involve fantasy.My group did Harry Potter.I was Harry,Alice,a girl in my group,was Hermione and Tyler was Ron.It was really funny,we'll be showing it to the class next week.

After English was Maths.We spent most of the lesson going over our levels,then for the last 20 minutes did rotation work.I did little interaction with the people on my table,but not loads.

After Maths,I had to wait for half an hour before my Progress Review.So,I sat in the canteen with my headphones in,drawing the BVB logo with the wings.I did quite well with it actually.Then,I walked around most of the building.A girl walking into the canteen took out one of my headphones and I was like 'CAN YOU FUCKING NOT'.Yeah,that is what happens when you take out my headphones,I go shitstorm.

My progress review went well,I've gone up in all my levels.When I got home I found my room had been completely cleaned out,but my posters have stayed where they are.Except one of my revenge Gerard pics,he was moved behind my black parade poster.I've put him back in his space though.I then searched up We Are The In Crowd on youtube,and I like them now.I looked on ticketmaster for tickets and saw that they are performing next month! Tickets are £16.88 with £1-something booking fee,I think.I have to be accompanied though,so I'll ask Ellie if anybody's taking her.Once that is checked out I can,probably,get tickets oh my god!

So,that was my day.OMG IT'S DARK!

turns on my bedroom light
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