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chapter four

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The fourth chapter

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Slash stared at Axl trying to read his expression. Axl blushed a bit before muttering something. “What?” Slash asked. Axl took a deep breathe. “I-I like boys to.” He said his voice just loud enough for Slash to hear. Slash smiled. “Hey it’s nothing to be ashamed about.” He said trying to reassure Axl. “Yeah it is. If my parents ever found out they would kill me.” He shook his head blinking quickly trying to stop the tears threatening to spill from his emerald eyes. “Hey……” Slash whispered moving closer to Axl. Axl immediately backed away. Slash grabbed Axl’s wrist hard enough to keep him there but not hard enough to hurt. Axl whimpered softly looking up into Slash’s eyes. “Shhh it’s ok.” Slash whispered. “Hey Axl do you want to come over to my house and hang out?” Sash asked. Axl shot him a suspicious look. Slash chuckled. “Not like that. We can just watch TV. and talk.” Sash smiled warmly. Even though he had just met Slash Axl trusted him. Axl nodded quickly and when Slash moved his hand from Axl’s wrist to his hand and interlaced their fingers, holding tight to Axl’s hand as they walked, Axl didn’t pull away.
Duff followed Izzy as Izzy practically ran down the hallway towards the exit of the school. Duff caught up with Izzy just as he ran out the door. Duff grabbed Izzy’s arm. Izzy spun around and slapped Duff. Duff let go of Izzy and stepped back, a look of surprise on his face. “I hate you!” Izzy snarled at Duff. “You don’t understand what it’s like to love someone you can never have! To have to look at them every day and not be able to tell them!” Duff shook his head. “Yes I do Izzy.” Izzy laughed darkly. “Oh yeah? How do you-” Izzy was silenced by Duff pulling him close and kissing him gently. Duff pulled away and looked at Izzy. Izzy had a faint blush across his pale face and a look of shock as well. “I love you Izzy.” He said. Izzy said nothing. Duff walked away from Izzy. “Duff wait!” Izzy called.” Duff turned back to look at Izzy. “Yes Izzy?” Duff asked holding his breathe as he waited for a reply.
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