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Chapter Twelve:Pregnant

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"I'm late.My period,is late."

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Chapter Twelve:Pregnant.

I woke up the next morning,to a feather falling lightly on my shoulder.I sat up,and saw that the bed had been broken apart,every last peice.The feathers of the pillows were scattered everywhere,like newly fallen snow.I slowly rose from the bed,and saw a few light bruises on my shoulders and arms,a few light cuts aswell.I took no notice of it,and pulled on a dressing gown and walking to the kitchen where I found a note entitled 'Mrs.Way.'.It was from Gerard.

Gone hunting.
I shall be back before the sun comes up.

Love Gerard.

"You're late."I say to myself as I open up the fridge door and examining its contents.I saw some wrapped up chicken leg and some orange juice,and got them out.I set everything up and began cooking the marinated chicken leg,turning it over after some time.After that had been done,I ate the chicken hot off the pan,and it tasted foul.I split it up a little,to see that it was pale white on the inside,it was undercooked.I then felt the rise of acid and bile rise slowly up my throat,then come up faster.I made a dash for the bathroom,before throwing up in the porcelain bowl.

"Sadie?"I heard Gerard say from the other side of the door."Is everything okay?"

"Don't come in here."I warn him,and he opens the door.

"Sickness and health,remember?"He chuckled,before seeing me hunched over the toilet.He sat down next to me,a cool hand resting on my back.

"Pass me my bag,there should be some tablets in there.."I mumble,and Gerard slides over the little black bag.I open it up,digging for some sickness pills,when my hands came across a rectangular box.I looked up from the bag,knowing what the box was.

"Gerard,how many days have we been here?"

"Almost a week,why?"

"I'm late.My period's late."I stood up,walking to the mirror.I noticed that my stomach had grown to a buldge,and I rested my hand on it.

"Impossible.."I whisper out,before feeling the kick from inside of me,and I hurled over a little.I looked back at Gerard,whose face had frozen solid in a shock expression.His cell-phone rang,and I answered it.


"Mikey,is your Dad there?"I recognised Mikey's voice.

"Sadie,what's going on? I just saw -"Mikey was cut off,when I heard a muffled voice came from his end of the line."Here's my Dad."

"Sadie?"I heard Arthur's strong voice through the line."Is everything alright?"

"Can Vampires,go into shock?"I asked,stammered,even.

"Has Gerard been harmed?"

"No.But,I think I might be,"I took a deep breath,before saying the word."Pregnant."

Gerard's head snapped up,and he took the phone from me and put it to his own ear.

"Is it possible?"He stammered,pacing the room.I tried to listen in,to see what they were saying.It didn't work,because after some time,Gerard hung up the phone and began packing.I heard him mutter something along the lines of 'gotta get that thing out of her'.I gasped in shock,knowing that Gerard had just called my child,our child,a thing.I heard the voice of the woman cleaner,Francesca,enter the house.She entered the room,saw a vision and began angrily shouting things at Gerard.

"Você engravidá-la com a prole de um vampiro"she shouted,and Gerard looked at her apologetically.

"Por favor me perdoe, eu não acho que isso poderia acontecer."

"Bem, pode! E ele fez!"She shouted,before turning to me.She gave me a look,as if to say 'Can I look?' and I nodded.She placed her hand on my belly and closed her eyes.She could tell the future,that was one of her powers as a human.She was special,engenieered to tell the future,and to save lives with it.Francesca's eyes flicked open in shock,and she told me one word,the only word I knew of Portuguese.


I gsped,as did Gerard.Francesca then turned to Gerard.

"Ela terá de morrer, ou tornar-se uma escolha vampire.The é seu."She said,angered,before leaving the room.Gerard entered his shock state again,before turning to me and telling me what Francesca just said.

"This baby,"He began."Could kill you.I don't want that.We are going to get it out of you as quick as we can."

"Is there another option? Another way to survive?"

"No.You will either die,delivering this child,or become a vampire."

With that,Gerard left the room.I stood still for a moment,before a few tears streamed down my cheeks.

Okay,I know I haven't updated in FOREVER.I'm sorry about that.So,we have a few more translations for ya!

Ela terá de morrer, ou tornar-se uma escolha vampire.The é seu. - She will either die,or become a vampire.The choise is yours.

Você engravidá-la com a prole de um vampiro?! - You impregnate her with the spawn of a vampire?!

Por favor me perdoe, eu não acho que isso poderia acontecer. - Please forgive me,I didn't think it could happen.

Bem, pode! E ele fez! - Well it can! And it did!

Morte - Death.

All of these are portuguese by the way,because the island is off the coast of Rio De Janero,in Brazil.Brazillian's speak Portuguese.Yay for google translate!

So,rate and review and I'll update soon!

xo Sadie
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