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I'll Show Them.

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I'll show them,I'll show everyone what I am capable of.

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I'll Show Them.

They say I'll never be famous.
They say I don't have enough talent,enough skill,to put on a show.
I'll show them.

They say I can't draw.
They say everything I draw is shit,and no one will like it.
I'll show them.

They say I'm too kind.
They say I'm too kind,and too good,to ever acomplish anything.
I'll show them.

They say I'm ugly.
They say I'm not pretty enough to be around anyone.
I'll show them.

They say I should die.
They say I'm useless,and don't belong on this earth.
They're wrong.

I am going to be famous.
I am a good drawer.
I am going to acomplish anything I want with my kindness and goodwill.
I am pretty enough to be around anyone.

I do belong on this earth.
I'll show them.

So,basically I'm sick of people saying I can never do anything because I'm different,sick of people making fun of me because I'm not like the sluts or the jocks or any of those no-brain pricks at my school.I am going to show off what I can do,I am going to let everyone know what I am made of.Just because we're different,doesn't mean we aren't human.

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xx Sadie
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