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American Idiot National Broadway Tour

by DaniAtaDisco 2 reviews

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OSfoia uhsvngxngcvxz gfkjhfgv ihfdkjhjfdkbjd nbvkjdhf MY FRIEND JUST BOUGHT ME AND HER TICKETS TO SEE AMERICAN IDIOT NATIONAL BROADWAY TOUR!!! ON MARCH 19!!! XDXDXD I AM JUST SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!! I wish I could bring you all there. =/ KJaIUYSDF GKUDSGFDSkjds hgfiuydsbsorry if you think this is spamming but I just had to get it out... here have a little weird one-shot story.

Billie walked into a post and fell down,
Tre, tripped over his body.
Mark just stood there and laughed.
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