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Enrichments Day

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A one-shot about what was possibly the best schoolday ever :3

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[A/N] - Hey guys! :) I had a really great day at school today and so I thought I'd write about it :D

I was not happy that morning when I grabbed my bag and pulled on my multicoloured jacket. It was Enrichments Day at school and we were supposed to have English all day but according to a girl in my form, if we were behind on coursework then we had to go there for the entire day. I was failing IT and my IT teacher Miss Bell was a complete bitch who kept yelling at me and changing her mind about everything at the last minute. It was hard enough spending one hour in her class, let alone an entire day.

So when I made it to school at five to nine, I wasn't in the best of moods as I whined to my friends Penina, Mia and Frank that I didn't want to spend the entire day with that bitch. To make things worse, it didn't look like Raven was in. We knew Gerard, Mikey and Ray were here but they were stood at the other end of the corridor. Then the bell went for form so I walked off to the English block.

My form room is one door away from Raven's so normally I walk with her but it didn't look like she was there... Until I made it to the top of the stairs and I saw her looking at a long list on the wall. I ran over to her "RAVEN YOU'RE HERE!" I cried, throwing my arms around her.

"Yes I am." Raven giggled, patting my back then pulling away from me "I just checked the board. It says who's being pulled out of lessons and stuff. We've got English all day."

I grinned "Praise the lord!"

"I'll see you in a bit." Raven said, waving at me and walking into her own form room.

I walked into form, still singing the stupid chocolate song that Penina had shown me that morning and I bbmed Mia to tell her that we both had English all day. Then my form tutor came in and told me that our English teacher was sick and had to go to hospital that day so we'd have a substitute teacher for English... Miss Bell.

"No, that's the worse news ever!" I cried, hiding my face on the desk and I got told off by my form tutor for moaning about other teachers.

The bell rang late for lessons since it was enrichment day and form is always really boring so I had to bbm Mia the whole way through it to take my mind off things but eventually the bell rang and I met up with Raven. We walked down the stairs but bumped into a group of our friends who told us we had to go back upstairs. So we went back up and Ray showed up "Hey guys, Miss Bell isn't in today." He said, when we moaned to him that Miss Bell was our teacher. She's his form tutor so he would know.

"Is this a fact?" I cried, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him. He nodded his head, looking rather scared "PRAISE THE LORD!"

We stood in the small hallway for a long time until eventually we were taken into a classroom where a different teacher Miss Moon told us about our English teacher being sick and that a sub teacher was on the way but until then we were supposed to work on our English Higher Projects.

Me, Mia, Frank, Gerard, Penina, Raven and Ray were all crammed around one table. Everyone except me got a laptop to start their work but I didn't need to because all my work was on paper. For the first hour we worked. Well, we tried too. But then Raven and Ray who were sat opposite me and Mia decided they wanted to play 'scary games' like the scary games we'd been playing at the weekend "Just don't play the silent hill game again, please?" I begged "I nearly had a heart attack when that girl jumped out on us."

"It was boring up until that point anyway." Raven said, clicking on a game called 'talking to the spirits'.

I tried to carry on working but then Penina and Gerard got distracted by a little toy car that had been inside a Kinder Egg that Penina had eaten and that was when I decided to give up on work. I took the laptop that Mia had been 'using' and said "Let's play 'free ice-cream.'"

"Do we have to?" Mia moaned "We know what happens."

"I know but it's funny." I giggled, clicking on it. The story was that you were a little girl who had gotten into the back of a van that said 'free ice-cream' with your friend. You were taken to a basement and had to get out. The game was annoying though because the girl was such an idiot. For example, you had to access a fuse box to get upstairs to the exit but the girl refused to go past the cobwebs. In a real life threatening situation, you wouldn't give a shit about the cobwebs!

The bell rang while we were halfway through playing the games so we locked the computers and went to 'the corridor' where Mikey, Bob and Jennifer were waiting "It's so boring!" Mikey moaned "We're stuck in a room watching a movie while working on our projects. Miss Moon yells at us if we talk."

"Who's your teacher?" Jennifer asked us.

"We don't have one." I laughed.

"TELL ME!" Mia suddenly roared, running after Penina in the corridor. Her iPod fell out of her pocket so Gerard snatched it up and handed it to me. I put it in my pocket.

"I don't think she knows she's lost it." Gerard said, shrugging his shoulders "You should keep hold of it for as long as you can. Are you a good liar Hozzie?" I burst out laughing "What are you laughing about?"

"I need to get all the laughs out now." I explained "Because otherwise I'll just laugh if she askes where her iPod is."

I laughed for two extra minutes before saying I was okay then I laughed when Raven hurt her eye because I'm an awful friend. Well, the others laughed too. Then Mia came and sat back down in her spot. We talked about random things and played four pictures one word until Mia put her hand in her pocket then gasped "Guys! I've lost my iPod!" That was all it took. I smirked and laughed in my hand, pretending to cough. It wasn't working very well.

"Hozzie, do you know where my iPod is?" She asked me. I giggled and shook my head, flushing bright red "You're clearly lying. You're a terrible liar."

"I'm not lying." I mumbled, pretending to cough again.

Jennifer came to the rescue "I hate it when my parents ask me stuff and I'll tell the truth then smile and they're like 'HA YOU'RE LYING' when I'm not, I'm telling the truth."

"Yeah, I do that too." I said quickly "I always worry that I look like I'm lying when I'm telling the truth and that they won't believe so I go bright red and laugh so they think I am lying then." This was true, it just didn't apply to this situation.

Mia went round the group asking if they had her iPod and most people just lied smoothly and said they didn't. Then she got to Gerard who started giggling but then she just moved back on to me "Hoooooozzie, I know you have it!"

"Do you know what? You lost your iPod so don't go around blaming me!" I cried, managing not to laugh this time.

The bell rang for third lesson and for once, I didn't mind. I got up and we walked back to English, Mia moaning at me the entire time that she knew I had her iPod "Mia, you can't blame me for losing your stuff." I said in a serious tone. She flopped down into her seat, sulking "Except I guess you can in this situation because I do actually have your iPod." I pulled it out my pocket and gave it to her "Let that be a lesson! You should actually be thanking us because it fell out your pocket and if you had been further away from us, we wouldn't have noticed and wouldn't have picked it up! Be more careful with your stuff!"

"I will, I will, I love you all." Mia giggled.

Raven pulled out her 'wreck this journal' from her bag because there was a page that said 'let your friends ruin this page and don't look' so she said we could ruin it. Penina took this as a personal challenge, licked it, kissed it, rubbed it on her armpits and sat on it. Then wrote a bunch of random lyrics on one page. Then she handed the book to Ray who drew a devils trap. He handed it to me and I wrote 'I'm so sorry your feelings are hurt PRINCESS' and drew a picture of a crown. Then Mia wrote 'Jefferson Starships' and then said "I know! I'll cut a bit of my hair off and glue it in!"

"That's a good idea, we should all stick a bit of our hair in." I said and everyone agreed.

Mia went first and cut the tiniest piece off. Ray cut off a tiny piece too. Then I took the scissors too "Hozzie, that looks a little much." Mia said, her eyes widening.

"Don't be a wuss." I said, snipping my hair. I looked at how much was inbetween my fingers "Whoops maybe that was a bit much. Too late now though." And I stuck it into the book then handed the scissors to Penina.

"Hozzie, it's so obvious that you've cut it off." Penina bit her lip then leaned forward "Here, let me even it up."

"No, I'm going to the hairdressers soon anyway!" I cried, even though I wasn't one hundred percent sure I was anymore. I didn't think it looked that obvious and I wasn't really bothered about it. Then the bell went for lunch and we went back to the corridor. The others were kind of bored but we weren't, we were in really good moods. We told them about the wreck this journal and everyone told me they could see where I'd cut my hair now that they knew about it.

"It doesn't matter." I said "So long as my Mom doesn't notice."

"Just don't talk to her for too long." Mia grinned.

I finished my chocolate buttons then got up to bin the wrapper. When I sat down, Gerard shrieked and pointed at something on the floor "Oh My God, what is that thing?"

I looked at where he was pointing. Everyone else started crying 'oh that's gross' but I just nodded and said "Oh, that's a bit of my bone."

"YOUR BONE!?" Jennifer cried.

"Yeah, my bone." I replied, holding up my shoe. Underneath, there were lots of little rubber bones as a pattern but sometimes they fell off.

"Oh, your bone!" Jennifer said before bursting into hysterical laughter.

We played some more four pictures one word and talked about random crap, planning to meet up at Raven's house that weekend to watch Paranormal Activity 4 and play more scary games until the bell rang for fourth lesson. We went back to the room and decided to play the alphabet game where you had to think of something for every letter of the alphabet. We did boys names first. Then animals, movies, celebrities and characters names. I wasn't very good but I did a lot better than Mia who kept coming last.

When we got bored we decided to play a game of what we called 'lazy charades'. We didn't want to get up in front of everyone and act out a TV show or film so we got my notebook and drew pictures to describe them. I drew a really bad picture of Castiel for 'Supernatural' and surprisingly Gerard guessed it even though he doesn't watch Supernatural.

All of us were really disappointed when the bell rang for the end of the day.

[A/N] - Today was way better than I described it! :) It was so much fun! :D
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