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Help Me Please

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I don't care if it's not MCR related, help me please like god damn

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I swore to myself at the beginning of 2013 that I wouldn't go around posting notes and bringing everyone down with me.

But I am like having a fucking panic attack or something,
I am bawling my eyes out, shaking, and I can't even breathe right.
Fuck it's like 10:30
I have school tommorow
and I am so goddammit

I have (or had) like 3 diffrent people gang up on me over IG
fucking instagram
For what?
Saying I liked someone's account

In the time of 1 hour really, they said
1) I'm a stupid fucking hoe
2)Have no taste in music
3)I have no talent
4) I'm jealous of 1d (I DON'T EVEN KNOW)
These didn't bug me, I'm like "Coooooool"
The worst
5) This dude, I don't know why, he just started flipping shit saying
5.5) You're ugly you fucking fatass
6)Just go fucking die
7) You're the most pathedic person I've ever heard of

Then they blame it on me, like I was talking to them and shit
Really, I'm getting called a bitch like every second sentence and I can't fucking do this.
No I'm probably not going to kill myself (I promise)
But omfg
I don't even know what I fucking did anymore

Fuck this, I'm too stressed and fuck.
Fuck all of this

Like goddammit (Going to delete this tommorow, because nobody deserves to be brought down with me)
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