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Emo,they say.
They say they cut for the joy of it and wear black.
They say they hate life,and listen to shouty music.
They say they are whiny.

Gay,they say.
They say they are not normal,because they love the same sex.
They call them Fags,and laugh at them.
They are homophobic.

Goth,they say.
They say they are dark and are witch-like.
They say they worship Satan,and are the spawn of the devil.
They say they are witches,and love death.

Yet,they do not realise the true person behind these names.

They may be Emo,but they don't cut themselves for the joy of it.
They cut because of self-loathing.
They may be Emo,but they don't all wear black or hate life.
It's who they are.
They may be Emo,but they don't listen to shouty music.
They listen to music that is true to them,and something they know and understand.
They may be Emo,but they aren't whiny.

They may be Gay,but are normal for loving the same sex.
It's who they are,who they want to be.
They may be Gay,but they aren't Fags,and don't deserved to be laughed at.
No-one deserves that.

They may be Goth,but they aren't dark or witch-like.
They have character.
They may be Goth,but they don't worship Satan or are the devil spawn.
You just say they are.
They may be Goth,but they aren't witches,and they don't love death.
They are who they are.

So,stop with the names and the stereotypes.
Stop with this constant abuse.
Stop with the laughs,and stop making them cry.
Stop with being mean to them,they are people too.

Don't judge someone,if you've never seen the real them.

Okay,so this topic is quite close to me.It is something I fucking hate.Stereotyping.I wrote this,to give out a message to people.Don't ever judge a living thing,if you never know who they are inside.They aren't what you say they are,they are who you say they aren't.Whoever we may be seen as,we are all still one race,the Human race.
So,if you could kindly rate and review,that'd be nice.It shows me that we are all not fucking judgemental dicks,and actually notice when people are being treated wrongly.

xo Sadie
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