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Um.. Chapter 4?

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Pairing: Pikey (Pete/Mikey)

Pete woke up alone. Scratch that, Hemingway was curled up against his chest, but there was no sign of Mikey. Pete got up quickly and told himself that he wasn't panicking. He just wondered where Mikey was. That was all. He didn't have to look for very long in the end. Mikey and Frank were sitting on the floor in the living room, watching cartoons and eating pancakes.

"I thought no one in this band could cook." Pete called out as he went to the kitchen and grabbed some for himself. Mikey spoke up.

"Ray and Bob both can. They just prefer not to because they feel like slaves or nannies when they do."

"Well then who made the pancakes?" Frank smirked.

"Ray did." At Pete's confused look, Frank explained.

"You see; despite the fact that I'm the youngest, Mikey here," he ruffled Mikey's hair, "is seen as both the kid brother and the damsel in distress." Mikey gave Frank a mild glare before turning his attention back to "A Pup Named Scooby Doo". Pete laughed a little.

"So what does that have to do with pancakes?"

"It means that Gerard was here waiting to tuck Mikey in last night, I ran in and woke him up in time for cartoons this morning, Ray came over at eight to make him breakfast, and Bob will be dropping in soon with some sort of present for him. That's just how it works." Just as Pete was about to ask another question, the front door opened. Before he could even turn to see who it was, Mikey and Frank greeted them in loud voices.

"MORNING, BOB!" Judging by the glare on Bob's face, he wasn't thrilled about being so predictable. So really, his sarcastic tone wasn't much of a surprise.

"Good morning, class." Bob lifted his head and sniffed the air as Pete sat down on Mikey's other side. "Pancakes?"

"Kitchen." Mikey called. Bob set something on the floor and used his foot to slide it across the room. It hit Pete's left thigh as Bob disappeared into the kitchen. Pete; eyes still glued to the TV, handed it over to Mikey without looking at it. Mikey shrieked his delight and ran over to put the DVD in the player. Frank got up and answered his phone, taking his empty plate and Mikey's into the kitchen. Bob sat down on the couch and threw a pillow at Mikey's head. Mikey waved his thanks and settled it in front of him on the floor, laying down and folding his arms on top of it before resting his head on them.

After a while, Mikey started to chant something under his breath. Curious, Pete leaned down subtly to hear him. "Shark movie. Shark movie. Shark movie. Shark movie." Pete laughed a little bit. Sure enough, the movie was called "Deep Blue Sea" and featured super smart sharks that were determined to break free of an aquatic science center in the middle of the ocean. Frank came back in and handed his phone to Mikey. Mikey held it to his ear and seemed to know who it was automatically.

"Hi mom. … Yeah. …Pete's touring with us… No, he's my nurse… Yeah. …It's a shark movie! …Pancakes, ma. ….Yes, Ray made them. They wouldn't be edible if Frank did. … Uh huh… Yeah. Love you too… Bye ma." Mikey handed Frank's phone back to him and Pete raised an eyebrow, looking down at Mikey. Mikey turned his head toward Pete without looking away from the screen until the very last second.


"So I'm your nurse now, am I?" Mikey beamed at him and nodded before turning his attention back to the screen just in time to see a nerdy guy get torn in half. Mikey and Frank cheered like young children.

"Ugh! His foot was still twitching! Awesome!" Frank shouted.

"I KNOW!" Mikey shouted back, hugging the pillow to his chest. Pete was sure that they must be getting on Bob's last nerves but when he turned around to gauge whether he ought to grab Mikey and run, he managed to catch just the most fleeting twitch of a smile on Bob's face. Pete's mouth dropped open and he stared. Bob glared at him. Pete turned slowly back around.

As soon as the movie ended Mikey disappeared again, reappearing fifteen minutes later with wet hair. "You can go get in the shower if you want." He told Pete. "There's a pet shop down the street a little so we can go get food for Hemingway. Frank fed him some of his vegetarian crap this morning and Hemmy ate it but I don't think he liked it much." Pete nodded and got up, stretching and yawning.

He was just about done with his shower and feeling much more awake when he heard a crash and a loud thud, then Frank's shout of "Mikey!" He was out of the shower so fast that he nearly cracked his head open on the bathroom counter. He wrapped the towel around his waist haphazardly before running out the door. 'Did he take his meds? Did he take his meds?!' Pete rounded the corner at top speed and was just in time to see Bob pull Mikey up off the floor. He was rubbing his head and grinning at Frank ruefully as Bob lectured them both. He ended his tirade with: "And I think you broke Pete as well!" Mikey glanced up waved at Pete shyly, mouthing 'Sorry!' at him.

"What happened?" Pete gasped. Frank was clearly ashamed of himself, as he quickly looked down and started to scuff his sneaker against the floor.

"Uhh…" Mikey began, blushing, "Frank was chasing me with dirty dishwater and I ran out here and slipped on the pillow and hit my head." On closer inspection, Pete could see a bruise forming on Mikey's left temple. He glared at Frank until the younger man looked up at him.

"Be careful with him!" Pete hissed. Frank's eyes widened in shock. Pete turned to Mikey, "I'm going to go get dressed. I'll be ready in a minute." Mikey nodded gravely.

When Pete was gone, Mikey threw an arm around Frank's shoulders. "I'll help you finish the dishes, Frankie." Bob pulled him back.

"No you won't. You just hit your head." He toted Mikey back to the couch and sat him down before going to get ice from the kitchen. "You're going to sit here and hold ice on that bruise so it goes down some before Gerard sees it and flips his shit. I'll help Frankie with dishes."
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