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Chapter 6

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Pairing: Pikey (Pete/Mikey)

"No regrets, Mikey J. No regrets. Things happened and now we're here and I love you and you love me and there's nothing wrong with that. Let yourself be happy, Mikey. Please." Pete murmured against Mikey's lips. Mikey was still crying too hard to answer him, so he merely shut Pete up by kissing him back. Despite how hard he'd been struggling, Mikey's lips still remembered what Pete's felt like. It would always be his first instinct to reciprocate, no matter how long they spent apart.

Neither of them heard the door open, nor the curtain slowly sliding away. What they did hear was Frankie's loud cry of triumph as he ran back into the main living area shouting. "Pete and Mikey sittin' in a tree!" Pete groaned in exasperation and set about mouthing along Mikey's neck instead. Mikey's tears began to slow and he reached up to card gentle fingers through Pete's hair, scratching lightly with his nails. Pete moaned at the feeling and bit down on Mikey's neck. Mikey gasped.

Pete sat up, confused. Mikey had JUST been there. Pete had closed his eyes for a second, some of his warmth had disappeared, and when he'd opened them Mikey was gone! But it couldn't have been a dream; Pete knew. Because dreams didn't slap you across the face so hard that it'd still be stinging ten minutes later. Pete grinned and rubbed his cheek, knowing it would bruise. It was only fair. Those hickeys on Mikey's neck were sure to bruise too. Why was Mikey such a fucking ninja? But Pete was optimistic. Mikey wanted him; that much was certain. All Pete had to do was get him to stop fighting it and be happy.

In retrospect, Pete was pretty damn lucky that Mikey had wiped all evidence of his tears away before he hurried out to the living area to sit on his brother's lap and watch a movie. Glancing at the screen, Pete was pretty sure it was Dawn of the Dead. But Gerard still glared at him. Likely because; while Mikey went to great lengths to ensure that no one would notice he'd been crying, he didn't mask the telltale hickeys on his neck at all. Pete smiled sheepishly as he formulated his plan for the next week or so.

He'd simply get Mikey alone and seduce him whenever possible. A make-out session here, a hickey there, until their first hotel night. The guys were certain to make sure that the two of them had to room together because it had been Mikey's choice to bring Pete. So the first hotel night would be when he really made his move. Until then, he would have a lot of fun shoving Mikey up against walls backstage and kissing the life out of him, cornering him in the bathroom and sucking on his neck, groping him at odd moments when Mikey couldn't call him on it. It was Pete-heaven. He was grateful that Mikey wasn't in great need of a nurse just yet. That would come later. For now, all Pete had to worry about was not getting caught doing naughty things to an all-too-willing but stubbornly resistant partner. Particularly not one with an overprotective older brother, two band-mates that were larger than Pete, and a… perverted dwarf?

"I'm sorry guys; I'm not sleeping on the bus in fucking Detroit." Pete almost cried with relief. This was his chance!

Pete couldn't stop smiling as they made their way into the lobby of the hotel. Mikey was looking extremely jumpy and staying very close to Ray. His vigilance likely would have paid off more if he'd been capable of keeping his eyes open. Mikey was about dead on his feet; it showed in the way he stumbled on every other step. Ray wrapped an arm around Mikey to support him and the younger bassist smiled his thanks.

It was quickly decided that they'd get four rooms. Mikey and Pete would share one, Gerard and Bob would have rooms to themselves, and Ray would stay with Frank to keep an eye on him. Frank loved to get a rise out of Bob, Gerard's presence seemed to encourage his bad behavior, and he walked all over Mikey. Frank; however, had never quite been sure how to act around Ray when it was just the two of them. He was certain that Ray wasn't the gentle giant everyone thought. In Frank's mind, Ray was just seconds from going into a psychotic, rage-driven killing spree. Frankie REALLY didn't want to die.

As soon as they were in the room Mikey ran into the bathroom with his bag, clearly hoping that Pete would be asleep in the queen-sized bed by the time he was done showering and brushing his teeth. Pete snorted. "Yeah. Nice try, Mikey." So Pete stripped down to his boxers and a pair of pajama pants and crawled into the side of the bed furthest from the wall, cutting off any escape route Mikey might find. He feigned sleep when Mikey re-entered the room a half an hour later and Mikey sighed with relief before carefully climbing into the bed; trying hard not to wake Pete up. As soon as he was settled with his back to Pete, Pete pounced.

Mikey felt arms encircle his waist and nearly cried out in shock. He was pulled back against a warm chest and a mouth began sucking furiously at THAT spot on his neck. Despite his desperate need to get away while he still could, his body automatically melted as Pete scraped his teeth over the junction between Mikey's neck and shoulder. Mikey cursed the size of his t-shirt when Pete easily yanked it down and off his body. "P-Pete?" Pete hummed a response. Mikey stuttered hopelessly and found himself unable to articulate anything. His mind was clouded with lust and exhaustion and he decided that it might just be easier to give in. So Mikey rolled to face Pete and caught his lips with a sinful joy.

As Pete's hand began to worm its way into his boxers, Mikey knew he'd given in.
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